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  1. @Ilya Shkolnik, thanks for all the work and effort you have put into the app. I'm a premium user and just have a quick question. It there a way to set default to Mph versus Kph? Perhaps I am missing something, but for the life of me I can't find it setting. The kph is driving me crazy. My preference is Mph. I may have another question or two later if I can't figure out why I can't control the speed setting myself. I keep setting them and it keeps reverting back to a lower speed, forcing the wheel (KS-16S) to tilt back. I have had to just use the KS app to get my desired speed. Will play around with app 5.0, but if I can't resolve, I'll post issue. Thanks again.
  2. Yup... and one of those bad reviews is mine. Couldn't be more disappointed. Thing crapped out two days past Amazon's return date.
  3. @MouseWithoutBorders, great to hear and congratulations on a successful upgrade and fully functioning wheel. Thanks also to @US69 for assisting members!! It's great to have a helpful community. As stated in previous post, I received my new 16S this week, but haven't had time to ride (work). I plan on riding this weekend, but will use Darkness app versus FW upgrade. Looking forward to experiencing the difference between the 14D and the extended range. After a nice break-in, I may take the plunge and upgrade.
  4. @MouseWithoutBorders, does this mean your wheel is now working? If so, can you share what you did for un-brick your wheel and whether you used Android or iOS. I second you comment to @US69 to publish or update the uniformed, which includes me (i am interested in any iOS fixes).
  5. Odd that neither version of the app is not working. Maybe @Smoother will re-join the discussion since he was able to upgrade using iOS. If all else fails either Jason or @US69 are going to have to send you the special app so you can un-brick your wheel. I'll be following along since I want to update my new 16S as well, but will wait until more is posted.
  6. Mouse are you using Android or iOS? This thread can be a little confusing as it seems to drift between Android and iOS successes and failures. If I am following this correctly, it looks like @Smoother was able to successfully update using iOS. This is all very interesting as I too received my new 16S from Jason (upgrade from 14D). That said, I was just going to break it in and unlock it using the Darkness app. However, I would really like to take advance of the torque and braking updates offered in FW 1.07. So, @US69, we all could really benefit is you could weigh-in and break down the update process for both Android and iOS users and include app version(s).
  7. Ok, potentially stupid question, but how do you create a profile and does the "map" feature work? Had to ask because I been playing with the app for hours (after update and in-app purchases) and cannot create a profile nor use the map feature. Thanks all.
  8. @RockyTop - Excellent post and spot on. We are a small community and must support each. I plan on purchasing all the add-ons today and providing Apple app feedback. I second RockyTop's comments and also urge you to support the developer. If you consider how much we pay for these wheels, a few extra dollars to support the developer is the least we can do, especially if we expect continued support and development of an excellent product.
  9. I second (or third) the use of Slime. Has saved my ass several times. However, if (or when) the time comes that Slime won't help, just jump in there and do the work yourself. You don't need a garage, you can do it right on your living room floor. I am probably not the best judge of degree of difficulty as I'm a natural tinkerer. That said, it really is not that difficult. Just stay organized, take pictures along the way (will help you remember wire routing, etc.), use the right tip screw driver and move forward. The added benefit it, you really get to know your wheel.
  10. Tom D

    Another Flat!

    Marty - I run the 14D at 55psi. I'm 180lbs and 55psi seems to be a good balance relative to ride stiffness and performance. I have been using Slime and am sure it has saved me quite a few times. However, last flat was caused my wicked thorns. These things were like roofing nails and I must have ran over a loose branch filled with them. I extracted 5 from the tire and the tube was unsalvageable (luckily, I have 3 tubes on hand). Somehow, I keep picking up material that Slime can't combat. Like I said, "flat magnet."
  11. Tom D

    Another Flat!

    Marvin, I used the following YouTube video. Although not in english, it is the most detailed. Disassembly is not really that complicated and after you do it once, you won't need instructions again. As a side note, sliding the wheel assembly out (and back in) is not as effortless as it appears in the video. I used a well placed pry bar to help move the stiff plastic carriage up and away from wheel, otherwise damage to the wiring harness (on wheel) is too high...It is a very tight fit, as it should be. The other PITA, was getting the tube and valve stem seated correctly. With the tire partially removed from rim, there is not a lot of wiggle room to properly position the valve stem. But, I'm getting good at this sh*t as I seem to be a flat magnet. The other annoying problem I had was trying to find good (quality) double sided tape to reapply the leg pads. Once you peel off the pads, the tape is not really re-usable and double sided Scotch Tape doesn't work! I am exploring other options and looking for something stronger. I like the paper/tape that KS used to apply the pads, but can't find anything similar on Amazon. )
  12. Tom D

    Another Flat!

    That's the Big Island, but I feel ya. I wouldn't mind cruising about the Puna district (on the Big Island) with my wheel to get a closer look. But, this damn thing just won't tire pressure for more than a few weeks at a time, so I'd probably be stuck with a flat tire by the flows. Yeah, going to up the amount of slime to about a full 6 ounces for the 14D. I've been using about 3-4, due to the size of the wheel.
  13. Tom D

    Another Flat!

    Forth flat in about 5 weeks (KS-14D). Sorry, this is a frustration post more than anything else. Slime helped on two of the flats, but not the others and pretty sure Slime won't help today's either. Was 10 minutes into a Sat morning ride tire just went flat. Looks like a sharp twig went between the treads, right through tire and into tube. I don't really ride off road...95% asphalt and concrete and I like my tire pressure between 50-55 PSI. Ok, rant over, back to wrenching on wheel and get this damn thing fixed again.
  14. Ok, bit the bullet and upgraded to 1.08 (KS-14D). As stated above no difference noted. Oddly though, I updated using the iOS KS app because I couldn't get the android app (old one for unlocking) to work. I'll give the FW a good workout this weekend.
  15. Jason, Any info or update from KS on the 1.08 FW push i.e., is it specific to the 14D, 14S, or both. I have never updated the FW on my 14D and thought it might be time. But, I'll wait for additional info. Hey, if it ain't broke... T.
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