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  1. Shad0z

    How would a racing EUC look?

    Yesterday i tried racing a few other people on a bmx track with our eucs, pretty fun but i was sbout to fall pff at one point haha ๐Ÿ˜† thats the downside, eucs arent racing machines.
  2. 94kg ans 189cm and also how is the things in the video going to help? Then my knees start to hurt? its just making it worse
  3. thats the problem i had, but my arches are almost non existent... so it hurt a lot, now it doesnt hurt, but im left with a cracrkling sound in my knee that can turn into a problem if untreated, and my doctor just told me to loose 5kg... im not that overweight, should be possible, but still, there should be something else i could do?
  4. Shad0z

    Msuper x charging issues.

    if it was a shortcut the battery would have turned into a bomb... its just that the electricity jumps from the battery to the empty cspacitors on the board
  5. Shad0z

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    I alreadt did the mod today 5 hours ago, its very easy, and wow, now my feet arent trying to stand ona n edge but on a pedal! now this wheel is all good!
  6. Shad0z

    MsuperX Pedal Angle Adjustment

    I did this mod, wow, now my feet feel โ€œflatโ€ again, before it was like trying to stand on a sideways wall.. and its not too hard either, get a high grit file, and just start filing, then put them on and see, then file, and check how the angle looks, then file until desired result, very very easy and quick
  7. Shad0z

    World map of EUC riders

    Pinning a thread is only by an admin, and it makes a little green star on it and shows it in a catagory
  8. Shad0z

    World map of EUC riders

    @John Eucist can you pin this thread?
  9. Shad0z

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    @mrelwood can you explain how you made the pedal angle lower? I really want mine down mainly becuase of some kneee issues that aill get worsened if i keep riding with these steep pedals
  10. Shad0z

    Losing your virginity

    i agree, but dont think most 15 year olds ride around with 100$ bikes they all need to be "manly" so they get a "real" bike for their short 3 km commute to school... looks cool enough.. meh a little much for city commuting... but well they gotta do what they gotta do to be manly... when i first tried a segway mini pro, i just knew, this was it, so i got one, then i noticed my mistake, and got an euc, never been happier! its expensive, but a few dominos delivery days a week and selling some of my things, and i managed somehow, by magic to get 1400 eur for a gotway tesla and thats my story
  11. Shad0z

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    ok doesnt matter, its not me who needs it, one of my freinds has a z10 and he is just curious when the support for the z10 will be released, thats all then i told him i can see what i can find out, i think we can wait for it to be released im really enjoying your app!
  12. Shad0z

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    How to get te beta?
  13. Shad0z

    Dogs and your unicycle

    i know, but if dogs were supposed to get very annoyed by the whine sound or some other sounds we cant hear coming from eucs then the owner would definetly be able to see the dog react in some way no matter who is the owner
  14. Shad0z

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    @Ilya Shkolnik will ninebot z10 support be added soon? I tried connecting a z10 to darkness bot, it connects but all the parameters are just showing the loading symbol forever. is this a bug? Or are you gonna add support for it?