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  1. Couldn’t you just JB Weld it? Fill in the gaps of the keyway as well. Don’t they say that the original JB Weld is stronger than welding and the steel?
  2. Not correct. You can’t assume the rider is a solid mass with no absorption of the impact. Knees could also have been bent too. Did both pedals break?
  3. Just use a piece of heat shrink over the solder joint and wire if you are concerned about vibration. I think all the space craft and rockets use solder connections because of reliability and quality control.
  4. But don’t rc planes fly horizontally and could hit you from the side? It’s not likely to come down vertically unless there is a mid air collision.
  5. So are they going to give us fat people these new pedals since their originals are breaking?
  6. So 89% is actually 100% is what the fix is? I just keep it plugged in over night and it stops changing by itself when it turns green. Was never told to do anything different.
  7. Simple side lights of course. Reflectors work too.
  8. What I’d like to see is a V10F with a 3 inch tire, 2000whr battery, properly designed and aimed headlight, a much larger heatsink with active cooling on the outside, battery and all electronics waterproof and designed with redundant critical components. Do away with all those fancy side lights which are useless to serious riders. Also, solid aluminum pedals that won’t crack and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The design shape similar to the V10f with the same handle and trolly but with a latched release of some kind. 40kph limit is fine with the 2000watt motor.
  9. Isn’t VX the same as saying v10 ?
  10. Launch event? Are they sending a v10f up into space like they did a Tesla?
  11. No, only 2 are. The rest of the smoke / soot is from those 2.
  12. @Jason McNeil, no thermal paste when using the thermal conductive pad. When the thermal paste is used where no electrical isolation is required, only the minimal amount is required to fill any air gaps in the irregular surfaces even though they look flat and smooth. One simple way of placing the pad in place with the spacers for the screws is to use a made tool for the task that looks like a 6 pronged comb that goes through the holes of the pc board and the mosfet holes and the pad slid on it and then the comb put into the heatsink holes and then slid down to the board. Then place the sc
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