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  1. eddiemoy

    EUC for Kids- Recommendations?

    Here is a recent riding video. When they get better and I feel more comfortable with them, it will be much more fun.
  2. eddiemoy

    EUC for Kids- Recommendations?

    My 7 year old son learned on an AirweelX3 like me, but as soon as he learned, I bought him a KS14D. He loves it. He was pushing tiltback on the air wheel which got me nervous. I tried to avoid buying him a EUC and gave him the KS16, but that thing he wasn’t comfortable riding because it was like a Monster to him. Good luck and it only took both my kids 2 hours to learn to go forward with balance. My 11 year old I made him learn on the NB1 C+, then tried to put him on the V10F, that was too heavy for him. So I put him on the KS16 and he is good with that. For younger kids I definitely recommend a light 14” And full safety gear. Even a full face helmet.
  3. eddiemoy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    LOL, lucky i don't like riding in the rain or wet conditions. maybe i'm just hoping that the unclear communication in that email is suggesting it is new wheels only. But looks like it means all wheels. @Jason McNeil @Bobwheel Please clarify which wheels are affected. All of them? Also what is being done to fix the wheels that customers already have.
  4. eddiemoy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    didn't get an email, maybe it is in later batch of wheels built?
  5. eddiemoy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Who does this affect?
  6. eddiemoy

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    That was my first impression at the V10F demo, it felt like the pedals were bent downwards. I think everyone is built differently. I didn't have any issues with the side pads, but I don't do tricks with the MSX like 1 legged riding, etc... It hits me about mid leg. I thought the pads were comfortable as in I didn't notice it being uncomfortable. But again, it could be the production issue where they are not placing the pads correctly and you are feeling the shell? Or it could be foot placement, I find I tend to have my feet flush with the shell so my leg hits the pad squarely, not at the top corner. I can imagine if you stand with your feet wide, then you will hit the top corner of the top of the shell.
  7. eddiemoy

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    I think people who come from KS are fine with the angle of the pedals. Not sure what that stuff from Ecodrift was about since they should be used to the pedal angle if they ride KS. I think the inmotion pedal angle or lack there of makes it feel like you are slipping. took some getting used to.
  8. eddiemoy

    Speed settings

    200km is really 133km, KS over report their miles by a factor of 50%. 133km or 83miles. Not all that much. It was also pointed out that the unlock is at 201km if you are not riding that much, you get to see this not unlock at exactly 200km. LOL
  9. eddiemoy


    Just got my 10' carbon fiber selfie stick and had to try shooting some video with it. All I can say is I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous this is to be holding a 10' long selfie stick and riding. Kind of reminds me of jousting! Enjoy! LMFAO!
  10. eddiemoy


    I hate the Msuper V3s+. To my surprise this MSX is totally different from the V3s+ I hated. I don't even mind the non existent side padding. It rides really really well! If I were a speed freak, I would get this in a heartbeat! But unfortunately my riding style is ~45kmph tops... Maybe it will change later. They are definitely not even the same wheel. Not sure what they changed, but I like it a lot. I still don't know how they silenced the motor noise. There is zero motor noise! Very easy to do slaloms. It almost turns too easy. I still prefer the straight stability of the KS18L over the unusual easy to turn or change direction of the MSX. I think it is just personal preference. I still don't like the following: 1) trolley handle still sucks ass 2) weird firmware that makes the pedal dip, but I think one can get used to it. It isn't like I was going to come off of it, but I like my pedals to be totally level at all times. 3) dumb circus lights. If that is the only thing wrong with this wheel, it is a great wheel to own!
  11. eddiemoy


    Segway is selling these for $400. I agree they are too expensive. I just wanted to try them. They remind me of the mini pro. Takes about the same time to get used to them. A few minutes. They are heavy. Don’t think they are backpackable. I can only see them being used in stores or airports. When you have to carry them, they become not fun anymore. ‘Makes me want to stay at the supermarket longer. Now I don’t mind getting the milk. If you haven’t noticed, they always put that furthest from the exit lol
  12. eddiemoy


    Haven’t tried much with these. Don’t know about riding it like a one wheel. These are really sensitive. It would put me on my ass quick if I tried the sideways riding.
  13. eddiemoy


    So much fun at the supermarket!
  14. eddiemoy


    Playing with 360 camera, I like this one for framing. Resolution still needs a bit. Maybe 6 or 8k will be the norm for theses in the future. Then this will be the video of choice!