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  1. Tommy - A long time Hawaii (Oahu) rider here (KS). As far as riding gear...I just wear shorts and t-shirt. As far as safety gear, I wear elbow & knee pads; wrist guards and I have a couple different helmets, but my POC 360 Spin is my favorite. I don't overheat and am quite comfortable. That said, I think you adjust and find what works for you over time. And like most riders, you will eventually suffer a good wipe out. Here is Hawaii, the biggest problem is the damn thorns for the trees. Last year I had 8 flats....8!!! That's a LOT of tubes and a lot of disassemble/re-assemble.
  2. Yup...Jason is the man! I contacted him immediately and as always, eWheels (Jason) provides unrivaled customer service. charging port panel has been FedEx'd out. I posted issue here as well to see if any other 16X owners have experienced anything similar. Will keep the community updated. Thanks all.
  3. eWheels. Just downloaded Softtuner...Will give it a try.
  4. Strange question, but can you upgrade FW with new KS app (version 1.1.5.)? My 16X is on FW version 1.07 and looking to upgrade to 2.02, but I get no response when trying with the new KS app (actually get a "Failed to Check" message when pressing the FW button). When I switch to DarknessBot app is say my current 1.07 is the latest FW. What am I missing? Should I be trying to grab a copy of the developers app? Running iOS and have tried with both with wifi connected and disconnected.
  5. Stephen - Don't know if it's worth upgrading. I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I'm not a radical speed demon, so the slight changes/nuances in the different FWs really have not impacted me. I'll see what Jason says before actually upgrading. I noticed this past Friday. I went to charge up (battery was (is) as 54%) and get ready for a weekend of riding, especially since the city council in Honolulu has opened up the main drag for bikes/scooters on Sunday's between 6:00AM-12:00PM. I've been fortunate and have never had an issue, beyond multiple flats/punctures, with any of my KS wheels.
  6. Have any instructions for that? Have a nice Fluke meter, but not sure where I would be probing. Jason has reached out...hoping this can be resolved.
  7. Thanks Chriull. Will search the soldering issue...didn't see it during a previous search. Have tried several chargers at both charging ports with same outcome...no charging.
  8. Hey all, at wits end...16X will not charge. I have plugged in all available chargers and tried every configuration e.g., both charging ports, dual chargers, different electrical socket, etc, etc. The wheel does not go into charging mode e.g., charger(s) indicator light remains green and wheel does not go into its characteristic charging mode...just sits there. Current battery level is 54%. Firmware 1.07. Second batch wheel with original board. No crashes or wheel dumps. Wheel still operates and runs great, just won't take a charge. With 54% battery remaining, not really willing tak
  9. Holy hell...WTF was that? Nice recovery. That could easily result in you (or other riders) flying off the wheel. I have not experienced anything even remotely similar to that. I have first batch and remain on 1.05. Will NOT be upgrading anytime soon. Then again, I am not out to achieve top speed, etc. I just prefer to cruise around and have racking up 600+ miles on this wheel. Love everything about it. That said, the stumble your wheel displayed is frightening.
  10. Dylan - As a fellow Oahu rider, check your tires very carefully for thorns. As far as flats go, I am probably the king of flats on this forum. The primary culprit in Hawaii is the Long Thorn Kiawe tree (https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/hisc/info/invasive-species-profiles/long-thorn-kiawe/). I have armored all my wheels with liners and Slime, but these thorns will go through anything. Over the years I've gotten a lot better at identifying grows and staying clear to mitigate punctures. I've had two hard falls related to these thorns...air immediately expelled and I went flying. My point is, ins
  11. I'll keep mine at 1.05 until we get more feedback from the KS experts/liaisons or KS themselves. The extra niceties included with 1.06 just aren't worth having performance throttled so quickly. Wonder if some of the larger dealers have a direct line to KS to find out why such a drastic change to performance thresholds?
  12. My experience as well. The 16X will follow the groove or any raised crack. It's very disconcerting and the wheel fights against correction...not much, but enough to grab your attention. I'm 185 geared up and have been playing with PSI for the last week. Currently trying 33-35PSI.
  13. Ok... deleted app and re-installed from KS site (V1.3). Logged back into app and still says "Illegal Device." However, now there is a number with the message... "Illegal Device 1250161071" Any ideas on how to correct? Should I "unbind" wheel or will that cause more issues? I've been riding as "Illegal Device" with no issues to date, but seems to me, it should not be displaying this message at the top.
  14. All this talk about app versions made me realize that my 16X shows up as "Illegal Device" on my app. Yes, it's the new, "blue" app. I was able to update FW last week and have been riding as "Illegal Device." How can I fix this? Should I delete app and download again from App Store?
  15. So, finally took the 16X out. Wow...this thing is MUCH different than the 16S or 14D. Other than basic riding skills, I felt like I was learning all over again. Difficult to describe, but it's like going from a Ford Focus to a Ford Expedition. It is nimble to a degree, but I'm sure that will increase with use. One real difference (issue) is riding the 16X on any road seam (asphalt or concrete) that is parallel with the wheel. Holy sh*t, the wheel gets really squirrelly as the wider tire does not like road seams. Also, speed sneaks up on you very fast...Much faster than on the 16S.
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