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gotway tesla axle . and jiumping down curbs.

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1 minute ago, houseofjob said:

IMHO I wouldn't bump down high curbs on a Gotway regardless, thicker axles or not (FYI the Tesla possesses a thicker axle than previous Gotway wheels per @Jason McNeil).

Constant pounding will lead to the loosening of shims that clamp the pedal arms to the axles to begin with, creating some play in the pedal resistance.

so i will just need to avoid curbs if possible

i have just seen people jumping down sick curbs on electric unicycles wodering it it doednt break the wheel

but i now have my answer. Thank you ;)

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Jumping up and down kerbs and anything i can find (after kuji pad mod).

Result: pedal shaft not bent more than before = bent a smidge when rolling on flat glass surface, but with the crap tolerance, non bushing solution, that will be the least of problems. 

I applied mos2 after a week of riding as the wear on the shaft was substantial already by then (clearly visible as pkating was gone where edge pressure was the biggest)

Now after 3500km, i can't see any difference in wear vs 10km :-)

lube them up, but make sure not to lube the threads of the stop screw in each end of the pedal. I normally clean, put one stop screw in place, then apply lube on pedal hole and insert clean shaft, thus no lube slide over remaining threads  and all is good ;)

on both stop screw, clean and apply blue loctite thread sealant. Do not want the pedals to come off in 45km/h due to sloppy assembly ;-)

have not checked wheel axle, but as rubber (tyre) takes first hit and the there is zero torque arm, as opposed to pedals (that albeit take 50% weight each) and wheel axle is a lot thicker, i would not worry bout that part. But as i said, have not checked.

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