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  1. The problem is a widespread phenomenon, and has to do with a shortage of electronic components, so that EUC manufacturers are producing very few wheels. In my case I have requested a refund from 'EUCService' after waiting 3 months for a RS C38, and they told me that Gotway is having trouble getting mosfets to make the motherboards. So it turns out that these sellers had a wheel supply expectations that has not been met, and now they have a lot of buyers waiting. I also think that could be the seller was interested in returning the money, because in the waiting time the price of the w
  2. Impressive research work . Can I hire you to locate my wheel that I ordered on April 22nd?
  3. Thanks, I have already spoken with Daniel and he says that my wheel is in customs in Poland, and it is possible that I will have it this month
  4. I ordered my RS C38 on April 27 at EUCService.com, and still waiting. What worries me is that on their web all the products are out of stock, they don't sell anything, and they don't reply to my email.
  5. EMA, can you describe both situations and the ideal solution for each of them? Thank you
  6. EMA, can you upload the 'stl' file of spacing ring to Thingiverse?. Thanks
  7. In Spain: Speed limitation to 25Km / h. You can circulate in the city by bike path, and any street with one lane in each direction. Forbidden to circulate on the city sidewalk, and inter-urban roads.
  8. Off-topic . You can better post that in this thread https://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/10-mods-repairs-diy/
  9. Hi StealthPhoenix, I join Jirkamak's request. Could you give an explanation with some image or graphic about how to solve it? Thanks
  10. But hadn't you canceled the order for the RS 19?
  11. Very good range. I'm already looking forward to my RS HT.
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