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  1. just glad that it is in the hands of someone who is riding it. the unit was in the middle of my collection and i find i didn't have any use for it. enjoy!
  2. eddiemoy

    EUC Themed New Yorker Marketing Campaign

    too funny considering there are only a handful of us in a sea of millions that ride or know how to ride in NYC.
  3. eddiemoy

    How to learn reverse riding

    Find a wall and push off of the wall going backwards. Work up to slightly faster than walking. Time under tension is what your brain needs to figure it out. Just like going forward, the slower you go the harder it is. You need speed to generate the gyro force to stay upright. You will lose balance and step off. It is definitely scarier to go backwards. In the beginning I got dizzy. Another technique is the same as front mounting, but in reverse. Push hop backwards. Little less stable. Suggest trying pushing off the wall first. Get up on your wheel stabilize then push off so you are going backwards. Make sure there is nothing behind you as you will not be able to look behind you yet. That comes later when it clicks. Then as with forward riding you need to learn to turn all over again and looking behind you is another skill. Good luck, just remember the fear you felt when learning to go forward. It didn’t take long to learn going forward, shouldn’t take you that long to learn backwards.
  4. eddiemoy

    Power cut out on a new V8

    Maybe old stock. Battery is bad sitting around for 2-3 years.
  5. eddiemoy


    So they also think you are crazy? Have to give you kudos for being so fearless and risking your body to find the limits of these devices. Keeps your videos entertaining. Keep it up!
  6. eddiemoy

    Charging costs?

    Cost me $0.07 to fully charge. I have solar. About $0.002 per mile. This vs about $0.023 per mile for my Tesla. $0.20 per mile for my VW Golf R.
  7. Took me when I really put some effort a few sessions of 15-30 minutes. I would say 2 hours at most to learn going forward. The "click". But as you know every little thing requires learning. So I spent the next two month riding and learning everything from turning to backwards and then seated riding. I immediately bought a Ninebot One C+ after I clicked. Used that for about a month before I got the KS16 and then shortly after a 18S.
  8. It took me years to learn, I bought my first wheel back in Jan 2014, thought it was impossible to learn. It wasn’t until 2017 where I had the resolve to learn it after watching all the learning videos out there. Wasn’t months, it was years for me. I just didn’t understand the learning process back then. Now I know I can learn anything, just need practice and time. The brain is amazing.
  9. It wasn't the difficulty learning the MSX or the Msuper V3s+, I just flat out hated the way it felt compared to 18L. I didn't see a need to learn or get used to what I viewed as faulty design. Yes, it is marginally faster, but for me I had no need for a wheel that goes above 30+ mph. I value the way the wheel works with the rider vs against the rider. I simply had another choice. If I had no choice I'm sure I would have been fine with the MSX or Msuper V3s+, but I had other wheels that I was compare it to and it was just not my cup of tea. Just like the Z10 isn't either. I just don't like the way it rides. Some others enjoy the way it rides, but not for me. I love the way the 18L feels. You are right, it is a traditional feeling wheel. That is how I like it. Also I like just about everything else about the 18L more so why put myself through the MSX's deficiencies. I don't like the following, the crappy trolley handle, the pedals, extreme v shape, the boxy shell and how it pinch against your leg, the way it resist your turns sometimes. NO bluetooth speakers, easy enough to fix, but another thing to carry. Slower than the 18L if you keep tiltback on.
  10. eddiemoy


    Good reminder of how we all used to be when we started learning how to ride.
  11. eddiemoy

    My EUC story or from Bad to Good

    wow! that sucks! it is still illegal here too, but they don't really bother us as long as we don't do something stupid like ride too fast on the side walk. sometimes when we ride in parks, the park rangers tell us we can't ride them. that is the extent of the harassment that i've experienced.
  12. eddiemoy

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    the mosfets look to be pretty significant. i know the mosfets are used to switch current to the different phases in the motor to simulate a 3 phase motor. not sure if they are used in parallel. if they are nothing to really worry about. that 6x 170amps or 1020amps.
  13. eddiemoy

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Nicola, the Chinese way. LMAO
  14. eddiemoy

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    if you compare the original solowheel, specs are pretty much the same(speed, wheel size, range) as the ninbot one c+/e+, but cost was $2000 vs now you can get the ninebot for $350 online. but if compared to the msx or ks18xl, it doesn't. for the same price, you get more 2x power, 2-3x speed, 5x range.
  15. eddiemoy

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    I unfortunately bought those too thinking that they are mini segways and would be quickly adopted due to the ease of learning. But they are limited in use and awkward to transport. They are super easy to learn, takes seconds to a few minutes for your brain to figure out.