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  1. I am just a little bit concern by the XL. My V10F got on fire because the battery had no casing. IM is trying to correct that by adding a case to better protect the battery against water. The KS18L was perfect in that regard with nice insulated cases for the battery packs. On the KS18XL, KS decided to remove the cases to make more space for additional batteries... hope they will not create an exposure to the same issue that IM is facing! Future will tell...
  2. Sounds like a good idea if feasible... since low voltage, it might be also feasible to try a piece of shielded cable (lan cat6 type cable might be convenient) or better electrical insolated cable.
  3. Thanks for the tip! Sure it will help! No problem as yet but seems fragile... only weak point on the KS18L so far.
  4. If you like ashes, we can talk!
  5. You are correct, a V10F. About the rest, coming from InMotion... believe what you want
  6. Actually not much, around 35, but found it more easier. The high pitch noise is not disturbing at all on the KS18L. Might be more on other KS models. Thanks
  7. So happy! I couldn't wait any longer! Just received my KS18L yesterday! That wheel is a dream compare to the V10F. The only 'negative' points are the weight if you have to use stairs, and the trolley which looks fragile. But out of that, much better wheel in all aspect. Looks actually lighter to drive since center of gravity is lower with the battery packs being on the sides and I found it more stable. Once I will be more experienced, I will probably buy a second charger since that KS18L has two charging ports which is another great feature. Bye bye IM... Have fun guys!
  8. Mine was 125xxxx and got on fire...
  9. Before the disaster, I was starting to be ok with the V10 that was stable. Now I need to find something else... the weight is not too much a problem when well balanced from what I realized if you don't have to go through stairs of course The V10 is too much top weighted and the KS, despite its weight, is better in that regards with batteries installed lower on each side.
  10. As a beginner and after the terrible experience with the V10F, I am looking for: 1. a safe wheel which I can store at home with no fear (at least when not plugged) opposite to the IM product 2. using good components and design to prevent overheating (I am 90+ Kgs reason why I was looking for 2000W motor based EUC to don't worry too much about cutout) 3. that can also be used downtown even if not the most agile Thx
  11. Very informative feedback! Many thanks Marty!
  12. Actually you are right! Might be a potential candidate that I need to look at and add to my list. Thanks Marty! Will you choose it over the KS18L if you have to choose between those two?
  13. Thanks guys! Nice of you. The wheel had less than 15kms (I am a beginner...)... all details are here https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/11449-inmotion-v10-fire/
  14. Since my V10F burnt into flames, I have for sure no more problem with it... and what followed up ensure that I will never ever go back again to this brand. Thanks for your advices! Appreciated. You are right, I forgot to take in count the high pitch noise very common on some brands...
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