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  1. Augus


    The green ways in Spain are old railway routes reconverted into pedestrian and personal mobility vehicles paths. This is between Benicasim and Oropesa, in Castellón (Spain).
  2. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    Yes, today Chris told me I was charging the batteries badly ('power outlet' instead 'charge in'). However, both batteries had two dead cells with 0V, which caused the rest to overload up to 4'4V. I also loaded the new battery that he sold me in the same way without any problem, because all the cells are perfect. Now I know the cells overload is my own fault but what is clear is both batteries already had 2 dead cells (0V), with only one year old.
  3. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    Yes, I'm sure that from now on, I'm going to charge 80-90%. I already had the 'Charge-Doctor' but I didn't use it just yet.
  4. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    He didn't tell me, and I didn't think to send him the battery to analyze it, but now that the second one is ruined, I'll tell him.
  5. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    Well, in fact I've already bought a battery in '1radwerkstatt', and when I went to mount it I realized that the other was also damaged. The image is the new battery.
  6. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    Now it marks 4'3v, but 2hours ago it was 4'4v. Both batterypacks, and two cells each side (one group 2P each side). The weird thing is that it's both sides.
  7. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    I make a video and upload it to see how I do..
  8. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    The batteries are 1 year, I don't know the reason. I usually use a 5A charger, and I always charge at 100%. The two batteries have been ruined. The two cells in a parallel group are damaged.
  9. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    I've measured one by one, putting the tester on anode and cathode.
  10. Augus

    KS16S, damaged battery

    Hi, My battery has been ruined. A group of cells is dead, with a voltage of 0V. The rest marks 4'3-4'4V. Do you think that the rest of the cells can be damaged by overvoltage?, is it better not to use them, and changing the whole battery? Regards.
  11. My question now arises that it is worth more, if I repair the battery considering that it has 6000Km and can start to fail more cells in a short time, or buy new battery.
  12. The second battery has charged up to 66'1V. The other one up to 62'3V. I think both batteries are deteriorated.
  13. I've tried with two chargers and two boards. Now I'm charging the batteries directly from the charger. One does not load more, and the other looks like it is loading more... wait to see if it loads to 67'2V.
  14. But I have tried to disconnect 1 battery and load the only connected, and still not load to 100%. I've done this with both batteries.
  15. It's the same without Charge Doctor. I usually charge at 100%, do not use usually Charge Doctor.