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When will we see an 84V, KingSong 16"


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23 minutes ago, DaveThomasPilot said:

The title says it all.

Gotta wait a month to get a 16s.   Maybe I should keep waiting.

There have been absolutly NONE rumours about a 16inch 84Volt Kingsong....

The only and first 84Volt wheel seams to be the 18L...and even that will need some time!

Thinking about the Ks16 shell how it is today and that it perfectly fits to 64 cells....they would need to develop a completly new shell to fit at least 80cells in it! So i dont think a 16inch 84Volt wheel will happen soon.

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2 hours ago, KingSong69 said:

That are all good Points!

On the other Hand i understand that they now have decided to develop the 18L.... Since 2 years we all told them the KS18 is ugly as hell and we want a 18inch with a  kS16 formfactor/design.

I guess the Msuper V3 numbers where not that bad, too. So sure there is a market for a compact-trolley driven 18inch wheel.

Unfortunatly KS is very bad at Marketing....They had shown the 18L much to early, so now the 18S selling numbers sure have gone down more (although the 18S is a fantastic wheel)

Gotway is great at coming up with interesting names for all of their wheels (the Monster, really?) which certainly helps generate buzz. KingSong continues with exciting names like 18S, L, X, etc.

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