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Mini PLUS official prices released for UK, Germany & Netherland

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That is "kinda expensive" :blink1:.
I imported my Mini PLUS from China for 450Euro (shipping free...crazy lol) beginning of 2018 on a flash sale and it survived the train/truck trip to Sweden and my fingers survived a lot of nervous nail biting:D

Double the price in Europe, but I guess warranty would work smoother (which Im sure it wont do on China import)
and dont even bring up delivery time which is crazy from China since its not allowed in aero planes due to batteries (6 weeks for mine to arrive and ZERO tracking...even after 20 messages to customer support (who replid nicely but did nothing) and it was included in chosen shipping option ). 

Though allready now (after like 10-15km) I want to go faster so started looking for unicycle :D

Though my Plus will serve its purpose when shopping, going to parties (a bit less balance needed lol) and when i feel like "walking the electric dog" - must be a neat way to meet fellow dog owners LOL

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