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  1. Which language is wheellog written in? Im a beginner in c# development I have been learning for 2 months now And have made 1 windows forms app Fairly complex Im just learning it for fun and a job later on maybe and at some point i will get into xamarin (C# cross platform mobile development) And one of my goals. Is an app for wheels
  2. May not be a mind reader. But you sure aint no logic reader either
  3. well the cables insulation was failing other places, seller sent me new charger for half price
  4. update my fast charger broke, the end of the charger fell off and was stuck in the charging port of my wheel and almost shorted it, i got it out and now i need a new charger, well. shit happens i guess
  5. Im gonna keep using my 5 amp fast charger But it doesnt charge the wheel to 100% though. So for times where i need the 100% in gonna use the gotway just to get it that little extra to top it off
  6. My standard 1.5 amp gotway charger gets really hot after about an hour of charging. And starts to smell like plastic/burnt. og like the same smell as if you open up any electronic device or wheel especially. Just more powerfull. My theory is that it may be due to the heat and that the smell is then just more powerfull cause of the heat. But could it be something else?
  7. Yeah. Now i got an msuper X. Its lile the more tanky stable version of the tesla. I love it. At first riding euc is kinda like the mini. But after being one with the wheel. The mini is far worse
  8. you should get a real euc the sbu is... meh
  9. you should desolder them, and try with some new bullet connectors, im not sure. but it could be a sign that there isnt enough connection and the solder might not be doing the job, try with bullet connectors, though i dont know for sure
  10. I used it once. Then dropped it because it hindered the learning. Dont use belt...
  11. Well one of my freinds got a unit. It cut off and didnt turn on after day 3. He faceplanted bad because of it. They didnt want to take it back and basically told him fuck you. And said they would maybe "buy" it back from him for half price... He ended up getting them to refund and return. Because he told them he would take ot to court. But they did refund. But still shameful!
  12. the tiltback starts according to speed. the beeps i think are dependent on current for sustained periods or something. i also didnt feel the tiltback when i got my msuper X at first. the first week i went above 55 kph on all rides i usually just hammered it untill i was at those speeds now that time is over and i keep a lower speed usually. but you will notice the slight tilt. though its basically non existent compared to your ninebots hehe :P but basically what you should do is to try and go 35 kph and slowly go faster and faster and try to feel the slight tiltback. when you relax more on the wheel you will not go as fast. and the tiltback will unconsiously keep you from going faster. unless you consiously think "i wanna go fast" and you push. like you do when you want to go fast but in conclution. what you have to do is just regulate your speed and stay under 60 kph mostly, that is all. if you listen to the way the motor sounds when you go that fast you will have a distict way of motor resonance you will hear. if you get used to what sound it produces at different speeds you can kindof "feel" what speed youre going. just get more used to the wheel and dont go to fast. testing limits on many things is possible. but on a euc you wont be dont testing the limit before its too late.
  13. same happened to me. but in my case it was a fall on low speed. then it spun around and the handle extendes from the rotation and got bent. i got a new handle and used some a velcro strap over it so it wont extend by itself when not used for trolleying
  14. guys. are you forgetting about all the failiure stats that the msuper v3s used to have? blown mosfets, hall sensor issues, and melting cables. the msuper X pretty much eliminates all those problems. unless its a rare case. i tried riding both v3s and i own a msx. let's put all the specs, and technical stuff aside. and just focus. on the improvement in ride feel. and owning it. + less to no failures + much better torque + mosfets you wont ever blow + harder braking in when needed + better shell with metal threads + higher angled pedals + just a generally more forgivable wheel when you ever encounter some sort of situation + bigger tire for absorbing bumps (less falls) + great tiltback implementation i could go on. and on definetly reccomend you to drop some $ on it! you won't regret it! oh. there is one minus - same battery and trolley
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