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Power Button Doesn't Stay On Anymore!

Anna Leonid

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I just got an electric Mohoo Unicycle off of Ebay about a month ago. Yesterday, my husband hit a bump too fast. He hopped off and is fine, but the unicycle went head over wheel several times. The only thing broken is the power button. If you hold it down it totally works. Engages the battery and motor and everything. But if you don't keep your finger on the button it immediatley turns off. 


We've opened up the part with all the wires (no warranty on this one, so all repairs are up to us!), and all the connections seem fine. I am not an electrician... so I don't know much about what we're doing here. Hopefully someone on here has had the same problem and/or knows how to fix ours!



Ben & Anna





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Was it a "latching" kind of button? You know, the kind that stays "down" and then comes up after pressed again (like a pen). I suspect the fault can be entirely mechanical (the latching mechanism of the button has broken), and it just won't stay down to keep the power on. Try replacing the button (those cost probably something like $0.50).

EDIT: Make sure to mark down the wiring before removing them. There are four wires, so I guess the button was the kind that lights up when the power is on. Two wires are the actual connection powering the wheel, the two others are the power wires for the LED lighting up the button. The LED is probably purely ornamental, you can get a button without it too, just tape the led-power wires up, so they can't go shorting anything.


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Either kind of switch should be easy to find. Just measure everything carefully to make sure the replacement is the right size. Here's a switch that might work for example, it's a latching type: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/switch/32360316596.html

To change the switch you will need a soldering iron and some heat shrink tubing. You can get those locally or find someone who does a hobby like nodebots or RC models and they'll have the skills/materials to do the work.

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It's probably a 16mm button, as this looks similar (and I think it's the same one as I have on the Firewheel):


Although I'd except to find same buttons for much cheaper than $6.88

http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIY-Self-Latching-Locking-Blue-LED-Logo-Push-Button-Switch-16mm-12V-Boat-/171885867811?hash=item2805323323   1.65€ (around 2$?)

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