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  1. RichieV

    Ninebot One Z10 eWheels.com Demo: NYC-Style

    Excellent report, @houseofjob. Wish I could make it to the demo but can't due to scheduling conflict. So if you had to choose between the Ninebot Z10 or the Inmotion V10f, what's your choice? Or rather, if someone were trying to decide between the two to serve as their only general-purpose wheel in an urban/suburban environment, which would you recommend?
  2. RichieV

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I found it easy enough to adjust my riding style to work with the acceleration/braking characteristics of this wheel. In fact it's probably what lends to the perceived smoothness of the V10's ride quality. So for me I think I would remove it from the "Cons" column and just note it as something to be aware of (and I've edited my earlier comment to reflect this). Still haven't figured out how to play music, though.
  3. RichieV

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Received mine today. Still putting it through its paces. So far my findings agree with many others here. Cons: loose trolley handle charging port cover tightness is annoying shitty app (Android) charger approaches China syndrome levels of heat Pros: decent build quality huuuge pedals comfortable and smooth ride wheel height in relation to my leg makes launching much easier Neither here nor there: I've adjusted to the "sluggish" acceleration and braking; in fact I think its accel/braking characteristics lend to its perceived smoothness of ride quality so I've taken this out of the "Cons" section not sure yet about the rubber on the pedals; will have to try them wet I hit the factory speed limit of 24kph and was greeted by a jarring alarm and sudden tiltback; you probably want to avoid that by setting it to 40kph before you do any speed tests The cons are more like nitpicks and not anywhere close to dealbreakers. Overall I am liking this wheel very much and I think is a better fit for me over my ACM (which I still like immensely). One question, though. How do you connect the speaker to your phone to play music? The manual says it must be done in the app but I couldn't find where. I can pair it with my phone in the conventional manner but it doesn't give me the option to use it as a speaker.
  4. Looks like this gif is trending on the gifs subreddit on reddit.com: Anybody feel like evangelizing the gospel of EUC over there?
  5. I like to use a golf club, let's say a seven iron, to whack them on the head as I approach. It must be more than just a light tap; you have to let the lowly pedestrians know who's boss around here. A full-on bash to the head can result in a bloody mess that you have to clean off your club, so you might want to avoid that. Optionally, you can duct tape a dildo to the end of the club to add to their ignominy.
  6. RichieV

    Gotway America/Brad Webster

    I never did business with Gotway America but it was always nice to know there was another (allegedly) reliable retailer out there. Found an interesting discussion on a local forum regarding the circumstances surrounding his death by police shootout. http://www.topix.com/forum/city/talihina-ok/TTHM6BT7NLFTQ4TVP/brad-webster-set-up EDIT: Looks like the thread I linked to doesn't exist anymore. Guess it was too hot for their forum to handle.
  7. RichieV

    Pedal bite

    So I screwed up my launch and the wheel ended up spinning out and I couldn't get out of the way fast enough resulting in a boo-boo on my ankle because the pedal bit me. Again. Out of all the minor injuries I've suffered from this hobby, pedal bite is the all-time reigning champ when it comes to frequency of occurrence.. I've taken steps to lessen this by wearing boots and shin protection, but there are occasions where I can't have it on. Also there are gaps in the armor which are open to pedal bite even if I am wearing it. Can any body think of an effective way to cushion the edges of the pedals to take out some of the sting when pedal bite occurs? Are there any other ways to combat this problem?
  8. RichieV

    Alternative names for EUCs?

    I've always liked "eWheel" or "e-wheel". It's concise and accurate. Also, a Google search for either yields ewheels.com as the first hit. I also like "electrowheel" as a retrofuturistic-sounding term.
  9. RichieV

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Have any conclusions been reached on the diagnosis? I'm curious to see what your findings are on what caused the wheel to stop working.
  10. RichieV

    B & F****** Q

    I think the moves they performed in the commercial are deceptively more difficult than they seem. I doubt the casting requirement was for proficient ewheelers who also happened to be cheerful, energetic, young, show well on camera, and live conveniently close to the filming location. They must have cast non-riders who had those other qualities and also had the ability to pick up physical skills pretty easily, probably people with a dance background. I can't imagine they had a budget allowing for them to take a prolonged time to learn how to ride the wheel, so the performers were probably newbies when they filmed. Considering that typical newbies spend days (weeks in some cases) keeping their arms positioned like gorillas just to maintain their balance, the graceful moves shown in the commercial belie the performers' (assumed) newbie status. I agree that many of the seasoned riders here on this forum could easily perform the moves, but most of them are grizzled, middle-aged men who are better off behind a keyboard instead of in front of a camera
  11. I had a fun time on Saturday. It was great meeting everybody and I loved partaking in the big group ride. After Central Park I ended up going down the West Side Highway bike trail to Chinatown, ate way too much, then moseyed my way back up using the avenues to Times Square and spent the rest of my time around that area. New York is a fantastic city for ewheeling, but holy cow is it a minefield of potholes and cyclists and cars and pedestrians and more potholes! There's no mindless cruising at 20mph while looking for songs to play on your phone here! As for the V10, I only got to hop on it for a few spins so I can't say too much, but here are my impressions and observations: solid feel; confidence-inspiring build quality I wasn't used to the pedal height (coming from an ACM), but I feel I and most other experienced riders could adjust to them readily enough smooth acceleration and deceleration huuuuge, comfortable pedals which are held up by friction instead of magnets when folded up feels like a bigger wheel than other 16 inchers things I wish I had a chance to try out light settings speaker quality high speed handling off road handling Overall I think it comes across as a high quality product which has that extra bit of polish that was present in the Ninebot One but lacking in the various Gotways and King Songs that I've tried. The brief exposure to the V10 that I've had coupled with the positive early reviews makes me think this wheel is going to be a big hit.
  12. RichieV

    Washington, DC

    Definitely a good call to cancel today. Cold and rainy is never a fun riding experience.
  13. Nice! I'm down for a bit of group riding, though I tend to go at granny speeds when I'm unfamiliar with the routes and road conditions. Though I've been to NYC numerous times, I've not seen it from the vantage point of an ewheel; there's something about the EUC that give you a more intimate look at a city as you ride through it. I'm really looking forward to the trip! Thank you for the suggestions!
  14. On impulse I bought bus tickets from DC to NYC and back to check out the V10F. Should be arriving around 10am and I depart back for DC at 8pm. I'll be bringing my ACM to explore Manhattan after the V10 demo. I anticipate I'll be making a bunch of pit stops for food and rest and photo ops and perhaps recharge a bit. At the same time I don't want to wear myself out trying to cram in too many activities in the limited timeframe. Any suggestions as to how to make the most of my time without being too hectic? Any places in general that won't accommodate me trolleying my wheel through their establishment?
  15. RichieV

    Washington, DC

    Doesn't look promising weather-wise