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  1. Master Blaster

    WheelLog Android App

    @Juggler -- I made a short, down and dirty video (no editing for quality) showing what I was mentioning previously that you have to set the KS app Voice Control to Voice in order to get the pebble to beep the horn as opposed to just plain beeps. This is on the KS 16S and 18S, it looks like from Marty's video it is a different (bell ring) on the KS 14, so I do not know how applicable this is to your 14 wheel. Just to clarify one point -- in the beginning of this video the beeps that you hear are coming from the Wheel, not the phone, it is a bit muted because the wheel was lying on it's side on the floor. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hO-qDakl6mK6tuwi87-9ZHsjxB9za51x/view?usp=sharing Also as I mentioned earlier, if you have the wheel set for voice prompts instead of just the beeps, you will get the speed warning in voice mode which is the somewhat annoying voice that says "Please Decelerate" -- if you set voice control in the KS app to off then you'll get just the "beeps" for the speed warning while riding the wheel, but you won't get the "Horn" that way. I have my 16S set for beeps for the speed warning because I can hear the beeps, but my 18S is faster and at speed I have a hard time hearing the beeps due to wind noise, so I set the 18S to voice prompts because at speed I can hear the annoying "Please Decelerate" much better than the beeps because the voice prompt is much, much louder.
  2. Master Blaster

    WheelLog Android App

    The selection of voice or beeps is in the KS app, not Wheellog........if your wheel is set as it is for voice, and says “Please Decelerate” then you should be able to activate the KS built in horn sound by pushing the middle button on the Pebble watch running Wheellog. You should also be able to honk the horn in the KS app as well. I’ll post a video like Marty’s today when I get a chance. Sounds like the noise is different on the 14 though because in Marty’s video he gets a ring type noise. On my 16S and 18S it a rather loud horn, like a car horn.
  3. Master Blaster

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Something else funny happened with the Android app..........the other day I had the V10 plugged into the charger and I was playing around on the Android Inmotion app at the same time and noticed it found the V10F and even listed it as V10 for the first time........so out of curiosity I unplugged the wheel from the charger and turned on the Wheel and searched with the Same phone and InMotion app and of course it could not find the Wheel........really strange! I don’t know who they have writing their apps, but they suck worse than the King Song apps........Amazing!!!!!
  4. Master Blaster

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Funny you should ask........I have the Android app (ver 7.0.1) that I downloaded from InMotionworld.com, I have now tried no less than 4 different Android phones and not one of them will find the V10 in the search function in the App. So I have been using my wife’s old Apple 4S and the app works fine on that phone. I put the iOS app on two other Apple phones and made the mistake of upgrading to the latest Apple iOS (11) and upgraded to the latest iOS version from Inmotion that said they fixed some bugs and whamo! That was a big mistake, now those Apple devices all crash when I turn on the V10 and the Bluetooth on the phones........Imediate app crash........so DONT upgrade!!!!!! I should have included the info on those screen shots about the software version but it’s the InMotion app version 7.0 for iOS.........if you haven’t done it already I would advise NOT updating to the InMotion iOS version 7.0.1 ........because it crashes on two Apple iPhone 6 phones and same on my brand new Apple iPad Mini.....latest version.
  5. Master Blaster


    You got Balls! And I’m guessing a motorcycle too, I have the same pair of Sidi Boots 😃
  6. Master Blaster

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I found a funny boo boo in the new InMotion app, although I have imperial units selected in the app setting, and although the mileage total is listed as miles, in reality it’s acctually the kilometers on on total and miles on another..........anybody else see this? I am including a tag here for Jeffrey so he can pass it on to his app dudes ..... @Jeffrey Scott Will InMotion app on Apple (7.0) On this page although it says miles it’s really kilometers: And on on this page it is miles:
  7. Master Blaster

    18l presale specs

    18L smaller body, round shape, less weight, smaller battery......probably falls between your V10 and you 18S in terms of maneuverability...........downside compared to 18S is less range due to smaller battery. One other difference is the 2000 W motor on 18L compared to 1500 on the 18S. @Jason McNeil might be able to comment as he has ridden both. looks like height wise probably hit your leg in similar place as the tallish V10, but of course 18L is much thickerer😀
  8. Master Blaster

    WheelLog Android App

    I have the 16S and 18S, but it would be my assumption it would be the same on yours, you have choice in the app for voice prompts/warnings or beep prompts/warnings........it has to be set on voice to get the horn sound, otherwise it will just beep when you activate the horn. Only downside is if you have it set for voice and you get a speed warning you’ll hear a kind of annoying voice saying: “Please Decelerate” 😆 🙄
  9. Master Blaster

    WheelLog Android App

    I don’t know if it’s the same on your wheel, but both of my King Song wheels have to be put in the voice mode for speed warnings for the horn to sound, if you have it set for beeps in the settings instead of voice warnings it will only sound a beep when either using the KS app to sound horn or the button on a Pebble watch.
  10. Master Blaster

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    3 degrees tilt back angle on calibration gives me a more comfortable angle at cruise speeds and helps with decreasing forward pitch of pedals in turns (pedal dip).
  11. Master Blaster

    Average age of EUC rider

    @Gerd Holzhauer .....by the look of your profile pick, I don’t think you’ll see 61 🤯
  12. Master Blaster

    Inmotion App for Android

    @Unventor hey I have something for you to try. I am having a similar issue with my V10 and the Android app (7.0.1) not seeing the V10........so today I had the V10 on the charger (obviously not turned on, just plugged into the charger) and I was playing around with the Android app and bam there was the V10 in the search function of the app........so I’d be curious is you can connect with your V8 while it’s plugged into the charger? Of course when I disconnected the V10 and turned it on the InMotion app could no longer see the V10......very weird, eh
  13. Master Blaster

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

    I started out with the default stiffest setting up around 4000 and I have worked my way down to around 3000 so far, as @TechShizzle mentioned the setting doesn’t seem to change the small amount of “play” in the system.
  14. Master Blaster

    18l presale specs

    As long as you are talking long lead times......where is the Z10 ? 😟
  15. Master Blaster

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

    There does seem to be a little “slop or play” built in. Not so noticeable when you are riding, but if I am on the wheel and hold onto a light pole or similar structure and rock a little back and forth on the wheel, I can definitely notice some “play” in the V10 drive system. I don’t get any of that same play on my King Songs, but it really doesn’t effect me much when riding the V10 under normal conditions. So I think it is just an the nature of this wheel.