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V10 is safe from fire

Davide Neri

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i somehow managed to get a reply from inmotion stating that the “wheel getting on fire” problem only affect “first” batches of V10F, not V10.

I see a lot of confusion between the 2 models and just wanted to help clarify the situation.

First batches of V10 are safe


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29 minutes ago, Zeno74 said:

Hi Davide, thanks for this contribution, so if I understand correctly it's only the batch starting with 124... but nevertheless they suggest to add the protective case right?



Mine was 125xxxx and got on fire...

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On 9/26/2018 at 3:24 PM, Kristof Willen said:

@Fastmike, you had a V10F, right ? If I understand the post from @Davide Neri correctly,  Inmotion claims the early V10 models (not V10F) are fire-proof. 

If I understand this post

correctly, none of them really is "fire-proof" (actually, waterproof sufficiently resisting the ingress of water that eventually sets the battery on fire).

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