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  1. Very good range. I'm already looking forward to my RS HT.
  2. This was answered on Gotway when I asked about the two versions. "Hello friend. The acceleration of C38 is more stable and the motor is more energy-saving. If you weigh more than 80 kg, for example. or you like mountain climbing, please choose the C38 version. If you're light and you ride mostly on flat ground, you can choose the C30"
  3. So if it does hardly anything, do you advise disconnecting the original fan?
  4. Augus


    The landscape does not interest us too much, but the wheel. Try to show it more.
  5. It seems that the current production will prioritize the RS over the others.
  6. Hi, I have bought the RS and the seller says that the C30 (speed version) will be the first to be produced, and that the C38 (torque version) will take longer. I do routes 50% on flat terrain, and 50% off-road through mountains. If the RS C30 is going to have the same poor torque as the MSX I would go for the C38 for sure, but it is something I do not know. What would you do, C38 or C30?
  7. I bought MSP, 4 days later the RS came out, and they accepted the change. However I am concerned about being from the first batch.
  8. Why do you say the MSP is faulty from the beginning? All the reviews I have read speak wonders of the MSP.
  9. I think the RS is worth buying versus the MSP. New larger pedals, headlight corrected so that it does not disturb pedestrians, larger center bearing, buzzer will be heard better, disconnect button under the handle, illuminated logo, new front and rear LEDs, double charging port with cover on the button panel .
  10. Jason Ken (Chicway) told me that they have problems with payments in general, and that they would be fixed this week.
  11. Augus


    I don't see the wheel
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