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  1. Hello guys, Happy owner of the S18 since almost a week now, I’ve been riding it on circle lanes and dirt roads. After like 60 km, the suspension (I wouldn’t say exactly say which part of it) started to grind. A video to illustrate the issue: I can’t believe I’m the only one to experience such a behavior. Does that append to you guys? What should I do? Grease would only allow more dirt stick around... ? Otherwise I’m enjoying my new wheel like hell, what a beauty, what a mechanic Nrv
  2. Hello! Did you try to upgrade using the iOS application, or are you using an Android device? @US69 do you know something about firmware upgrade limitation based on motherboard SN, or any other reason that might lead to such a behavior? Nrv ;)
  3. Hello ! A friend of mine just bought a used 14D, running in firmware 1.02. I tried to get a more up to date firmware, since the 1.02 is just a nightmare regarding speed restrictions VS battery voltage. Using the iOS applications I was unable to perform any upgrade: it simply states the current version is the good one. What do you think, did I miss something? Thanks for your feedback! Nrv
  4. In Paris it began June 2018, with Lime. Now there are 6 providers, including VOI ... I’m not particularly aware of how things works out there, but since new providers arrives it’s probably not that bad ...
  5. I’m talking about my experience in Nantes, but things might be different in Paris. What append to your son there? Hope things are Ok for him ...
  6. That’s true, moreover for crowded areas like Paris at 8 on Monday morning near any Metro station... Things got to be clear for everyone, imagine 50 wheelers stepping out at the same bus stop... Things remains simple when only a few users are there. Not necessarily true with a great number of them, more or less aware of the most simple security rules, at a time where everyone plays its life not to be late at work ... And I’m not talking about scooters ... I’m sure I couldn’t live in Paris
  7. At some time there were the “Wheelers Store” in Nantes, that somehow federated the Nantes riders. The store closed some time after, I never really spent much time riding with them. Somehow I felt the group already had a dynamic I wasn’t on, difficult to explain. I am from “La Chapelle sur Erdre”, a little town north from Nantes. I convinced my friend and neighbor to Kingsong, and we often ride at night once children and wives are asleep Here to Nantes and back mainly, but north although. I also go to work in Nantes with my 18L
  8. @Coffee guy, I’m French and ride since a year and a half, about 5000 Km on bike-lanes, but also roads and sometime walkway. I’ve crossed numerous time the police, they never cared about me. The only time they actually stopped me was to ask me questions about EUC: is that difficult to learn? How does it works? As I thought I was gonna spend a bad time it was quite fun As long as you’re not deliberately putting people at risk and you have light if it’s dark, you’re free to ride as you want. This might evolve in the future months though, with a specific law. But well, there’s law, and there’s habits. The French police won’t break your 🏀 as long as you’re not doing anything dangerous / as long as you’re being polite, unless they receive very specific orders ...
  9. Hello guys, I’m very interested in your progress over here, as I might buy a 14M for my growing children As 174 Wh might be sufficient in a first time, I’m very interested in an upgrade to around 350 Wh. It’s the interesting thing in the 14M, it’s potential for future evolution... This post is basically a big cheer up!
  10. Warning, people in France used this new app to access the « WIP firmwares », and had problems with the wheel after upgrade. Engineer software was required to go back to previous stable firmware
  11. On my side I reported to the seller (KS Europe) the temperature that the bord reached, and shared with him that I don't feel secure to ride the board anymore. Plus, the motherboard smells like it overheated anyways... I now have a brand new motherboard and enjoys the ride again on my lovely 18L
  12. It happended to me 5 days ago with FW 1.10 in case you missed it The after-sales service has a motherboard for replacement, it shouldn't take too long ...
  13. Hello, New occurrence with my 18L / FW 1.10 / while walking my wheel at around 4 mph (quite fast for a walk). More details here: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/5731-ks18l-blocage-roue-puis-surchauffe/?do=findComment&comment=135348 Some numbers: MB up to 97°C, motor up to 86°C. Let's say that I just fear to step on it again ... Waiting for information from @KingSong European Hub where I bought my 18L wheel and received it june 18th @US69 do you have some more info regarding this issue on your side? Nrv Edit : Now that I remember: this one time I was in "Learning" mode. I usually am in mode 2 "Intermediate". Please note that I often use the trolley, as I go to work with my wheel. I have to walk her inside the building, then the elevator, then to my desk. If it can help KingSong to reproduce the issue. Edit2 : some media I made:
  14. Yep I did it yesterday Noticed improvements in the trolley-cuting-power behavior, ... still waiting for the iOS app release to calibrate properly thaugh
  15. For me it’s doing the same, until the app actually updates the firmware list VS the Kingsong servers. Check out your internet connection / wait a little and come back to this menue.
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