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  1. eddiemoy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    What he is describing, I felt when I had the setting on lowest. When going at high speeds, felt this weird forward and backwards oscillation. Had to stop and set it back to the highest firm setting.
  2. eddiemoy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Wooh! Lucky I didn’t update my firmware yet. Anyone else update their firmware? What do you mean tilt forward and backwards? anyway to revert? Downgrade the firmware?
  3. eddiemoy


    from the pictures, the ninebot drift w1's look a little on the big side vs the inmotion's. but don't know the specs, maybe it has more range.
  4. eddiemoy


    waiting for ninebot to announce their price on their hovershoes, the drift w1's.
  5. eddiemoy


    I think it is reasonable to expect they will take off at the right price. They will be more popular than hover boards. I hope $200-300! Same as hover boards.
  6. eddiemoy


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/dacota.tw/blog/post/segway-drift-w1/amp inmotion has some competition. According to one article, the price will blow you away. https://www.prweb.com/releases/2018/06/prweb15579877.htm ”The price of this new balance product is also a focus of attention in the industry. As disclosed by relevant sources, the price of this new product has caused a sensation at the channel distributor communication meeting. It is believed that sincere products can impress users the best.” Excited thanks @houseofjob for posting on FB
  7. eddiemoy

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Shell? Seen the video of the MsuperX tear down, the shell when removed had lots of flex. Like it was too thin. Batteries are in a hard shell for 18L, Msuper and all others still using shrink wrap. Could be better quaility motor with more copper windings. Motor is the heaviest part.
  8. You are on your property, you can do as you choose even if you choose to be naked. LOL The most free you can be is on your wheel, while you are naked and you willy flapping away... Sorry, bad image. LOL
  9. Ah, you are also on the risk adverse side. Should have figured that out from your MC advice. I think the GW riders take more chances that is why they get hurt more often, plus the 15% failure rate. I also don't see the appeal of their design. But I guess everyone is different when it comes to what they find appealing.
  10. you need the higher pedals of the V10F, 18L, 18S, Z10. lol Msuper(X) if you willing to try.
  11. eddiemoy

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    The minor spill Marty had last year on the Msuper was when GW shipped their wheels with a bad update to their firmware. It doesn’t happen to all wheels, but it is part of the maturing process when a company refine their firmware. They didn’t catch it during their “testing”. I find it strange that GW cannot reflash firmware with a phone like others. Jason had to personally reflash all the affected units with some special tool shipped to him by GW. One other firmware that would dump you at high speed is the Ninebot One. But they quickly fixed that with some firmware updates.
  12. eddiemoy

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    I agree they have been making improvements. I'll let the hardcore GW fans test out the improvements and report back. Jason should be keeping track of the failure numbers, but it will take time to build back up the reputation. When the failure rate comes down to my risk level, then I'll consider getting a wheel that is good. But until then I don't care how good their wheel is, for me it isn't worth the risk. But that is me. Everyone has a different level of risk they are willing to accept. Again, it is clear they are making improvements. i.e. thicker cables, thicker axels, better mosfets.
  13. eddiemoy

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    I hate gotway for making low quality products. I hate gotway for pushing wheels to users when they are not ready. I hate gotway for having such a bad reputation that I can’t ride their wheel even if I like them like the Tesla because I don’t like falling and getting hurt. Full armor doesn’t guarantee you don’t get hurt. When something is wrong I point it out regardless of the manufacturer. I’m not a fanboy of any specific manufacturer and I know what I like and what I don’t like. I recognize that everyone is different and some may disagree and some may overlook the issues because they value range more. But I think that everyone needs all the info to make an informed decision and knowing the risk to either avoid it or accept it for what ever reason. Dont make excuses for them. GW accountable for their products so it can be improved. Ignoring them or flossing over them just gives them a free pass and they may never fix their products or reputation.
  14. I bought the 18L, needed something to replace my KS16, non S, my goto for short rides. I thought the V10F would replace the KS16, but so far it hasn't happened. Maybe when the new firmware comes out I would feel different. But the V10F is also big and heavy. I value safety above performance. That is why I didn't choose the MsuperX. Other reason was I didn't like my Msuper V3s+ because of the high center of gravity. I felt it was just too weird after riding the KS16 and 18S. The 15% failure rate is to high for me to enjoy riding. I didn't choose the Ninebot Z10 because of the weird feeling when riding. After about 5-10 minutes with the wheel you get used to it, but I prefer wheels that I can just get on and ride. No special adjustment period needed. I don't have a need to ride off road. I think it is like a motorcycle, two different methods of turning, one for above 10mph, one for under... The 18L checked all my boxes. Speed, Power, and great form factor. Most importantly company with record of safety.
  15. eddiemoy

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    I don't know where that came from, but that is pure bullshit. If that were the case, I would not even ride their product. I'm a safety biased guy. Just so happens that GW screwed themselves by releasing unsafe products and hence their reputation. I would push their product if it was good. But I think I have a duty to warn people if they are buying into a product that has a failure rate of 15%. That isn't my number, it is Jason's number a popular seller of all wheels. I like KS because they make safer wheels (fact, based on failure rates from Jason), they ride better (that is my opinion), they are designed better (my opinion, and if you look at the inside, you would probably agree). Sorry @Acturbo, I'll stop bashing them when they get their rep out of the gutter.