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Pedal bite


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So I screwed up my launch and the wheel ended up spinning out and I couldn't get out of the way fast enough resulting in a boo-boo on my ankle because the pedal bit me.  Again.  Out of all the minor injuries I've suffered from this hobby, pedal bite is the all-time reigning champ when it comes to frequency of occurrence.. 

I've taken steps to lessen this by wearing boots and shin protection, but there are occasions where I can't have it on.  Also there are gaps in the armor which are open to pedal bite even if I am wearing it. 

Can any body think of an effective way to cushion the edges of the pedals to take out some of the sting when pedal bite occurs?  Are there any other ways to combat this problem?

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Along those lines.  You can try to use the EUC case protection rolls. 

Like these.  


ive not used any of these and have gotten pedal bites from learning manual unicycle Which still scar up my leg.


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I saw someone in speedyfeet.co.uk reviewing (a amc wheel I think) using kneestability bind made of neoprene.

Or try something like these http://www.longboardshop.de/shop/product_info.php?currency=USD&manufacturers_id=139&products_id=2619&language=se&dyn_opt=false

Myself I used a pair of old long and thick ski socks rolled down to make an ankle coussin.

Or play a lot if soccer (football) that will harden to your legs as a kid. Last (almost) a lifetime? only my body is now so old that it forgotten all about the tackles I got on my ankles.

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