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  1. fast charger should have came with your order if you bought it from ewheels.
  2. Yes there are a few different techniques to get going. I've seen this video too to help go forward. Eventually when you learn free mounting it is way easier to progress. In the beginning you find your balance how ever you need to even if you are hanging your butt too far back. Been there. But just like when you start riding your EUC it might not be graceful, later you will be much better at riding and have a much better or more natural and relaxed posture with more practice. As it requires building muscle, it is definitely more time consuming to learn vs EUC. If you stick with it, it becomes very rewarding. Kudos for learning manual unicycle. I remember the feeling of being able to go about 100 ft. LOL
  3. I started with the tilting technique in the streets of NYC riding next to my friends. exhausting, until i figure out how to twist from manual unicycling. used so much less energy. sometimes i still mistakenly tilt, there is a break even point where tilting is good, but when going very slow, only way to go is twisting. if you look at the self balancing motorcycles, they all use the same thing, twising the front wheel to stay upright without even moving forward or backward. let me guess, you argument is that that isn't the same as an EUC? Anyway, this is what I now from experience and your experience is different. You are not going to convince me and I'm not going to convince you.
  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I would suggest practicing against one wall, fence would be better. Not between two walls. It is much more difficult than learning to On Electric because it is all about muscles. I made the mistake of buying a bad unicycle to learn on with short pedal arms. If I had to do it over again, I would suggest a 20” nimbus to anyone trying. Once I got that, it was easier to progress. Didn’t need to develop the leg strength as much. hope you pick it up again one day.
  5. Sorry, but I don’t think you’ve seen any folks on manual unicycles and from your language you definitely don’t know how to ride a manual unicycle. Twisting is an essential skill. Skills from manual translate to EUC, but not the other way around. Learn to ride a manual unicycle before talking about what you can and cannot do on it. definitely different views.
  6. It isn’t the 3” tire that makes it harder to twist, it is the diameter of the wheel. On msx, it is 19”, try it on a mten3, see how easy it is to twist, same 3” tire. You can try with a stick, 10” vs 19” hold it in you hand, try twisting them, no contact except with air, the resistance you are feeling isn’t because of the contact patch, though it does come into play, not how you think. I find the thicker the tire, the easier to twist. Think the thicker it is the more round, less contact patch at same psi for thicker tires. That is why I need the psi to be much lower on my 16x and Nik+ to feel more stable and less twitchy. Also I find best way to learn is to watch manual unicycles and what they do. They don’t lean to regain balance, rather they twist, like in my bike example.
  7. If you don’t mind the difficulty, then you can start with the bigger wheels. You can learn anything if you put in the time. Doesn’t take that long. Good luck. Btw, it will make you a much better EUC rider.
  8. My question is rhetorical and I don’t agree with the electoral college method. I think we should be allowed to votes for the president directly. Fear mongering. One vote per person, doesn’t matter where you live.
  9. I’ve seen this happen in many places where you have a peaceful protest and a small group is paid to do violence. The violence allows for the use of force to shut things down. I don’t know the reason behind why we don’t allow direct voting, it shouldn’t be this way. We elect everything else directly.
  10. Someone is financing the riots. I've been told by some friends from Macau that they get paid $1000 a day to stand in the back and $10,000 a day to be in the front line. I don't know what the motives are in creating this issue in HK. Not sure who it is behind this. The violence is dumb and doesn't help with their cause. I think the folks doing the violence are paid. Why destroy private citizen's stores. Our democracy isn't even working. We have so many people in office that don't represent the interest of the people that put them there. WE don't vote for our president directly. This is all an illusion. There is so much corruption.
  11. if you know how to ride a bike and know how to go slow on a bike it is the same. going slow, you need to twist the unit to keep it from falling. the leaning left and right will not work well and it is exhausting to do so. twist the wheel to the direction of falling to catch yourself... this technique works well for going slower than walking. the slower you go the less help you get from the rolling effect to keep you balanced and upright. hope this helps.
  12. If you haven’t looked, off to the side it says Livingston NJ 07039 If you look carefully at my videos, the street names are there. As for my name, it is Eddie Moy if you can’t read. It is the same as my channel. I’m a registered gun(s) owner. You didn’t come back to explain why you like to create accounts to praise yourself? And to explain why you respond to yourself? And please share what is it you can’t post here anymore? Too ashamed? Jeopardizing what? You dignity?
  13. I would hate to by your child. It is you who makes it go that way, it doesn’t have to be. Anyway, I’m done with this. I think you beat this to death.
  14. Drop it, i think you are starting to look a little off.
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