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Poor experience with eBay seller: FREEMOTIONSHOP


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Hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience with the eBay seller FREEMOTIONSHOP

I purchased a V5F+ from them in October. From the get go, there were concerns.

1. He simply copied the ewheels website for his item description (see picture)

2. He didn't have the item in stock even though the ad said otherwise, which delayed the arrival to about 2 weeks.

3. The receipt I got was of a lower price than I paid, when I asked, he said he was doing that to avoid paying taxes.

4. Worst of all, the wheel DIED after 1 month of very tame riding. Dumped me off abruptly, injuring my right knee. 

What followed was a long aggravating back and forth with the seller. He first accused me of water damage, then said he only has a 14 day return policy, finally asking me to contact inmotion in China vs. a cheap ninebot as replacement.

So what I learned through this whole experience is that where you buy your wheel matters. There is an expected failure rate with these things and when that happens, is the seller going to be on your side?


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I can -1 that, for that dealer.

When I ordered my V3Pro, it never made it to my house after a 2 week trip from Canada. UPS was at fault for losing it, though, so I couldn't blame them, however it was a big blocker.

Communication with the dealer was good, however and he sent me a replacement. However the replacement was not the color I wanted.

Then, when I tried to recharge it, it did not work. After hours and hours of troubleshooting , going on this forum, and getting help from @Jason McNeil, I realized it was a bad battery/control board. The dealer DID pay for shipping back, and give me refund.

6 weeks later UPS found the first one, but by then @Jason McNeil had quickly sent me a good unit.

Basically, it took several weeks just to get what I wanted, and that dealer could not even get one to me that worked.

I felt lucky to get my money back, but for all the time and energy I put into it, it cost me a bit more than just money. 

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8 minutes ago, Propulsion said:

Thanks for sharing, this was not the way I was looking forward to entering the EUC community :/

This seller was mentioned here before.

When i remember it correctly, even when @Jason McNeil asked him to remove ewheels from his advertising, Jason was just ignored!

So now its the 2nd or 3rd time someone had probs with that "freemotionshop"...

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17 minutes ago, Propulsion said:

He's refusing to take any responsibility at this point and told me "ask @Jason McNeil to fix it for you."  How do people like this stay in business? 

Thats really ridiculous! Have you seen that, @Jason McNeil??? For People that dont know this Forum, and guess that's your ebay account, he is even damaging your Reputation. Perhaps Jason can announce foulplay on ebay? I have no clue :-(


@Propulsion I wasn't that Long on ebay...but perhaps you have used PayPal and have some protection over that?

At least you should give him a bad rating...

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