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  1. Zeno74

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    Other great example of Inmotion support: I bought on the official Inmotion store on Aliexpress a spare wheel for my 8LF, and a black cover for the V10F. I pay the amount plus 40 euros of import tax when the pack arrives, I open my box and I find the wrong wheel and the wrong cover of the V10F, not bad, 2 mistakes on 2. So I write back sending pictures etc and saying that I do not want to spend 40 euros of import taxes again, a very kind guy says he will ship the correct items with standard post, I will not have to pay the taxes but will need only some more time for the delivery. I wait patiently and I receive a nice box with only the black cover, the wheel is missing. At this point the inmotion service tells me to make a new order because they have already spent too much money!!!!!!! I am speechless!!!!! Inmotion has lost a customer!!! Thanks guys
  2. Zeno74

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    Guys, I'm getting really disappointed, I've contacted Lincy and here is her answer Hi Pietro, Please don't worry, your V10F is fine. But please avoid riding on rainy or wet roads. If you find any problems please let me know freely. Thanks. This is absolutely ridiculous, I've written back explaining that outdoor activities include riding on wet roads and occasionally it could even rain (!!!) and since then I had no answer at all! So if this is what Inmotion thinks is a solution we are far from acceptable! I've bought a V10F, a V8 and a L8F, I suppose it's time to change brand. Thanks Inmotion!
  3. Zeno74

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Zeno74

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    Dear Liamfind, thanks for your reply, but I have a V10F with serial number 126.... and no one has told me yet what my situation is regarding the waterproof issue! Are you able to help me?
  5. Zeno74

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    It seems that the world is divided between inmotion USA that has done a great job and the rest of the world. I’m italian, I’ve bought my v10f from an official dealer who is doing his best to support me but it’s clear that he is not as informed as the guys in USA. It’s then a bit annoying that inmotion was really active on this forum some months ago, and now they all disappeared, what happened to them? I’m not blaming them for the quality issues, it can happen to anybody, I’m blaming them for how they do not communicate...
  6. Zeno74

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I have a V8 and a V10F, the V8 is 13 kg and the V10F is 20. My ideal wheel should be not heavier than 15 kg in my opinion, with a 2,5" tire and the same attention to usability given to the v10F. I hope the next developments will go in the direction of reducing the weight as well...
  7. I cannot understand what's happening with Inmotion, I had the perception they were a high quality brand, also in term of assistance. I've bought from them a V8, a V10F, and an L8F. The V8 just died during the warranty period and I'm not receiving any clear answer from the guy I bought it from The V10F we all know the waterproofing issues it's having The L8 has had a problem with the wheel, I've ordered from Inmotion a new wheel that was supposed to arrive 1 week ago and was shipped so late that it's still in Singapore What am I supposed to think? :-(
  8. Zeno74

    iPhone app doesn't show the speed for V10

    I also use darknessbot but I find annoying that the official app has such a bug and they are not correcting it, it's weeks or months now that the bug is there! If this is the reaction style/time of the company it's worrying...
  9. Zeno74

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Same problem, it’s really annoying...
  10. Zeno74

    V10 is safe from fire

    Hi Davide, thanks for this contribution, so if I understand correctly it's only the batch starting with 124... but nevertheless they suggest to add the protective case right?
  11. Zeno74

    V10 pads too thin?

    You will get used, when you ride more you will start driving more with the feet than with the calves ;-)
  12. Zeno74

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    As far as I’ve understood I should be in the middle case but he told me i’m Ok...
  13. Zeno74

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    My serial is 126...we have no info here about such problems, according to your info should I also worry and start working to seal the battery etc?
  14. Zeno74

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Well I must say that this is quite a good point ;-) I thought that in order to work without "power gyros" the acceleration ramps of the wheel should have been much higher, on the fairs of robots there are several demos of robots keeping balance and they are really much quicker in the accelerations than our wheels...but probably with our wheel this is just ok! Can any of you then explain me why both my V8 and V10 when they receive a shock (the V8 riding over a hole on the street and the V10 walking it down the stairs) start shaking like hell? With the V8 I also fell...I thought it was something related to the gyros loosing the angular momentum but I wouldn't know now... I had 12 Wh/km with the V8 and 15 with the V10F, strange....
  15. Zeno74

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I know what a gyro is, it's a device with a double function, it can be used only as a sensor, so with almost 0 power consumption and it gives you a feedback on the position, without being affected by the inertia forces, the bigger brother on the other hand can also be used to stabilise things, so other than giving you the feedback of the position it can also actively influence the stabilisation of the object where it's mounted. (of course the bigger the angular momentum, the better is the stabilisation, here is my assumption that the V10F has some over-dimensioned gyros) As far as I understand the functioning of our devices, I cannot believe that the motor alone can do the job to balance us with gyros only working as sensors, it is only my assumption (I work as engineer in the field of vehicle automation), that's why I'm asking you if you have any specific document saying that on our wheels the motor alone is doing this job. So, I might be wrong because it's only an assumption, but 100% of the physic of our wheels is leading me to make this assumption, are you doing an assumption yourself as well or do you actually know for sure what you are writing? If you know for sure can you please share this with us? ;-)