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Found 5 results

  1. Hi folks, I sometimes accidentally lift my Gotway ACM 1300wh when it's still on. I know I should not. Then it starts spinning like hell. I know that's normal. But it looks to be impossible to turn it off while it's spinning ? The only way is to wait that it automatically turns off ? People around me were being scared by the beeps Thanks for any suggestion !
  2. I installed this switch so i can turn off the alarm. It's so i dont have to hear the alarm all the way back home from somewhere when my battery is low. Once ive heard the alarm i know to take is slow and not push it.
  3. I wanted a cooler power button, so I went ahead and added a toggle switch with waterproof cover and missile style security cover. Momentary toggle switch with waterproof boot Security Cover Its a tight fit and had to use my own washers as the ones the switch came with were too small. But it came out awesome and works perfect.
  4. I had an idea and will do this once i get another battery pack.. a simple solution for using 2 or more battery packs is to put in a switch. This way using a decent 20 to 30 amp switch i can simply put the other pack in parallel wired with a switch that allows either one or the other to be connected to the controller. Then each pack is charged separately and powers the wheel separately. So while riding once im down to one led i can switch to the other pack and while charging i charge one pack and then switch to the other to charge it, this way no shunting circuit is needed and no problems with one pack charging the other. Keeps it simple and safe. Just need to work out how to fit the second pack inside the housing. If it doesnt fit i can make it external and still use the switch option.
  5. Hello! I just got an electric Mohoo Unicycle off of Ebay about a month ago. Yesterday, my husband hit a bump too fast. He hopped off and is fine, but the unicycle went head over wheel several times. The only thing broken is the power button. If you hold it down it totally works. Engages the battery and motor and everything. But if you don't keep your finger on the button it immediatley turns off. We've opened up the part with all the wires (no warranty on this one, so all repairs are up to us!), and all the connections seem fine. I am not an electrician... so I don't know much about what we're doing here. Hopefully someone on here has had the same problem and/or knows how to fix ours! Thanks! Ben & Anna
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