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Battery Charge Relative/Related to Speed?

Tom D

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Odd question, but is the battery charge level related to the speed of wheel?  I have a KS-14D and I noticed yesterday that once the battery charge drops to 35-45% (per WheelLog), that the top speed seem to be reduced.  The verbal warning seems to come on much sooner and with much more frequency.  I thought I noticed the same the previous weekend, but after monitoring yesterday, I feel pretty sure that as battery power reduces, so does the ability of the wheel to get to and/or maintain a top speed (with wheel lock off and adjusted to max).

That said, I think I'm ready to an upgrade, it's crazy how fast you outgrow your first wheel.  Love the 14D, but it just doesn't have the range I'm looking for and I could use just a bit more power/speed.  I'm thinking the 16S, but that's another thread.


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Yes. And since the battery gets even lower during acceleration, the same limit reduces the ability to accelerate fast. All this for a good reason.

For the 16S the speed limits are:

KS-16S Battery speed limits (fw 1.02):

Above 30% 35km/h

25% 32

20% 28

15% 26

10% 23

5% 21

0% 20

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