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  1. Worthy to note, I tried soft mode to see if I'd get more range, nothing, keep using medium, soft isn't gonna give you any range
  2. Will definitely go ahead and open them up, I know how to take safety precautions so I should be fine, might not be able to do pictures since I'd have to do some external site stuff, but I'll definitely report what I find inside
  3. Both of my chargers seem to be the newer 220uf chargers from 2020 based on the housing, is there anything else to check on the outside, model number, date of manufacturing that can tell me whether they're the better 220uf or not, plan is to use one charger for general use and 2 whenever and if I ever absolutely need it Currently charging my sherman with the 2 chargers, one of them says leaperkim, the other one just says YZ power charger
  4. I tried out SOFT MODE, the range DID NOT IMPROVE I'm going back to medium, range was actually ever so slightly lower with soft mode lmao I ain't messing around with that, same speeds same everything basically
  5. So I've got 2 chargers for my sherman, should I not dare to even charge with both, go ahead and do it, or should I just keep it for situations where I absolutely need the faster charging? what's the status on this
  6. I'm running at around 45-50psi which I wouldn't go any higher than, but I also do think those tire pressures are a good sweetspot for my weight, I don't understand how people can ride these things at my weight or heavier and do shit like 35 PSI, feels deflated lmao, too many downsides, running at higher PSI gets more range, less tire wear, less chance of tire popping off the rim issues etc, and better grip and higher stability, so there's really no reason not to, except for shock absorption, but I don't have an issue with that here at all.
  7. I'm currently trying out soft mode, which feels hella sketchy at first, but once you get used to it, it's like floating on a cloud, mostly using it to test if I'll get more range out of it, will update y'all on my findings
  8. 92kg Medium mode, this time I disabled tiltback at 43kph and went around 50kph usually as well as riding more aggressively, this brought my 100km range down by a whole 20km to 80km, going faster ain't worth it, gonna keep my tiltback on, trying soft mode next
  9. Weight: 92kg Speeds: 32-42kph average Range: 100km
  10. Post the typical effective range you get out of your Sherman, make it short, simple, and include: - Weight - Speeds - Riding mode This is so people can easily find the actual range of the sherman, I have a little idea though, I could mess around with some graphs so it'd be even easier to see what range you'd actually get out of it for different situations and different weights
  11. it doesn't feel like tiltback, it feels more like a gradual incline based on speed, subconsiously keeps you from going full speed without realising, this is why i think it's awesome and underappreciated
  12. Bingo! Can't confirm or deny though, just bingo. I only ever felt msx tiltback past 40-45kph, i actually really like this feature, it's extremely unappreciated. It keeps you subconsciously from going too fast when you're not trying to speed, without the slight incline you'd hit max speed all the time. I bet there would be a lot more cutouts. With gotway firmware you only need to move your toes to be flying next to cars, so it makes sense why they would implement this safety tilt to add some very small resistance, enough to not go max speed without realising. And just mild enough so that y
  13. If you're looking for more size and more power, then wait for a later release than the msx pro, just sayin, no details. And it will be around start of summer-ish No details
  14. While what is coming may or may not be better at torque than the mcm5, its better than the tesla at a bigger diameter. Keep this information here, this is supposed to be a discrete tease. Not an announcement. Again. No details.
  15. I definitely get your point here, higher wattage can also just be a more inefficient motor. But it is not in this case. I've been in contact with gotway for quite a while now, also about newer wheels not announced yet, I'm the only one outside of gotway who knows details about them, according to them, i can't share the information. But the motor in the msx pro is gonna have more torque, because that's what gotway are focusing on at the moment, they have made then fast enough now. But let me say it like this without revealing anything. Something even more powerful will come out just a bit
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