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  1. Hold up. That's just plain wrong. The only differences are the shell and battery size. These wheels are as identical as it can get. Except the lower shell of the acm. But thats it. Saying they share nothing is just plain wrong
  2. 500-700 battery cycles if i recall. That's 0-100% for 1 cycle.
  3. the msx tire is in general just not grippy enough. one second you have perfect grip. the second you are taking a turn and it slides in the rain like as if it was on butter. i have fallen off / stepped off 4-6 times just in a few months from rain. and also had it spin out 2 times in a store because of slippery floor and wet tire. never had this issue with my tesla, the msx tire is just too slick. most other eucs have all terrain tires mounted. if you look at the msx thread compared with the other euc tires. you can see the others have angled threads. while the msx is just a line cut into the tire.
  4. If you read the battery spec sheets. You will see that these batteries can take a lot of current. Fast charging is definitely not a new thing lol
  5. You forgot DURABILITY. Too many times you take a spill and go. Oh yeah, looks like I'll have to fix this. Or replace the shell. There should be removable bumpers in the design
  6. This is different. You can't change the windings in a motor via software. What tesla does is what is done with many other electric motors. Like the modes on electric skateboards and do on. Basically it just changes via software. How quickly you make the motor accelerate. So that the motor doesn't ramp up to full power instantly, but takes a few seconds. This could be compared to soft mode on eucs. But not really. Because the euc needs instant power to keep you balanced. So a slow speed ramp would not work. Soft mode is essentially that. But with some tricks to keep the balance
  7. You can't just change a motors nominal wattage rating in an app
  8. The max output of the 2kw gotway motor used in the tesla is around 6000-7000watt The reason it's a 2000 watt motor is because i cannot sustain such high power for long
  9. You can only mount a 2,125 2.5 you need to basically carve out the shell, anr place the control board higher. I saw one guy did it using expansing foam, but it was still barely good enough. Water could easily get to the board. So a 3.0 would be impossible, stick to buying 2.125.
  10. Foam is literally made for shock absorption. So just the basic physichs in what you are saying. Is wrong.
  11. No need for that lol Just get a foam roll, and a strap. Then you are good to go. Tape works too. But just cover that thing in foam.
  12. I can't get enough of this track @meepmeepmayer Im sure you will like it too
  13. i dont think is will work. well maybe. but its more trouble than its worth
  14. Shad0z

    InMotion V8f

    As for me, weighing 97kg, 400wh would be enough for short trips. But considering i could even want more range than what my msx delivers, the v8f would definitely not be right for me. But for someone doing shorts trips who needs something fairly compact it would be ok. But i would still pick the tesla.
  15. Msx for sure, monster is more like the special wheel for when you want something different, the msx is more versatile interms of size and trolley and other thing. It rides like a dream. Just remember to cover it up with some foam roll before practising so it can take a little beating, afterwards you will be happy you got a good wheel. Just don't go too fast in the first months, you will feel too confident.
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