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  1. Rob Valley

    Is ks18l top speed really 50kph?

    i dont think it is such a big deal, the 50 km/h is a theoretical max of power, that the wheel can output, if the limit would be say, 70, you could cruise along all nice and dandy and record your 50. but since it is the limit of power, all kinds of factors come in, how wide you are, the road, your psi etc. GPS is a positioning system, not a speed meter, tacho meters are measurments of two or more points on a rotating axis, not a speed meter. a laser measures the difference between two beams, and since, it is based on a fixed constant, the speed of light, is the most accurate tool to measure velocities.
  2. Rob Valley

    Is ks18l top speed really 50kph?

    i would say that the problem with GPS measurements is relativity, wich they compensate for, the same way you could say the wheel compensates to convert to a speed reading from a tacho meter, so there is a lot of "head room" for errors, now when we are down to measure speed by +/- 1 Km/h accuracy , oh no sorry, tenth of a kilometer, like you posted. either way, to have a accurate measuring device, like a calibrated speed gun, would be the best, for the discussion, overall
  3. Rob Valley

    Is ks18l top speed really 50kph?

    what i would like to see is more measurments using laser, ie. speedguns, this would give some answers and not guesses
  4. Rob Valley

    Is ks18l top speed really 50kph?

    measuring speed with either GPS or the unicycle itself is like trying to measure inches with your thumb.
  5. i think you guys should start your own thread, all this whining about whining is totally oftopic, thanks
  6. to get things back on topic; @US69 how is the investigation going? is there any news on how many wheels from The first batch could have this problem? how can i be sure that my 18L was not a part of the same failing batch? what improvements have been done to the manufacturing process to ensure this will not happen again?
  7. Rob Valley

    King Song Social Media Representative

    i have also noticed you can create a loop for the big leds, if you steer the unicycle into a dark corner with the sensor in the forward direction, the light will first come on and the bright light will then disable the sensor, and the light, after this the darkness will enable the light again, and then you have a pretty intense "disco strobe loop" for the bright front led, i wonder if this could also lead to problems in the firmware, im hoping they fix this soon.
  8. this is like the "im rolling, they hating", meme all over again, i just roll and all they see is my mudflap 😂
  9. Rob Valley

    Kingsong KS18L, will it Marty or Rehab or not?

    Agreed. I hope to get some more info on the schematics of these sensors, you can easily imagine a worst case scenario with some normally open cheap sensors to fail dramatically, but i can also imagine secure working concepts so i hope the engineers at KS are clever people, and looking from the photos, it sure looks like it.
  10. Rob Valley

    Kingsong KS18L, will it Marty or Rehab or not?

    Russian Translated page of a peek inside the KS18L
  11. Rob Valley

    MCM4 680wh for Sweden?

    i ordered a spare tire from them, it was not the same outer tire as advertised on their webpage, (16"; 57-305 @16x2.125 ) but i recieved a 50-305 @16x1.95 I complained and they said it was a mistake from inmotion from where they have ordered the tyres, i ended up getting a inner tube for free, and i did not mind the feel of the thinner wheel so i was OK with the mistake.
  12. Rob Valley

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    Wow was that screenshot taken while riding? thats an awful lot of power for 0.0 mph
  13. Rob Valley

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    interesting choice of words
  14. Rob Valley

    help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    Presuming are for people that go to church. you should really check the charger, it is a effective way of telling at what end you have the problem, as i said in an earlier post, i also had the problem that the original charger started to only charge to 90-92%, i quickly bought a new charger (4 amps becouse this i wanted anyways) and viola! charged again to 100%. Now i haven't checked the old charger, well because, the new one worked and the issue was gone, but i might hook it up to a voltmeter someday to see what it says. And If i have not misunderstood there is a potentiometer inside the charger, where you can fine tune the charging volt, but someone might want to pitch in and correct me on that note.
  15. Rob Valley

    Dream Electric Unicycle

    participate in a human centipede and give everybody a wheel!