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  1. Harold Farrenkopf

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    It is scary when you get a stick or stone sucked up in the tire wheel well and it jerks you thinking you’re going to face plant. Haven’t had it stop the wheel yet luckily. Maybe my tire pressure is too high but I like it hard. Got a full face helmet now just in case of a face plant. I’ve never fallen yet since my first couple of hours learning it.
  2. I came across this deal - 82% off but only 2 sizes left and my size was there. Limited time and until sold out. Delete if not allowed. https://sport.woot.com/offers/bell-full-9-bike-helmet?ref=w_cnt_sc_is_1_tl
  3. Harold Farrenkopf

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I don’t have that problem because it is winter here.
  4. Harold Farrenkopf

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    How was it resolved? Please give details of the fix. How will my V10F be modified so that the overload condition doesn’t happen? It has not happened to me because I have ridden it like an old woman drives a car. I want to know how the heat of overload is removed without any hardware fix of heatsink size.
  5. Harold Farrenkopf

    Simple headlight anti-glare mod

    What if you used reflective tape such as used on air ducts. Aluminum foil tape. Wouldn’t it reflect the light back in an out down?
  6. Harold Farrenkopf

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    As far as I understand, the overload problem has not been solved. I’m 260 pounds and I bought it because it said it could handle that mass. I am very cautious of not pushing it hard to prevent overloading it. I want a fix still.
  7. Harold Farrenkopf

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Overload problem has not been addressed as far as I understand. When will this be fixed if ever? Fix will have to be a hardware fix that can dissipate the heat.
  8. Harold Farrenkopf

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I have been stalling my weatherproofing of my V10F. Some others have mentioned the instructions weren’t great and I was hoping a better one would pop up somewhere. I’ve got a few months before I can get back out with it anyways. My DIY kit didn’t include much and no new pads so I guess I will need to source some of that adhesive. Still waiting for fixed firmware and app before I update my wheel from the ship original firmware. Got a feeling we will be forgotten soon when a newer wheel comes out.
  9. Harold Farrenkopf

    Try My Best to Help Our INMOTION Fans

    V10F is almost perfect. Just need firmware fixed perfectly with working app and larger adaquate heat sink to stop the overload caused by heat. A better headlight so it doesn’t blind oncoming drivers.
  10. Harold Farrenkopf

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I rode my ninebot one C+ today for the first time since I got my V10F in May and wow, what a difference. I can say I have no desire to ride the C+ ever again.
  11. Harold Farrenkopf

    V10 is safe from fire

    None of these are waterproof. Waterproof means it can be submerged in water safely. I believe no electrical wheels can do that without damage.
  12. Harold Farrenkopf

    My V10F dismantling

    No loctite provided in kit. What loctite number did you use? Will need to get some. Thanks.
  13. Harold Farrenkopf

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I received mine a week ago. I was disappointed with the kit. The photo is all I got in the kit. I commented on the quality of the battery case on the fire thread. I got no pads like those that had theirs done by INMOTION. I’m not going to use that battery case because it is not hard or made well enough. Going to use 2” wide tape instead.
  14. Harold Farrenkopf

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    When we do rf connectors, we wrap it first with electrical tape and then vulcanized rubber over the tape and beyond the tape to mAke the seal to the cable jacket and then another wrap of electrical tape to cover the sticky vulcanized tape. The first layer of tape makes it easier to remove to undue the connection in the future because that vulcanized rubber is hard to remove