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  1. I advise you to consult your seller to do it, or to tell you how.
  2. Kuji review, for what?. If he did not detect any of the problems that all the early testers have detected, such as flat pedals, oscillations, foot vibrations, etc.
  3. In the day of the driver's saint, San Cristóbal, at Buñol (Valencia -Spain), has participated 'Autoescuela Dummy' that take part with 2 cars and 4 electric unicycles. As you can see the participation has been numerous with all kinds of vehicles, although the great attraction has been our wheels.
  4. Does anyone know what the configuration of this 84V battery might be? Battery: 1600wh + 259WH = 1859WH
  5. You should contact with your dealer.
  6. I'm also curious to know if the same thing will happen on the Nikola 100V Plus
  7. I see two large packages that must have 60 cells each, and the small package on one side that must have 24 cells. I don't like the 24 accessory cells are all on one side. This is about 1200 grams more on one side than on the other, which can make the wheel somewhat unstable and uncomfortable to drive.
  8. I've bought 18XL and the weight is 23'4Kg, but the specifications say 25Kg. Can anyone tell me the weight of the 18L? Thanks
  9. And what is the weight of 18L and 18XL?
  10. Ok, I will reinforce the connector with that silicone paste. I did not notice the led lights, I'll look at it next time.
  11. No, I didn't use white gluey stuff Ok, I will
  12. It started suddenly two weeks ago, I don't relate it to anything. I felt very bewildered because I've ridden 7.500Km with this wheel, and I had never experienced anything like it. Fortunately this happens at a low speed, and I have not had injuries, but I am very frustrated.
  13. Thank you for your study of the log. After the incident with the wheel I was constantly forcing it to try to reproduce the problem, accelerations and strong braking, but it wasn't repeated again. I'm not a technician, I contacted Chris who sold me the batteries and the motherboard. Maybe I need to send him the wheel for testing. I'm sure this analysis you've made will be useful to him to diagnose the problem.
  14. 2019_05_19_12_37_13.csv
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