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  1. Tom D

    Another Flat!

    That's the Big Island, but I feel ya. I wouldn't mind cruising about the Puna district (on the Big Island) with my wheel to get a closer look. But, this damn thing just won't tire pressure for more than a few weeks at a time, so I'd probably be stuck with a flat tire by the flows. Yeah, going to up the amount of slime to about a full 6 ounces for the 14D. I've been using about 3-4, due to the size of the wheel.
  2. Tom D

    Another Flat!

    Forth flat in about 5 weeks (KS-14D). Sorry, this is a frustration post more than anything else. Slime helped on two of the flats, but not the others and pretty sure Slime won't help today's either. Was 10 minutes into a Sat morning ride tire just went flat. Looks like a sharp twig went between the treads, right through tire and into tube. I don't really ride off road...95% asphalt and concrete and I like my tire pressure between 50-55 PSI. Ok, rant over, back to wrenching on wheel and get this damn thing fixed again.
  3. Tom D

    Firmware 1.08 (ks14s)

    Ok, bit the bullet and upgraded to 1.08 (KS-14D). As stated above no difference noted. Oddly though, I updated using the iOS KS app because I couldn't get the android app (old one for unlocking) to work. I'll give the FW a good workout this weekend.
  4. Tom D

    Firmware 1.08 (ks14s)

    Jason, Any info or update from KS on the 1.08 FW push i.e., is it specific to the 14D, 14S, or both. I have never updated the FW on my 14D and thought it might be time. But, I'll wait for additional info. Hey, if it ain't broke... T.
  5. Tom D

    Battery Charge Relative/Related to Speed?

    Mrelwood - Great info, thanks! As I am pretty certain my next wheel is going to be an upgrade to the 16s, this info will come in very handy. T.
  6. Odd question, but is the battery charge level related to the speed of wheel? I have a KS-14D and I noticed yesterday that once the battery charge drops to 35-45% (per WheelLog), that the top speed seem to be reduced. The verbal warning seems to come on much sooner and with much more frequency. I thought I noticed the same the previous weekend, but after monitoring yesterday, I feel pretty sure that as battery power reduces, so does the ability of the wheel to get to and/or maintain a top speed (with wheel lock off and adjusted to max). That said, I think I'm ready to an upgrade, it's crazy how fast you outgrow your first wheel. Love the 14D, but it just doesn't have the range I'm looking for and I could use just a bit more power/speed. I'm thinking the 16S, but that's another thread. T.
  7. Tom D

    Hawaii (Oahu)

    Aloha... any other EUC riders on Oahu? If so, anyone interested in getting together for some group rides, sight seeing, etc. I don't think I've seen an EUC on Oahu expect mine. I hope I'm mistaken. Would like to get a group together for monthly rides similar to what other cities/countries have. I am located in Aiea and wouldn't mind improving my skills (only been riding a few months) with some group rides (within the limitations of my KS 14D). Look forward to hearing from fellow riders. T.
  8. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    Mary et al... Again, sorry to derail the original topic of thread. I Slimed wheel today and filled it to 55 versus the previous 45. Worked like a charm! Took it out for a quick 30 minute ride and holding strong. I'm with you Marty, I will be adding an 8oz bottle to my CamelBack backpack. I think the 45psi led to the tube developing a leak. There was probably too much deflection in the tire, which likely impacted the tube. There were NO foreign material punctures. I'll play with the 55psi (weight is 178) and find the sweet spot, but really believe the 45psi was the cause. Yasbean, what do you have to lose by trying it? If it doesn't work or the hole in your tube is too large, you replace the tube, which you were going to do anyway versus using Slime. I would MUCH rather content with a little Slime clean up (which would be contained in the tire itself) than tear the wheel apart to replace the tube.
  9. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    Sorry to derail topic...I'll start a new thread after this question. Marty, thanks for the advice. Just so I am clear, are you saying I should fill tube with Slime and NOT replace inner tube? Any potential repercussions on filling with Slime? Do you view this as a long term fix i.e., can continue to ride for many weeks/months or until tube (or tire) really needs to be replaced? Thanks for the input.
  10. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    Took newly unlocked KS-14 out today (rain finally stopped) and used WheelLog App. I didn't have to have KS Android app running in background. However, got wheel home and tire is flat. No nails or screws in tire...just freaking flat...WTF. This pisses me off just a little. Suppose I now need to rip that damn thing apart if it won't hold air. I'll air it up and use a soapy water solution to see if there is something not visible to eye. Just very odd that tire goes completely flat on ride home (in trunk). And, I was looking forward to a weekend full of riding.
  11. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    Scott - It was the zte, with 16GB storage. Not a bad phone for $30...lots of features.
  12. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    All - Many thanks for the assist and advice. Made a quick trip to Wally-World and picked up an Android Tracfone. Used Marty's older app from DropBox and now have an unlocked wheel...AND can use WheelLog. Hell, there's still enough daylight here to get an hour or two of riding in. Thanks again. T.
  13. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    Thanks Marty. So I am clear, will I need to continue using the disposable Android phone in order to use the WheelLog app?
  14. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    Scott - Thanks for the advice. I was hoping not to have to buy a disposable Android, more on principle than anything else. Guess that is my next step. I suspect providing a solidly functioning app is not a priority for King Song, which I find very strange given the how apps dominate nearly every part of our lives. T.
  15. Tom D

    Kingsong new app bugs

    Greetings all... First post, but a long time lurker. I've been tooling around on my new 14D for about ~2 months (at no more than 12 km/h) and like the others, I am unable to unlock my wheel. Has anyone been able to crack the code using iOS app? I have tried all the workarounds mentioned in the King Song threads and nothing. I have even tried every permutation of updating i.e., "improve personal information" in the app account and I get the same screen (see attached pic). Seems rather stunning that such a pricy toy has such an unreliable and poorly functioning app (at least on the iOS side). Oddly, all my friends and family have an iPhone and no Androids, so unless I go and pop for a disposable Android, I am stuck trying to figure this out using the iOS app. T.