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  1. 18L pedals have an angle to them. They are not flat. Well the surface is, but that isn’t what we are talking about. ‘The flat pedals make you feel like you are slipping off of the pedals.
  2. Yeh, lowering the pressure helped. Hopeful it will be good when I lower it enough. Just those damn pedals.
  3. Dmityr brought it again to this demo. I like the Nikola’s ride, just didn’t like the look. Hope I can adjust the PSI to fix the feel of the wheel. But not sure if I can fix the pedals. POS!
  4. Yes, the tire compound plays a role. I normally do the 20% rule for 2.5” wide tires. But prefer something higher like 25% for smaller 2.125” wheels. 20% of my weight in lbs. will try it with 25psi when I get a chance. But doesn’t change how shitty the pedals feel. They really need to fix this.
  5. Pressure was set to over 45. The bigger the tire the lower the pressure I prefer. For my 18L and 18S, I have it at 28psi. It feel twitchy. Will have it tomorrow to test. It isn’t as responsive as a 16S, but that is to be expected. But more responsive than 18L. I absolutely hate the pedals. If it get it, will need to fix this.
  6. Just came back from the NYC demo. Here are my initial impressions. I wasn’t able to adjust the tire pressure since there were too many people. I normally don’t like high pressure wheels. I like them under inflated. I’ll probably get the wheel to play with so I can can lower the tire pressure to something that suits me. Maybe the riding issues will go away. That being said here are the initial impressions of the wheel. The tire valve is hard to access. Kind of like MSX MsuperV3s+ style. Not sure why they did this. It is bad. You need a valve extension to get at it. I like the look inperson. I know some don’t like it. Very subjective The side pads were coming off Not sure if it is because this is preproduction. The pedals are completely flat like the V10F. I absolutely hate this! I like to have some angle to the pedals Not completely flat. But not extreme like the MSX. Not sure they did this as all other KS wheel has some angle to the pedal. The ride, I don’t like the way this rides. But I think it is because of the tire pressure. If I cannot fix the ride feel with tire pressure, I will probably cancel my order. I hope this isn’t a tire size issue. If it is tire size, means I don’t like any tire bigger than 2.5”. i didn’t notice any motor noise. So it is silent. More so than my 100V MSX which wasn’t silent like the 84V MSX. magnetic pedals, can kick to deploy. Trolley handle seemed a little loose But works good like KS handles. Good length. The speakers are loud with good bass, not as loud as Nikola. stopping and acceleration is better than Nikola, but not as good as 16S, better than 18L/XL weight is not too difficult to lift considering it is 55lbs. Haven’t tried to lift it into my trunk. Lift cut off wasn’t working on demo unit. all black looks ok, the faux carbon fiber looks just like MSX, cheap knockoff. Now that I’ve tested it Not sure if I will replace my lighter 18L I already have a long range 18S. Not excited anymore about the wheel.
  7. I think the smaller mosfets with proper cooling they added might be fine. It is when they don't get rid of the excess heat they blow up. with the plastic not removed from the silicone thermal sheet, those mosfets are isolated since plastic is a poor conductor. The problem is we don't know now for sure if it would have blown a mosfet even with the more aggressive algorithm. Looks like @Marty Backe should try the over heat hill again after making sure the new board is kosher.
  8. It isn't an insulator, it is a heat conductor... It comes in HD coolers I used to buy for Fanless PC's I used to build. I don't buy them separately. It comes with some plastic to protect the surface from dirt. If you can imaging if it get dirty, can't make proper contact with the metal to dissipate heat. here is a link to something similar on amazon... https://www.amazon.com/FBApayipa-400mm-Silicone-Thermal-Heatsink/dp/B01N9HGKR1/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=silicone+thermal+pad&qid=1560631467&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  9. I’ve worked with this stuff a few times with water cooling drives on PC’s. Proper contact is definitely important.
  10. Don’t think I ever asked for faster/stronger. Think they are fast enough. I do agree competition is good. Not pointing fingers here, just trying to figure out what happened. Don’t think folks were so critical of my comments when I was pointing out issues on the 18XL.
  11. I really don't understand what you are asking here. the 50km/h limit is on the 18XL too and fuse. why does it only apply to the 16X? Are you saying that since they put 50km/h limit on the 16X someone is going to push the limits and blow a fuse? They push it on the 18XL without issue, why would it be an issue on the 16X?
  12. Marty, the thermal silicon sheets usually come with some paper adhered to hit so to keep the sticking surface clean. from what i can tell, that is is the paper and it wasn't removed when applied. LOL.
  13. I was looking at that too. It is almost like GW tech who applied the heat spreader didn't remove the adhesive sheet completely from the thermal silicone sheet. BAD, this would explain why those 3 blew because it wasn't make direct contact with the thermal silicone. It was touching paper, then silicone sheet then aluminum heat spreader.
  14. No, but @houseofjob and a few others have already. Demo for the masses set for tomorrow if it isn't a torrent outside. LOL
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