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  1. Shad0z

    MSuper Pro?

    it doesn't feel like tiltback, it feels more like a gradual incline based on speed, subconsiously keeps you from going full speed without realising, this is why i think it's awesome and underappreciated
  2. Shad0z

    MSuper Pro?

    Bingo! Can't confirm or deny though, just bingo. I only ever felt msx tiltback past 40-45kph, i actually really like this feature, it's extremely unappreciated. It keeps you subconsciously from going too fast when you're not trying to speed, without the slight incline you'd hit max speed all the time. I bet there would be a lot more cutouts. With gotway firmware you only need to move your toes to be flying next to cars, so it makes sense why they would implement this safety tilt to add some very small resistance, enough to not go max speed without realising. And just mild enough so that you can easily push it if you'd like to go fast
  3. Shad0z

    MSuper Pro?

    If you're looking for more size and more power, then wait for a later release than the msx pro, just sayin, no details. And it will be around start of summer-ish No details
  4. Shad0z

    MSuper Pro?

    While what is coming may or may not be better at torque than the mcm5, its better than the tesla at a bigger diameter. Keep this information here, this is supposed to be a discrete tease. Not an announcement. Again. No details.
  5. Shad0z

    MSuper Pro?

    I definitely get your point here, higher wattage can also just be a more inefficient motor. But it is not in this case. I've been in contact with gotway for quite a while now, also about newer wheels not announced yet, I'm the only one outside of gotway who knows details about them, according to them, i can't share the information. But the motor in the msx pro is gonna have more torque, because that's what gotway are focusing on at the moment, they have made then fast enough now. But let me say it like this without revealing anything. Something even more powerful will come out just a bit later. I saw the torque ratings. The speed will be almost the same, but the torque will be vastly improved. That is all.
  6. Shad0z

    MSuper Pro?

    You will feel it. Not sure where the logic is coming from. Every upgrade in motor power has been able to be felt. Why shouldn't this be too?
  7. That won't work. Your feet need to be spaced apart far enough in the direction of movement to be able to handle an acceleration without falling backwards. ESK8 riders can confirm this. If you don't position your feet far enough apart and prepare yourself for the acceleration, you will fall backwards. On euc this is essentially impossible to do, since your feet are right next to eachother. There are also a multitude of other issues with this approach. And even if it was possible, you will be losing out on one of the key features making eucs so good. The intuitive controls! No speeder. Just leaning, which would be a shame.
  8. You need to use a more dense foam, and a thicker layer. That type of foam doesn't do anything. It just gets ripped off, it's too soft
  9. You can't just limit the speed. Then it wouldn't balance if you kept leaning forwards and you would just fall forwards because it didn't accelerate to catch you. Only option is hard tiltback before the max. But tiltback so hard that it actually stops the user from going faster is just as dangerous as a cutout in some ways. It will almost throw you off. The simple solution is to ride slower. And add warnings and adequate tiltback to alert the user, if the user then keeps going then it's their fault. These things are not toys made to catch you when you decide to fuck with them. Just like how a car will still hit a tree if you run into it. And euc will cut out if you keep pushing it. It's that simple.
  10. Before needing to order a new motor, try bending it back with a bench vice and other tools. If that doesn't work, look around for people with old wheels / old 16" motors that they might be willing to sell the rim from
  11. Don't use tubeless sealant, it just clumps into a ball inside the tube
  12. I weigh 96kg, that's without gear. I rode extreme offroad with these pedals no problem. Most of your weight still goed on the center where the pedal is. Only a little bit goed on the extra pieces
  13. Finally got some photos uploaded. http://imgur.com/gallery/C8iBy22
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