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Inflate tire of KingSong KS-16S


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You don't realize it, but you have it good compared to some wheels (e.g. MSuper V3). It's usually OK to pull the valve slightly away from the rim, enough to get the hose attachment on. Do not twist the valve because that's the weakest part of the tube and you could rupture it. Use just enough pressure to move it just enough to get the hose on it (or an adapter such as @Hunka Hunka Burning Love recommends, which I actually use on all of my wheels).

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51 minutes ago, Geoffroy said:


I am a rookie.  How I am supposed to inflate the tire when the tip is in the groove (see the picture) ?

Can I twist it without damaging it, or have some kind of extension to fix in it my inflator ? Any idea ?

Thank you


My ACM is easy.  On the MSuper its a different story.  What I do is just let most of the air out of the tire so I have more play with the valve to get the chuck on.  Then just fill it up to desired PSI and remove chuck.  Simple, easy, no money involved....................................................................................

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I'm having a similar issue. I bought a little angle adaptor. Screwing it on basically deflated the tire. I was then able to inflate the tire using my mechanical bike pump to the PSI I wanted. However, removing the angle adaptor let out a lot of air. Now I have no idea what the pressure actually is. I'm not sure I can manage holding one of these valve extensions onto the valve at the same time that I pump the bike pump. Do I have to get an electrical bike pump along with one of these extensions? Or, is there one of these extensions that can be clipped on and off quickly enough that it won't let out too much air? For instance, would this work?

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