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  1. eddiemoy


    Wow, nicely put. Wise words. Though looking back, my criticism wasn't too constructive I've got to admit. Should have offered some solution instead of just bitching.
  2. eddiemoy


    Looks like he never bothers to clean the lens. Geez.
  3. eddiemoy


    His 360 video's are a mess. his hand is chopped off.
  4. eddiemoy


    Is that a GoPro fusion? The stitching is really bad. I’ve not seen it bad on the Insta360, that is why I’m guessing it is the GoPro.
  5. eddiemoy


    LOL, can unicycle almost as fast as electric!
  6. eddiemoy


    Lol, I filmed my new video with the 4' stick. looks fine to me. It isn't the extreme drone like footage with the longer stick, but it is still good.
  7. eddiemoy


    no, the one you get for free is only 4' long.
  8. eddiemoy


    It will, you just need to remove big foam thing at the end. It will show up in the blindspot since the new camera is so thin. That is why the new stick looks different. see picture? top stick is for new X, bottom stick is for old One. tip is much bigger. can't use the old stick with the new camera.
  9. eddiemoy


    Here is a new video shooting both in Insta360 ONE (old, 4k) and ONE X (new, 5.7k). The ONE X look a lot better. There is also now gone the different coating effect from the different halves. There is also a noticeable improvement in speed when dealing with post process steps as the file is now transferred to the phone first. If you are looking to get this camera, please use this referral link to get a FREE selfie stick. The old selfie stick will not work with the new thinner body of the new camera. Shipping was FREE and quick, 2 days from China. Amazing! http://bit.ly/2Oe0xAi Here is a new video I put together this morning:
  10. eddiemoy

    Inmotion V10F $1200, Priced to SELL

    If you are new, please do some research first. although you can learn with any wheel, there is a certain difficulty involved if you start out with the wrong wheel. MSX comes in two flavors, 84v and 100v. difference is battery size and top speed. i think most people prefer the 84v.
  11. eddiemoy

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Just remember that when learning to go forward, you needed a little speed to balance. If you want to learn to go backwards, you need the same speed in the reverse. Going slow is the wrong way or the hard way to learn. Both ways, you will learn to go backwards, question is how long it will take. You just have to be persistent. Best is to push off from a wall, fall off, reset and repeat until you get it. Wiggle, twist, do everything that you can think of, it will help you learn. More data for your brain to process the better. Of course, make sure before you push off that there isn’t anything behind you. Lol. Few days of 20-30 minute practice and it will “click” just like when you learned to go forward. You just have to know it will happen and don’t give up.
  12. eddiemoy

    Ninebot One E+ shut off in the middle of riding.

    Sounds like you pushed it beyond the speed limit. It isn't all that powerful and if you were pushing it up a hill it could cut off. Don't push those entry level wheels, they have very little power and not so forgiving at the top end. I used my C+ only for learning. Then quickly bought a better wheel for my general riding.
  13. eddiemoy

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    Try lowering the PSI, the higher the PSI, the more squirrelly you wheel will be and more wobbles. Has to do with higher PSI having a smaller contact patch. I usually go with 20% of your body weight in pounds. If you get the wobbles from braking, it is because your legs are bent and you are applying unequal pressure. I find that my wobbles go away immediately when I notice that my non dominant leg is bent and upon straightening it when braking wobbles go away. This is what works for me, but everyone is different so it may work for you or it may not.
  14. eddiemoy


    Marty, I see that @YoshiSkySun has lost all his protection.