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  1. eddiemoy

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    Depending on what you mean by low speed, it is very difficult to ride an EUC slower than walking. Just like a bike, will require many small corrections to keep from falling. Not good for filming. If you are looking for smooth gimble like filming, you would go with a Segway miniPro pro. Takes seconds to learn and you can go as slow as you need to go and even stand still. Cost 1/4 what you are considering from EUC side.
  2. eddiemoy

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    It isn’t easy to film and ride. Especially if you have never ridden before. If you are filming and riding maybe a smaller wheel where you have a little more agility would be better for you, a 16” instead of an 18”. Dont want to be harsh, but filming and riding you are asking for a face plant. Riding an EUC is not like any other, but it is influenced by wind. Holding out one hand or a gimble to one side will cause you to fall to that side. Even a long stick with a 360 camera, it is difficult to hold if it isn’t straight in front of you. If you hold it diagonal and it catches the wind, it will make you turn. Like wise if you are holding a plastic bag to one side, it will feel like you are about to get knocked off because it is pushing you on one side and you have to apply some counter force on the pedals to just stay on. Magazine if you are filming, you are not watching where you are going or what you maybe rolling over. Bad bad bad. I know you probably seen some folks riding and filming in NYC, but these guys have so much experience. It isn’t for a beginner.
  3. eddiemoy

    First wheel

    I remember the feeling when I first got on one. It is scary as shit and it feels like it is impossible to learn. But your mind is an incredible learning machine. If you stay with it for 4-6 30 minute sessions, you will probably get it. My suggestion is to try to hold on to a fence and then push off the get some momentum. Just like a bike it is incredibly hard and really an advanced skill for later to go slow. You really need some momentum go balance. A little faster than walking is the speed you should aim for. You will wave your hands and fall off, get back in and try again. You will be using muscles that you have never used before and reconfiguring your brain to learn. You will sweat like crazy. But in about a few hours of trying, it will “click” and that feeling is amazing! Good luck and remember to not make the mistake of trying to go super slow. It will take a much longer time to learn if you do that and it will be really frustrating.
  4. eddiemoy

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    I would consider a throw away wheel for learning, rather than to buy the best you can afford. When you take a dump on your $2000 wheel and you will. It will hurt. I bought a ninebot c+ to learn for a month. That wheel took all the beatings like a champ except for one so bad that the battery fell out. Had to unscrew the side to put it back in.
  5. eddiemoy

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    If you could wait a few months how about the 16X?
  6. eddiemoy

    Falling on Z10

    This is what I’m trying to describe. Below is a picture from the front of the Z10. The green is the contact patch. The red is the rest of the tire. They don’t touch the road unless turning. If you can imagine hitting the red part on a surface crack,it will turn the wheel like hitting a pedal on something. This should only happen with immovable objects. Pebbles should have little effect I would imagine. I think folks just need to understand some things affect this wheel a lot more because the red sections are so much bigger. More chance to catch on something.
  7. eddiemoy

    Falling on Z10

    Due to the size of the tire and the fact we are riding one wheel, irregularities tend to “pull” the wheel much more than on the smaller tire wheels. Some will argue if you can see the road issue to avoid it. I also chose to not buy or ride it because of this weird “feature”. Wind already affects our riding. @Marty Backe should be aware of how little things affect our riding. Just holding a stick at the wrong angle and the wind hitting it is enough to knock us off if we are not prepared. Even when prepared, there is only so much you can push back on. With the 4” round tire, when you hit stuff off center, it will change your direction. This can definitely throw you off or even set off some wobbles and if you are going fast enough, high speed wobbles. Have seen enough crash videos involving the z10 to see that behavior. ‘It is almost like catching a pedal on something You will fall immediately.
  8. eddiemoy


    That is definitely not the same motor as the 18L/XL. It looks wider. Maybe it is just me hoping that it is a new motor. But need some confirmation from @US69 who probably cannot confirm.
  9. eddiemoy


    The motor looks like a new design. @US69, can you confirm? Also axel looks bigger. Handle is definitely bigger, remains to be seen if they continue to use a tiny screw to hold it to the rod
  10. eddiemoy

    Speed Reduction Graph, Rider Info Needed

    Tesla is wrong, should the speed on the right be 40kph?
  11. eddiemoy

    I think I want to buy an euc but not convinced yet.

    you have an pedal assist recumbent? you can get one that is just throttle controlled. But even throttle controlled there are two flavors. one is pedal first, need to get up to 5 mph before you can use the throttle. options are out there to make your recumbent much easier to ride. age isn't a barrier to learning. if this 80+ year old lady can learn, so can you: In the beginning of learning, you will use muscles that you have never used before and that can be discouraging. But with a few hours of total learning time, anyone who puts their mind to it can learn. Also you can ride as relaxed as you want shortly after you "click". If you ride in bad streets or terrain, then you need to bend your knees and it will be hard on your knees. If the pavement is smooth, you don't need to bend them and can just be almost locked out. I used to ride like that and it is really relaxing, just if you hit a bump, it transmits to your teeth, the few you may have left. Most say it feel like flying. Nothing like this as when you get good at it, you can move around objects without even thinking. It will become a part of you.
  12. eddiemoy

    State of the EUC industry?

    That is the exact strategy that made it “popular” in Paris. It works.
  13. eddiemoy

    KS16S or KS18L?

    Congrats! You will love it and never ride the ninebot again. Lol
  14. eddiemoy

    KS16S or KS18L?

    you are right, it is almost like the cogs on a multispeed bike. changing one cog is a difference of 1/2" and makes a huge difference in torque. Don't worry, the KS16S has in my opinion the best type of trolley handle. It is right on the center. No need to lug, just extend and roll around like luggage. the NB E+ add on handle sucks ass. It is in the wrong place making trolleying a chore and close to useless. Yes, there is little reason to go V10. That is why I sold mine. I like the lighter 16" for last mile and I like the 18" for long range cruising. I have no room for the middle of the pack V10F. But then again, that is just me.