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  1. Shad0z

    New Gotway ACM shell

  2. Shad0z


    EATHQUAKE GET INSIDE camera shake
  3. Shad0z

    EUC Forums official discord channel

  4. Shad0z

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    i have mine about 3 degrees backwards. to avoid pedals scrapings. but im experiementing a little still
  5. my freinds reaction are usually "pfft. go back to circus. get better things to do" but i dont give a single f*** some mentions: "come on man, dont do gay shit like this, atleast get a bike or just a moped. this is just nerdy" i dont care if it looks nerdy. this is fun as heck "i bet you will wreck that thing after a week" nope "ok you were lucky. next week you will wreck it" still nope "you and your toys. get a good bike" no. i hate bikes "hey. my hoverboard from ebay can go faster" . . yeah.... right this forum is an amazing place and the euc community is so amazing. i couldnt live without it anymore and the euc hobby is just a great way to have fun and meet other people
  6. Shad0z

    KS 16S Speaker Sound Deflectors

    why would you need sound deflectors???
  7. Shad0z

    Tesla dismantle

    yeah i had that problem. it was humming like crazy. and i used rubber but one of the screws the thread is gone so i need to maybe make some new thread. but for now i just used loctite it works fine. but i still have very slight humming sometimes. but i dont know if its just me thinking there is humming. but i fixed it i think actually it was my comment you saw because i also typed on his post that he didnt need to remove the led strips
  8. Shad0z

    Tesla dismantle

    i dont know why he thinks you have to take off the led strips??? i have taken my tesla aprt 4 times so i know its not needed
  9. Shad0z

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    but when will the gotway app be coming to windows mobile...
  10. Shad0z

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    i think matte black is fine. maybe a little dull at times. but you can probably get an idea about what i think of carbon in this photo
  11. Shad0z

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    oh no.. I WANT ONE now i need to find a way to get some money.. gotway really tricked us with the msuper x it looks and is marketed like its more powerfull than the tesla and the acm for example. bu it has exact same motor but bigger wheel. actually almost a mind bender
  12. Shad0z


    nice. what tire pressure do you use?
  13. Shad0z

    How to calibrate an ACMv2?

    i think you swapped some of the motor wires! take it apart again. and make sure the motor wires on the control board are connected to the correct corresponding color. open it up and check that before you do anything else! does it balance? or does it just rock back and forth. if its like that then its the motor wires that are connected wrong and you need to check blue is connected to blue and yellow is connected to yellow and green is connected to red one guy on facebook had the exact same problem. but he ended up blowing a mosfet. check the wires 😕
  14. Shad0z


    now thats good. Because now you will have it on video when your wheel falls into the water. Or falls down and breaks. Just watch out
  15. Shad0z


    nice job now. I wonder what the rim looks like after that.