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  1. eddiemoy

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    The one time I fell is off my boosted board when I was learning. Two weeks into it I got bold and stop wearing my full gear. That is the day I fell avoiding a car. Worst fall of my life, still hurting from it 9 months later. Looking back it was stupid and I do wish I was wearing my gear. Everytime I don't wear gear, I am taking risk. The other time I fell testing the braking on the new V10F, I didn't feel a thing because I had my moto elbow/forearm guards on, forgot my gloves. Didn't break skin. I popped back up like it was nothing. Huge difference. Those are the only two falls I've had, I don't want to jinx myself... LOL
  2. @Hsiang, you had a case of the wobbles at 7:56. Looks like during braking. Wasn't that Jerry's Monster you were riding?
  3. eddiemoy

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    I don't think you realize that all our wheels can stop working at anytime whether you are going fast or slow. The possibility is there and risk isn't as low as you think. None of the components in the wheels are redundant except for maybe the batteries if you look at it being parallel packs. You don't have to be going fast for it to fail. Some of the worst falls I've seen are of people going slow and no protection. Slow means under 15mph. You would think you it is with in reason you can react fast enough to "run it off". Without warning there is no reaction and no possibility of a run off. You just slam to the ground.
  4. @Bob Eisenman, what does it say on the side of the monster tire? The size and width of the tire?
  5. eddiemoy

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    I've seen reports that none of the ones outside of ewheels have included the bigger pedals. Even the other vendors in the US don't include the bigger pedals.
  6. eddiemoy

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    The "at one" feeling with your wheel is difficult to describe unless you have experience with wheels that fight your intentions. It is my opinion that the wheels that do what you are thinking are designed correctly/well where as the ones that fight your intentions/movements are designed... wrong... I mean differently. Some folks feel that it is OK for there to be a lot of effort to ride a wheel, it makes it more fun. But that is only considering when you in normal riding situations. I feel that in a bad situation, you don't want to be fighting your wheel for control and this is where the behavior of your wheel with either put you on your ass or save you. It doesn't matter how much you know your wheel, if it takes a lot more effort to work the wheel and get it under control, it would make a bad situation worse. Anyway congrats on getting the awesome 18XL. Are you going to get the bigger pedals? Or did it come with the bigger pedals? BTW, the bigger pedals will make the wheel even better.
  7. eddiemoy

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    another happy customer, seems like game changer is the right term. you spray painted your wheel red??? Looks good!
  8. eddiemoy

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    Only issue i see is with a bigger motor, you get a slower wheel. higher torque, lower speed. unless you up the voltage.
  9. eddiemoy

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    yes firmware is another factor and the motor is another as well. since they are using the same motor and the bigger the wheel the further away the rotational force is from the tire the harder it is to rotate the wheel. i really want someone to make a motor that is sized for the 18". then we would have a wheel that is just as responsive as a 14". that would be an AMAZING wheel!
  10. eddiemoy

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    But you seem to discount the rider. you can try this, get off and just try moving it by hand, change of direction is instant. Now get on and hold a wall or fence, try again, much slower because now you added your mass to the wheel. Can't just think of moving the wheel when you are on top of the wheel.
  11. eddiemoy

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    I think the difference in wheel weight is too small a factor to consider when you are considering how heavy you are and how powerful these wheels are. 2000w nominal, probably double that at peak. so change of direction should be able to command 4000w of power. the 5-10lbs difference in the wheel isn't much when you add it up with your weight. I would say bigger wheel diameter need bigger force on the pedal or better leverage, i.e. bigger pedal to exert the force to ask for more power.
  12. eddiemoy

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    It is just what I use to judge the responsiveness of the wheels. If there is hesitation, then it is very difficult to do, since it requires a quick change in direction. Good example is how much delay there is in the V10F even though it is supposed to be a 16" wheel.
  13. eddiemoy

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Marty, not to confuse you by giving you more choices, but I find revzilla.com to be a good source of protection equipment. They have a lot of little videos for most of their equipment. That’s where I buy all my moto gear from. They have some fashionable stuff too. The hard shell is for abrasion resistance for sliding, where as the softer padding is for impact absorption/dissipation. Yeh, when you get started on buying this stuff it is almost like your helmet and wheel collection. It just grows.
  14. eddiemoy

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Wow! The GT16 BMS is that bad? I’ve gotten many overvoltages on my KS wheels but never where they just cut out due to over voltage. I heard about they charging short circuit because of shitty wiring. I think the caution with the nothing over 5 amps comes from.