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  1. If the wheel is still moving around too much, try lowering the tire pressure more. I found that it is way too squirrelly for me when the tire pressure is high, I’m riding at 18psi and I weigh 145. You may need a little bit more if you are heavier, but not much more. It allows for more contact patch at lower psi and it removes the squirrelly feel of the wheel and it will go where ever you point it, not the other way around. As for the technique to overcome the gyro feel, I found that you need to lean more at an angle and put your body outside the wheel. So in the non gyro wheels all you had to do was lean left and right, it doesn’t work with the gyro wheel. You need be more conscious at first as to where you apply pressure on the pedals, more toe or front edge of the pedal pressure. To do that in a turn, you have to lean diagonally. Not to the side like you normally do. But to the front and to the side that you are turning. You will pick this nuance up pretty quickly.
  2. I actually think riders who have more miles under their belt can adjust quicker to the gyro feel. It is more a mental resistance. The feeling that you don’t like it in the beginning. This is normal. If you give it a chance I’m confident it will become your favorite wheel once you are adjusted in a few days. I’m enjoying the Nik+ now. It feels and looks bigger than the 16X, but it feels better than the MSX to me. Ergonomically it doesn’t have the box feel like the MSX. I also enjoy the quickness inherent in a smaller diameter wheel. Quicker to accelerate and decelerate than the MSX, to speed to match the 84v, north of 40mph, plenty for me. Now I can ride in the street here in NJ with the cars. Before with the 16X, limited to 31mph, I couldn’t keep up or ride in front of cars without feeling they are pushing me or I’m slowing down traffic. I understand why many of the folks in NYC has gone to Gotway now. It the feeling that you can go faster if you need to in traffic. The 16X w/ gyro tire doesn’t require more skill to ride than the MSX, just different skill. Smaller diameter wheels tend to be easier to ride, less resistance to roll, turn and quicker to accelerate. Incidentally, someone reported getting their wheel in Australia with the CYT tire! Guess these 16X with the CX321 will be rare!
  3. Nice! Does it have any gyro feel to the wheel? Good that they went with the CYT. What is funny is the first batch with the CX321 ties will be rare now. Anyone looking for the gyro feel will be out of luck! Good thing I still have that tire.
  4. Most people will have the same reaction coming from a non-gyro feeling wheel. I for one absolutely hated it in the beginning. Only took about 50 miles to totally fall in love with the ride once you get used to it. Only issue is jumping back and forth between gyro vs non gyro wheels, there is an adjustment. I would absolutely keep the stock tire if that was my only wheel. The hate feeling you get in the beginning is our resistance to change or anything different.
  5. Nik+ is easier to accelerate than the 16X. I agree it takes much less effort to go fast.
  6. Question is what are you claiming or what is the distributor claiming. I know most even hard core OG EUC riders are reluctant to charge at higher rates because they fear a fire. I’ve done the math and it seems that even at 10A, it isn’t all that much current per cell. You don’t even need more than a 20G wire. To the packs is 1.6a, you can use a 27G wire. That is thin!
  7. Is it limit of 5a per port or total? Doesn’t make much sense if it is total. I’ve see. Folks use both the fast charger and the stock charger together for over 5a.
  8. If this is anything like the preproduction tire, my sweet spot was 20psi. Thanks for the info, I’ll go buy one now and swap out the CST tire.
  9. The on on the preproduction is H-5146. The 14” that can fit in the 16x3 is a H-5167, see picture from amazon. See above.
  10. Power is not the same as torque. Torque is only dependent on current and the number of windings and the strength of the motor. No where does it rely on the voltage. This is elementary physics, current in a wire produces a magnetic field. It isn’t voltage in a wire. BTW, power is Current x voltage. Your formula V=IR is voltage. V is for voltage. You cannot send 1000x the current into the same motor. I don’t understand your logic. The motor wires are only rated for a certain number of amps before they overheat and melt their insulation and short circuit.
  11. I like the CYT tire more. It has zero gyro and rises just like the other KS wheels.
  12. IMO, the CYT tire was the best. Zero adjustment , felt like a more nimble 18L/XL. Means zero gyro. It was perfect for me at 20psi. Unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere except for this 14” equivalent that supposedly fits 16x3. Tempted to buy it but it looks slightly different than the true 16x3. Glad you are liking the 16X. It is really a great wheel for up to 31mph. Although since I’ve been playing with the Nikola, I find the 16X require more effort leaning to get it to go. Strange as the 16X pedals are longer. Same tire on both at the moment and they feel different. I’ve been riding the Nikola and when jumping back on the KS 16/18, there is zero adjustment. I’m still getting braking wobbles on the Nik, still need to test the higher or even lower pressure.
  13. I can’t find the tire anywhere! I really want that tire. It behaved the best on the 16X out of the three tires. Absolutely zero gyro. I’m not impressed by the CST tire probably because I’m not a high tire pressure rider. I ride at 18psi for these 3” tires.
  14. Unless the wheels are different, maybe the 100V pulls more amps due to the new board? It cannot be faster if they are pulling the same amps. If they are pulling the same amps, they really should be the same.
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