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  1. Guys thanks for the suggestion, charger was 82,2 V and I had my V8 charger that is compatible and has a voltage of 84,3 V! The wheel is back to 100% ;-)
  2. I’m having the same issue, battery not charging back to 100% but stopping at 95% what do I have to do? I have a v10f
  3. The wheel arrived today, with a DHL and without import taxes, well it took a while but now all the family will be able to ride! Thanks guys!
  4. Last update, I had been promised a tracking number for Monday but also this time it didn’t happen!!! ☹️☹️☹️ I just cannot understand how you guys keep,on promising things and do not maintain it....never!!! 😠
  5. Thanks Liam, just to update you I had been promised a tracking number in max 7 days on February the 19th, since then I sent 4 or 5 messages and didn't receive neither any answer nor the tracking number...
  6. Hi Jason, do you have any clue why your colleagues stopped answering? They had promised a tracking number but are not giving any, neither are answering my messages anymore... You know, last time I didn't ask for anything and was happy with the promise that they were shipping the wheel, but I found out after more than 1 month that they didn't ship anything...so tis time of course I'd like to be more safe ;-)
  7. Ok, so apparently there is still some action going on, after having promised me they had shipped the correct wheel, the wheel has not been shipped for 1 month!!! Now I asked again and thanks to Jason probably someone (Emily?) wrote me that I'd have received a tracking number for this shipment and that now they would have really made it. This time I've decided to not let 1 month pass before asking, I've asked 3 times for the tracking number and I received no answer.......................................
  8. My dream is a wheel that could be called V9, a 16" 2,5 wide tyre, same advanced ergonomic, similar to V10, big pads are great but I'd reconsider the rubber surface, pack in it as much motor and battery as you can but the weight should not be more than 15-16 Kg.m In my opinion more important than a nominal power is a peak power to brake in a short space. As autonomy, an average between V10F and V8 would also be ok! make the front light point much lower so that we don't blind all the people in front of us ;-)
  9. Dear Jason, thanks a lot again!!!
  10. Hello Jason, it's Inmotion scv on Aliexpress, the seller is this https://it.aliexpress.com/item/INMOTION-E-bike-Vecchio-L8F-Gruppo-Ruota-Posteriore-Della-Bici-Elettrica-Del-Tubo-8-pollice-In/32912518754.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.1a334c4dBICMYY I don't have any reference on the name, I'm from Milan. I'll email you all the conversation I've had, it's pretty long, thanks a lot for your support!
  11. They sent twice the wrong thing!!!
  12. My first post was canceled, can you please give me a suggestion? i’ve ordered a spare wheel for my L8f from Inmotion on September the 25th and after having received 2 wrong shippings (!!!) they stopped answering me. I need a spare wheel for the L8f otherwise there is no way I can use it, how can I solve it? is there any suggestion you can give me? thanks a lot!
  13. Thanks Liamfind, I still haven't received a response from Lincy on the waterproofing of my V10F. I've given her my serial number but her answer is disappointing, EUC are devices for outdoor use and they have to be able to resist some water, IP65 is reasonable. If my wheel is not weather proof and the battery can even burn because of this I need to know it. In this case I want to give my wheel back, why in Inmotion USA they have taken this issue so seriously and in the rest of the world we receive answers like the one I've posted above?
  14. Update on the topic, now a very helpful person is taking care of the matter and is shipping me the right wheel! Thanks guys :-)
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