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  1. I used it once. Then dropped it because it hindered the learning. Dont use belt...
  2. Shad0z

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    Well one of my freinds got a unit. It cut off and didnt turn on after day 3. He faceplanted bad because of it. They didnt want to take it back and basically told him fuck you. And said they would maybe "buy" it back from him for half price... He ended up getting them to refund and return. Because he told them he would take ot to court. But they did refund. But still shameful!
  3. Shad0z

    Gotway MSX top speed limit warning

    the tiltback starts according to speed. the beeps i think are dependent on current for sustained periods or something. i also didnt feel the tiltback when i got my msuper X at first. the first week i went above 55 kph on all rides i usually just hammered it untill i was at those speeds now that time is over and i keep a lower speed usually. but you will notice the slight tilt. though its basically non existent compared to your ninebots hehe :P but basically what you should do is to try and go 35 kph and slowly go faster and faster and try to feel the slight tiltback. when you relax more on the wheel you will not go as fast. and the tiltback will unconsiously keep you from going faster. unless you consiously think "i wanna go fast" and you push. like you do when you want to go fast but in conclution. what you have to do is just regulate your speed and stay under 60 kph mostly, that is all. if you listen to the way the motor sounds when you go that fast you will have a distict way of motor resonance you will hear. if you get used to what sound it produces at different speeds you can kindof "feel" what speed youre going. just get more used to the wheel and dont go to fast. testing limits on many things is possible. but on a euc you wont be dont testing the limit before its too late.
  4. Shad0z

    Broken Trolly Handle On Gotway MsuperX

    same happened to me. but in my case it was a fall on low speed. then it spun around and the handle extendes from the rotation and got bent. i got a new handle and used some a velcro strap over it so it wont extend by itself when not used for trolleying
  5. Shad0z

    MSuper X vs MSuper V3S+, upgrade?

    guys. are you forgetting about all the failiure stats that the msuper v3s used to have? blown mosfets, hall sensor issues, and melting cables. the msuper X pretty much eliminates all those problems. unless its a rare case. i tried riding both v3s and i own a msx. let's put all the specs, and technical stuff aside. and just focus. on the improvement in ride feel. and owning it. + less to no failures + much better torque + mosfets you wont ever blow + harder braking in when needed + better shell with metal threads + higher angled pedals + just a generally more forgivable wheel when you ever encounter some sort of situation + bigger tire for absorbing bumps (less falls) + great tiltback implementation i could go on. and on definetly reccomend you to drop some $ on it! you won't regret it! oh. there is one minus - same battery and trolley
  6. Shad0z

    Gotway MSX top speed limit warning

    there is actually a slight tiltback starting at 45 kph and getting more powerfull the more you accelerate. you can enable tiltback at 50 kph in app. but the msuper x cutoff speed. depending on weight tho. should be around 65+ kph. but i would just reccomend you to stay under the beeps. and try to notice the slight tilt. the tiltback implementation on the msx is actually rather genius. when it starts at 45 kph it is barely noticable. and unconsiously makes you not go faster than 40-45 kph unless you think that you want to and push a little more. and the tilt gradually becomes more pronounced when you go faster. so if you notice it you can also figure out what speed youre going but generally getting used to riding that wheel you will get used to what different speeds feel like. different sounds come from the motor at different speeds. and also just looking at how fast youre going
  7. Shad0z

    gotway wheels. Riding modes benefits and cons?

    yes haha. other than the msuper x doesnt fall when its not on a track
  8. Shad0z

    gotway wheels. Riding modes benefits and cons?

    agreed. i dont think the same would have happened on my msuper X. the msuper X just goes over bumps like they are small stones!
  9. Shad0z

    gotway wheels. Riding modes benefits and cons?

    i had the same experience. but everything was like in slow motion for some seconds. other than i rode a tesla at 50 kph and a new crack that was very tall had appeared on my usual path. so i went flying. the 16 inch wheel of the tesla couldnt in any way handle that type of crack. it was like a very big edge. i went flying. i flew 5-7 meters. and the tesla was laying next to me. but the tesla only got some minor scratches onn the back and front parts that i easily replaced and sold it 1.5 month later to get an msuper X.
  10. Shad0z

    gotway wheels. Riding modes benefits and cons?

    if you ride a gotway. then you will realize the whole spectrum. hard mode on the ks16 feels like soft mode on tesla. when i use soft mode on kingsong its like im about to fall off. like im balancing on a basketball
  11. Shad0z

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    That factor i also thought about. i dont see why they would eccagurate it by 25% then people go on 70km trips only to be left with 0% before reaching their destination. But i guess the average cunsumer cares more about specs on paper and dont go that far
  12. Shad0z

    gotway wheels. Riding modes benefits and cons?

    Best technique is to make your knees do as much shock absorption as possible. Thats what keeps your feet on the pedals. Honestly i have no idea else. I see people jumping flying from bumps and while i go down a steep curb im almost falling off. I still havent got a clue other than trying to absorb the shock the most possible
  13. Shad0z

    gotway wheels. Riding modes benefits and cons?

    I settled on soft mode. But as i noticed soft mode is different on different wheels. Kingsong and z10 feel like if you dp slight leans it leans. But on gotway it stays flat and the amount it leans depends on how much you push. I settled on soft EDIT. I notied mrelwood explained the same but much better. but the gptway soft mode still is good for shock absorption. Especially when jumping and landing on the pedals and they tilt more with the feet. I think the kingsong soft mode can feel a little too bouncy at times honestly
  14. Shad0z

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    how did you powder coat them?
  15. Shad0z

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    Sounds realistic. I get 100km of range on my msuper X with moderate normal speeds. When is the 200km msuper x2 coming out?