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  1. Shad0z

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    Sounds realistic. I get 100km of range on my msuper X with moderate normal speeds. When is the 200km msuper x2 coming out?
  2. Shad0z

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    25% over eccageration thats downright cheating customers to make them think theyre getting more range. With 80kg it sounds realistic to get 65km. then all the kingsong people can come say. "But its efficient machine" but its not magic. It is what it is. A great wheel. Performs great. So smooth. but. Dont try to make it seem like some magic. it is what it is. No more. No less
  3. Shad0z

    Can´t ride my MSuper 3s+

    Yay. Happy for you
  4. Shad0z

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    How fast did he go? 10kph? Both my freinds. (90kg and 85kg) get 50-55km range. And thats also when trying to conserve the battery
  5. Shad0z

    Can´t ride my MSuper 3s+

    Try to calibrate it. Then go to gotway app and choose a tiltback speed. And then afterwards press close all tiltback.
  6. Thats a very bad idea. You need a battery with the excact voltage that the components are designed for. Trust me. Its a very bad idea Nice that you asked though!
  7. Shad0z


    on saturday i have a trip to helsingør with my freind from cophenhagen. maybe you could join. maybe i could get some more from the group to join in and thank you for the constructive feedback on the video
  8. Shad0z


    another euc meetup in cophenhagen. no better way to spend your afternoon what do you think of the video. point out the flaws so i can improve. all is filmed and edited by me
  9. Shad0z

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    Same idea i have in mind. Crash? PAINTJOB looks classy!
  10. Shad0z

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    ME WANT but i have too little knoledge of batteries... :/
  11. Shad0z

    Larger MsuperX/Msuper3 pedals requirement

    Gotway unfortunatly dont read too much in here :/ i know a guy who works at gotway. I could suggest it to him
  12. Shad0z

    Msuper X pedals

    Just get used to the one in the back. A side trolley option would have to be external. But then i think you will be stuck trollying it. because where would your leg be?
  13. So far i only removed the trolley. But im still "trolley less" for now
  14. Shad0z

    Freeman 132wh gyro issue (maybe)

    Sounds like a capacitor blew.. or melted off the board. It usually results in the sailing effect where the pedals tilt easier. And less responsiveness. My advice is to not ride this wheel. And dont yse it or repair it. Its garbage. Cheap. And will likely blow up one day. Cheap batteries usually only have small peices of paper seperating the cells to not short. If vibrated enough it could expose the batteries. To each other creating a short. And also just a general lack of quality and safety implrmentations...
  15. Shad0z


    Too many people buy crap quality wheels This wheel is on par with exploding hoverboards. Buy from the main brands that are reputable! Kingsong. Inmotion. Ninebot. Rockwheel. Gotway. Ips. And solowheel