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  1. Rob Valley

    MCM4 680wh for Sweden?

    i ordered a spare tire from them, it was not the same outer tire as advertised on their webpage, (16"; 57-305 @16x2.125 ) but i recieved a 50-305 @16x1.95 I complained and they said it was a mistake from inmotion from where they have ordered the tyres, i ended up getting a inner tube for free, and i did not mind the feel of the thinner wheel so i was OK with the mistake.
  2. Rob Valley

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    Wow was that screenshot taken while riding? thats an awful lot of power for 0.0 mph
  3. Rob Valley

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    interesting choice of words
  4. Rob Valley

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    Presuming are for people that go to church. you should really check the charger, it is a effective way of telling at what end you have the problem, as i said in an earlier post, i also had the problem that the original charger started to only charge to 90-92%, i quickly bought a new charger (4 amps becouse this i wanted anyways) and viola! charged again to 100%. Now i haven't checked the old charger, well because, the new one worked and the issue was gone, but i might hook it up to a voltmeter someday to see what it says. And If i have not misunderstood there is a potentiometer inside the charger, where you can fine tune the charging volt, but someone might want to pitch in and correct me on that note.
  5. Rob Valley

    Dream Electric Unicycle

    participate in a human centipede and give everybody a wheel!
  6. Rob Valley

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    i had the same problem, then i bought a 4amp charger and i was able to top up again, never looked back on the standard charger. just saying i would not put the probability of 2 chargers being broke to -nil- higely unlikely, but not impossible
  7. Google translate: Moin Moin, I have to say, I would be glad if you could manage to legalize E Wheels! Currently you are not even able to form a decision capable government !!!! I think it's great what DK has now created with the legalization of E Wheels (even if only 20 km / h), when I spend my holidays there every year. " PS. Find it just sad that Germany wants to talk everywhere but against new always makes the eyes or everything always checks to death and nothing tried first !!!! FTFY.
  8. Rob Valley

    Replacing the Gotway Monster Axle Shims

    This all reminds me i ordered two new pedal arms from Kingsong France, when i was having play issues with my pedals. The ones they sent me looked more milled out than casted, a lot more weight. Ended up fixing the play so i never needed to replace, should have sent them back though..
  9. Rob Valley

    Replacing the Gotway Monster Axle Shims

    Have you tought about adding something between the shims and the nut? wondering since it seems the nut is moving the shims when tightening
  10. Rob Valley

    Unicycle maintenance

    From an mechanical engineers perspective, this is easy peasy lemon squeezy Marty you have such a nice workshop, and i bet good tools, should not be so hard for you I do recommend getting new self threading screws if you plan to start opening up regularly, after a few times the heads start to slip, and thats just annoying!
  11. Rob Valley

    Unicycle maintenance

    this could happen to any wheel, its more a failure of the fuse than the wheel, some googling could possibly bring up a failure rate for these kinds of fuses. i would even say that becouse of Kingsongs tight controll on speedlimits my face dodged a plant, as i accept the limits and rearly push hard i have been able to ride on a semi operational fuse, probably a 15-20 amp load for a few seconds it would have gone bananas!
  12. Rob Valley

    Unicycle maintenance

    i would say it is sealed OK for most situations, dirt, water etc. but when it comes to salt it goes between everything, even if there is no gap the salt will penetrate eventually, ofcourse some kind of sealant between the protective plate and the shell could help but eventually the salt would eat through this as well. Anyways, I disected the fuse today and so it seems that the fail of the fuse failed, and the molten bridge had got stuck so there was still a connection! this would be classified as a near miss incident, i was thinking of preventive actions today and i think ill drill a ~15mm hole next to the powerbutton, and install a transparent plastic "button" that we use for our IP44 rated lectrical connection boxes, this way i could easily inspect the health of the fuse without having to open everything up!
  13. Rob Valley

    Unicycle maintenance

    Yes, this is actually the road salt, it was all around the CB, but i got most of it cleaned out, it would be really good at some point to really give it a good clean, i mean take the CB out and split the whole shell to really get to the spots you cannot reach, becouse yea, this salt goes everywhere!
  14. Rob Valley

    Unicycle maintenance

    heres one more pic with the tape removed, sorry bout the quality 🙄
  15. Rob Valley

    Unicycle maintenance

    The wheel spun out, making a few flips before coming to a rest, like it does usually if you play around at no speed and loose the handling, the only difference was that this time the wheel shut of after the accident. so im only guessing what happened was that the fuse actually broke but the arch was so intense it actually melted the fuse back together, i might try to dissect the fuse tomorrow to get a better view. It might not be easy to tell from the pictures but looking at it in real life you could tell that the sooth had been spewing out from the fuse, i cleaned and all other components looked fine, but i decided anyways that i will have a follow up check soon, to make sure the sooth is not comming back. Just came home, carefully riding and not pushing the limits, and the wheel is working nominal. And the main reason for the maintenance was becouse i could feel one of the batteries had become loose,(you could feel some wierd vibrations rocking the wheel back and forth) so i removed the old tape and added some new double sided tape. problem solved. also all the salt has started to eat away the black paint from the motor shell, and im a little bit annoyed how the area around the shaft is looking (corrosion) So i was thinking when i get a new wheel i can open up the motor to check the bearings, and clean it up really good. Other than that the wheel is about 3000 km old and still feels like a boss