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    Rent an EUC in Malta

    Hi @realbizkit and @littlelio. Sorry for the late reply. Yes we do rent EUCs. I am sending you a private message for more details.
  2. @TremF Well... how knows when and how the word spreads. Worth a try. I can't sign but I forwarded to the people I know who can.
  3. IPS Malta

    Did I destroy my battery?

    In my experience, some cycles might help for the next couple of rides but you don't need to drain it down all the way, at least charge IMMEDIATELY after the first low battery warning signal and DON'T PUSH IT FURTHER. It was my first Chinese generic one which came new without any battery charge (I wish I had more knowledge to return it back). What I also noticed though is that first, it improves the range (after the first 2/3 cycles) then soon after distance was fairly reduced and some cells seemed to got shorted a few months after, after storing it for a couple of weeks more later. To my understanding, those 2 cells probably got a higher resistance and got over-discharged during that storage time but battery life was evident to have come near the end of life before storing it. PS. that battery only lasted a year for me As @WARPed1701D and @Keith suggested check the charging voltage first but be very careful if you see a pattern like mine. Getting 2 shorted cells at the end and the battery was not fully charging (I remember both chargers I had for this wheel were switching red-green continuously) and got me hurt at slow launch. I would rather look for a new wheel or change the battery if so (after some tests to make sure the battery only is the issue). For charging time you can check the manual, but a few hours is normally required. Also, protection gear (Minimum; Helmet& wristguard Then; Elbow and knee pads) is suggested for trying it out with such a battery.
  4. IPS Malta

    IPS Zero: 30A Fuse blows

    @Rol did you manage to get some investigation done on your problem?
  5. IPS Malta

    IPS Zero: 30A Fuse blows

    @Rol I reached IPS and the person assisting us just came back to the office. you can test both the motor and the board to find out where the problem is. The fuse you know how to check and you know it is getting broken. For the sake of others, I will write it anyway. Fuse test: Disconnect all the board wires completely from LED lights, motor and battery, open the control board box and locate the fuse. The fuse resistance should be less than 1Ω MosFET Test: You will need to test 12 Mosfets as follows (At this point the document they sent to me is a bit misleading so I am quoting as they say in their document with my suggestions in brackets) common or ground (-ve black probe) on the middle leg and +ve (red) on the left and right leg. record each resistance for the 12 fets i.e. 24 tests (due to polarity they request I think you need to find the voltage drop of each using the diode setup) Connect the +ve (red) to the left leg and -ve (black) to the right leg and record the last 12 resistances (again due to polarity they request I think you need to find the voltage drop of each using the diode setup) All recorded resistances should be similar and all high values of several Ohms (or I believe you should find no shorts) MosFET Diagram with PCB Behind FET for spoon feeding orientation |----------|------ Right | FET |------ Middle |______|------ Left Motor Test: With the motor disconnected, set the multimeter to Diode mode (this is a bit misleading for several reasons here too so will take it the same as the above) connect the +ve (Red) probe to the black wire and connect the -ve (black) probe to the green yellow and blue lines (do them for the 6/7 as I am not sure it's the Haltzer sensors wires or motor cables and about that red cable in pictures). You should read a voltage drop of around 0.7v their picture shows 0.602 on the hall sensor connection only not power cables Connect the -ve (Black) probe to the same black wire and connect the +ve (red) probe to the red green blue lines (again I don't know if its the power or hall lines, if the above is hall sensors then this might be the power lines but that's my assumption on the power lines not being tested) You should get a 0 of no resistance on the multimeter at this point. this is my point. While at it check to have same resistance on yellow-green, green-blue, blue to yellow I presume it should be. Once you do all the tests above kindly report the findings and results here before any conclusions as I have some assumptions and I don't have a Zero to check on ATM. Start off with the motor test... that's the easiest with no need to opening the control board
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    IPS i5 foot angle experiences

    I rode more than 20km on it and with a slim tire on high pressure is more concerning for comfortable ride, but it performs very well. The earlier versions of the i5 were probably more sloped to my knowledge but IPS tuned their design accordingly. The 20km is a limit imposed by the firmware for safety. IPS went for higher speeds on the s5 that has more redundancy. the warning beep goes on before the 20 of course. One time in SZ, I encountered a guy on an inmotion. He was cruising on the street but managed to keep up with a lot of beeping from the curb. if he wanted to run i wouldn't keep up but the limit is fine for normal commuting. I don't like going beyond the beeps, I feel it is an unnecessary risk to gain a few seconds on the journey
  7. IPS Malta

    IPS Zero: 30A Fuse blows

    Hi guys, I just returned to China from some long busy travelling. I will get in touch with IPS to have more knowledge on the error code while also reading deeper in the thread as I just skimmed through. Will get back to you shortly.
  8. IPS Malta

    Any way to contact a rep at this company!!!???

    I had a reply from IPS. There is only an Android APK for your situation. I guess you will need to get hold of an android phone with Bluetooth. If you are a programmer maybe you can try to do it in some Android Emulator on our Apple Product that talks to the BT directly but I do not know if this is a doable thing and there's more risk on it. It's easier to find a friend on Android to help you out.
  9. IPS Malta

    Any way to contact a rep at this company!!!???

    Sorry for the late reply, I was travelling recently on some projects and will be back in China early July. I will relay the message to them, though there is a leaked solution on this forum that involves re-flashing the board using an Android APK. Assuming everything is fine with your wheel and you put the right SN and parameter to the application that should work fine but you will be doing it at your own risk and I cannot accept responsibility for flashing it wrong or failing at reflashing. I'll try to link to the post later @Medialab Thanks, @Keith for the attempted alert
  10. IPS Malta

    Ips 122 260t app control

    Hi @Ipsiain, There are different models for the LHOTZ. The later models I dealt with work with the last 2 apps designed by IPS and have the soft and sports mode. A speed adjustment won't strictly speaking limit the riding speed but more at which speed the tilt back and warnings kick in. It is also possible that the over speed margin changes but as always suggested, never ride beyond the set speed limit and respect all warnings. They avoid cutting off the power at the speed limit, and on the i5 I think (from memory) it cuts off at around 35-40km/hr (At no load. i.e. lifting it up) where its speed limit is 20km/hr. In one meeting I had with IPS I was also understood that cutoff also considers the current so a no-load will be considered in the algorithm. Did you try the APP from IAMIPS ?
  11. IPS Malta

    Malta Electric Unicycle Meetup

    @9botter not much... 4 maybe. But now I'm staying in heaven.... China now I will be in Malta around end of May for a month so maybe we can meet and go around (hoping my wheels are still in good shape back there)
  12. Anyone rides the Electric Unicycle in Malta. I ride one often but still I haven't seen anyone around. Would be great if we can meet up and plan some route. If anyone is interested (even without an EUC) please post below, I have a few ones here
  13. IPS Malta

    IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    On a BT version of IPS, you can check the Voltages of each cell individually from the APP. You have like a matrix of 4x4 (16 cells) with separate voltages, so that was no big deal. One reason for being so close is that my i5 is not that old, but even on my LHOTZ and Zero there were very close. When I get back to my country I will check on them as they might differ after a long time not having proper battery cycles and will keep you guys updated on 8 months rest would result in them.
  14. IPS Malta

    IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    I checked on my IPS i5 (i don't think they changed the logic of the BMS much) but on a full charge from like 5days ago batteries on the app show 4.08 and 4.09v on all cells (20700 not 18650 but since they are on same chemistry I assume same voltages). I don't think there's an easy way to build a temporary battery without welding them. At best see that you can raise individually the voltages of the cells to 4.05 at least. if you're using an RC charger, that should stop if they are not taking enough current (meaning full) if that's the case on a lower than 4.02v, that cell is very degraded and most likely the cause. If I get to this stage personally I would build the new battery as you already had dead cells, some would have been identified as aged batteries, the rest won't last long and you will have to open again and do all this testing process again. I will try to confirm with IPS when they are back from holidays with regards.
  15. IPS Malta

    Age Thread

    for a change, it does in China Probably a compatibility/config thing... I use Firefox here
  16. the pressure of 35psi is very normal on a 2.5". you should adjust the pressure to the weight (which is why you have a range) in most cases our weight is more than what could be ridden on the tires so most of the time we need to aim to higher pressures mentioned. p=F/A ... A is increased so p needs to be less. the IPS wheels (LHOTZ to Zero) I remeber they had a huge difference and I was kind of afraid reaching high pressure on the Zero thinking it might blow up which it never did and I think I was on 45+ psi. As being tubeless the walls are more rigid so the tube needs less pressure as it only needs to oppose the force down while a tube one will need more pressure to sustain the walls too (I might be wrong on the last as I am no expert but learning on tire technology). As for the tire and wobble, I can understand that a more round surface might give you a feeling of a narrow wheel to which you need to adopt a bit (you're more like traveling on a rope now). There is also a factor of wearing the tire a bit (I was always suggested not to stress new tires for the first few hundreds of km (probably less on an EUC) on a car until they do their run-in period and get to their optimal state). Also is the rotation of the tire right? Did you see improvement in turning at higher speeds and wider turns as you have to lean sideways a bit on those? I think there it performs better with more road hold and less risky to skids on turns from what I can think about. I was also thinking that maybe the board didn't balance on closing it back. Did you try to hold it steady on flat and see if the wheel pushes more/less forward/ backwards when not loaded? If so maybe a calibration might help. Well done for the job, that new tire really looks nice and even the wheel have a new look now... you're making me want to experiment on my i5 here but that doesn't have the room for changes as you have on your KS. I need to dig deeper for a perfect different road type tire while trying to achieve something new, but will definitely have to wait for now (maybe mid 2018)
  17. IPS Malta

    What is the best personal electric transportation?

    Am i wrong that a failure in a skateboard will have it sliding from under your feet? Wheel size depends on the terrain. If it's very well made, a smaller one will go, but I wouldn't suggest anything less than 10" wheel vehicle as you don't know what you might encounter (a tree branch or root, or some flew away waste hoping it's not a banana peel ).
  18. IPS Malta

    What is the best personal electric transportation?

    I wouldn't forget about today's electric cars (that can be part of public transport or even trains). I guess an electric car and a small euc can be a brother/sister relationship where you need to travel long distances and fast. for short distance commuting EUC is ideal.They can do each other's role at a cost but together they are most effective. Think about it with cars only since we might be more familiar with it. In the city you need a small one, in highways, a bigger one is better. besides I don't see myself doing a long distance with EUC in some heavy rain. Anything that doesn't have regenerative braking is likely to be least efficient then. Small wheels are not ideal (skateboard ones)
  19. IPS Malta

    A new hobby with euc

    well, I am assuming most roads are already mapped in USA. I already uncovered like 20km of new/unlisted roads in China. Hope they will reflect in google eventually as I don't have much access to that from here
  20. IPS Malta

    A new hobby with euc

    Hi guys, was wondering if there is anyone who is into a similar thing. I am starting to map new roads and it's becoming nice to find excuses to ride and fill my night time with updating them online. I'm using open source maps and osm (on Android phone) it's very useful for villages' visitors where there's plenty of missing roads or passages. I spent 2 hours of enjoyment today in a village in China (where euc is a wow thing apparently )
  21. IPS Malta

    Anyone replaced their car yet?

    well, lets say that's how it went to me. In my country, I can't do without a car (too much distance travelled daily with a weak public transport infrastructure at lease since I was there) but since I moved in SZ to my family the EUC is the only vehicle I have. Public transport is great and I would regret having a car in China. When I need a car I will rent one and for now, I will need to convert my driving license too. This way it will save me parking bills, maintenance and other costs that will be incurred. as for the uninspectable, that's called VRT (vehicle-road test) in order to ensure a safety to the people inside and outside the vehicle (including pollution as fumes and sounds)
  22. IPS Malta

    IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    The gap in voltages is too high to what I experienced (+- 0.02v i.e. 0.04 v gap). I think your new cells are charging slower (lower current) than the rest so most probably the old ones are getting to 4.1 quickly and then the charging is shut off. once it is shut off balancing is transferring some energy back to the less charged batteries. did you allow the batteries to rest for a few hours connected to the board and try checking the voltages again? I suspect that the new ones taking less charging current are probably indicating to the BMS that they can't take much more due to low current supplied on them (which might not be the case) When the engineers get back after spring festival I will try to get back to you with a formal answer as I don't know the exact working method of their BMS PS 26 minutes riding wouldn't take much to charge it back. I think it should charge in max 2hours from a battery pack with minimal voltage (shown empty) on the original charger
  23. IPS Malta

    Dream Electric Unicycle

    In EUC they have to be as the batteries are being charged and discharged all the time due to use (discharging) and regenerative braking (Charging). If they are not balanced you might start your first few KMs on a charged EUC with a fire under your feet while you are braking. Ok maybe I am exaggerating here, but definitely, the cells they can easily be overcharged if they are not continuously being balances esp when charging occurs also in series due to high wattage. If they are not continuously balanced, the cells definitely need to be of the same age and being used initially on a balanced state as for the insults, I can understand @Keith's frustration. This forum has no liability for our projects but we try to keep a high reputation for knowledgeable sane suggestions. I was tempted to downvote also (especially where once a scissors [not a fuse at least] was said to be used not to mention how), but the downvotes are already on him and it's clear about the quality of the suggestion (for me, but might not be for who I am about to mention). The problem relies that people outside the forum (who are not familiar with us) might google and end up on one of the dangerous posts and go ahead and try it (assuming they don't read the following, but if he honestly is writing them with no harm intended, then it's likely some other guy has a similar mindset and get assured that such thing is doable). Any incidents occurring due to these irresponsible posts endanger not just this forum but all aspects of EUC, including the market, legal status in countries, accessibility and several other factors. We already witnessed the effect of lack of quality in some hoverboards and EUC is also suffering because of similar technology, but let's try not to make it worse by irresponsible statements here.
  24. IPS Malta

    IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    @Joff I will verify if the Bluetooth version is compatible after Chinese spring festival. Btw happy New year of the dog ;). I assume that it is, yet double check again with balancing first, as that may still be an issue with balancing and the board is actually reporting it. Note that the bms it's on the board so if you charged directly all together you might have overcharged singe cells which is not healthy for the pack. Try charging the cells individually using an appropriate charger if available such as rc charger (if not you might need to discharge cells that have higher voltage and charging slowly ensuring none of the cells gets above their allowed voltage) and get all cells to same voltage (no need to get them to full charge but same voltage within their range), then allow them a few hours of rest disconnected and ensure they keep balance. If not that's a cell issue as they shouldn't discharge so quickly. Connect to the board for few hours and test voltages again. If voltages are all still the same then give it a try and see if it's performing this cycle well. If it does (at which state the bms should be minimally working due to the already balanced) the cell transplant is not fully compatible so you will need an aux balancing circuit to charge it (though I would rather change all the battery for safety concerns). To confirm it, you might get the same error after a few cycles and individual voltages should be imbalanced.
  25. IPS Malta

    Looking for Lhotz dealer in europe area

    We are talking about the 2.5", did anyone ever ride an IPS Makalue? It seems that it had a 3" tire though it was a seat type self-balancing unit maybe the ride and feel was similar to EUCs