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  1. Ride from Vail Village up to the summit of Vail Pass. Still a lot of snow up there for this late in the season. KingSong 18XL had plenty of battery for the ride, and I am a big rider, with gear probably around 260# if not a little more. I had 58% at the summit, started with 100%. Average grade between 6% and 7% with a steep section around 8% to 9%. Coming down my battery was still around 55% so didn’t use much on the way down due to regenerative braking. Short video near the top, with Relive video attached .........
  2. Just goofing around with new KS18XL and drone in follow-me mode (Profile & Trace). Had to keep the drone a bit high because of some tall trees. Still working on getting the required 200km to unlock from 40km/h to 50km/h........kind of a pain on this requirement as I’ve already been through all this with KS18S & 18L.....wish there was a work around for experienced riders...oh well. ”How Long is Your Selphie Stick”. 😁😎🤣
  3. Glad to hear you got it unlocked 😁 Have fun “Warping” ........ 😜😎😁
  4. I just got my new 18XL from eWheels yesterday and ran into some issues with speed setting, but I was using the previous android version of KingSong’s app (Orange & White 1.54). I was able to set everything like horizontal calibration, voice to beeps, lights,etc. with the older app, but no luck with speed settings. I also have last year’s 18L, among other wheels, so I am experienced with setting up a KingSong wheel and never had any issues using the older app.......no problems setting speed with 18L at both unlock points (5km & 200km). So after trying many times with two different android phones I finally decided to try the newest KingSong Android app (ver 3.1.1) (the dark blue one pictured in above posts). The first issue was that the new app wouldn’t recognize my existing KingSong account, which I have had, and used for the last three years! So I went on the assumption that possibly the latest app is running on a different server, and simply went through the registration process with the new app as if I was a new customer using the same cell phone number that my KingSong account has always been registered with. After this re-registration process I was then able to connect to the new 18XL with no issues and was able to seamlessly set the speed to my next setting of 40kmh since I had already ridden the required 5km to unlock to 40kmh. And of course after completing the next required point of 200km I should be able to unlock with the new app to 50kmh. This process was a bit frustrating, but after coming to the conclusion that the new app is possibly running on a different server and going through the new app registration process I am back in business...........I hope this helps someone else that is trying to unlock speed settings on new 18XL. I doubt that I would have ever had any success unlocking speed with this new wheel on the old app, they must be in the process of switching over to the new app on a new server, at least this has been my experience..............so if you’re having issues setting speed with old orange/white app on the 18XL go ahead and give the new Android app a try (ver 3.1.1). The wheels and factory apps have their own issues and drawbacks, but keep at it, keep persevering because these new wheels are definitely worth the effort!! Good Luck to all 😁😎
  5. I ordered one just because you ordered one 😁😎
  6. When not moving (quiet surroundings) I can hear the fan running, fairly noticeable, quiet, but noticeable.
  7. 20 km/h for first 5km, then you can unlock to 40km/h until 200km, after 200km you can unlock to 50 km/h. I have unlocked each with success using the KS app on Android phone. If you try to set more than allowed by the above schedule the speed setting will fail with a notice of failure, likewise if you set correctly you’ll get confirmation of success by the app.
  8. @Marty Backe Youve got to quit throwing your lit cigar butts on the trail up there, you’re gonna end up scorching the HOLLYWOOD sign!!
  9. Very entertaining! You hit all the relevant points in a fun way. ??
  10. @tscottn I recently got a new wheel with a similar issue.............I suspected that the tire was not seated in the bead properly so I did a lift test with the wheel on, and carefully angled it so I could get the wheel/tire to rotate so I could observe it’s roundness. Sure enough the tire was more out of round than normal and was causing a vertical moment to the wheel that I could easily see and feel with the wheel suspended by my hands. So without taking the wheel apart I simply fully deflated the tire and gently rotated it on the wheel about ninety degrees being careful not to put too much sideways pressure on the valve stem, was able to rotate the tire while the inner tube stayed in position. Then fill just a bit to maybe around 5psi. Then rotate and massage the tire pushing it around the full circumference to be sure the bead is seated well all around the tire. Then fully inflate. When I did this the tire was back to round and ran baby-butt smooth both with a lift test and out on the smooth pavement. The “hop” was gone and the ride was perfect. I don’t know what was more helpful in my case......simply deflating and re-inflating to make sure bead was seated well, or if my rotating the tire to a new position sorta accomplished a down and dirty “balance” but at any rate my new wheel runs nice and smooth now with no “vertical wobble” or as you described a “hop”. Also hope you didn’t put too much slime in the tire that might be causing the issue, but I would not suspect that unless you used way, way more than you need.......I think something like 4 oz is enough.
  11. Yes on the 18L like the other KS Wheels you can change the voice to beeps in the app
  12. After 200km - the wheel speed limit can be increased from 40km/h to 50km/h
  13. I started on a full size Segway i2 that tops out at 12.5 mph, it is fun and I still use it for errands when I have to carry stuff like groceries. But within a few months I got a KS-16S mainly for the speed, and also the challenge. Watched a boat-load of videos, went to a parking garage and worked along the wall until I got steady enough to venture out away from the wall. Stay determined and just keep working at it and you’ll pick up riding the EUC pretty quickly, and you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment in the process. I think taking the jump and plopping down your money for the wheel is also great motivation to stick with it until you can ride it!!! It certainly added to my motivation to make it work for me ?? by the way, I was 60 when I first drank the EUC Koolaide — I now own four of the darn things, and I’ve now got 2,500 EUC miles under my belt??
  14. Nope, original firmware on the wheel and used the most recent iOS version of the app. Saved just fine and displays on the wheel. I did the kinda gold colored lights with no motion......I think it looks really cool.......will get a picture for you when I can.
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