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Electric Vehicle Subsidies


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Although not yet formally presented and parliament-approved, it looks like Swedish government will propose a subsidy on electric vehicles (notably "electric bikes and scooters")  as part of a 'green' incentive for the year 2018. From what I understand, you will receive a 25 percent reduction on the price of the most common electric vehicles up to a maximum of 10 000 SKr (~1250 USD). What is hidden within "the most common" remains to be seen but I certainly hope they won't require a minimum number of wheels... 

The bonus is purposely not applied to purchases of regular bikes as the idea is to reach new categories of travelers/commuters who aren't using bikes today, anyway. I say: the sooner the better and I am not going to protest but personally I don't think I can wait a year to get my next wheel. Contrary to what you may think, distributors are not entirely happy as the subsidy will likely throw a wet blanket over sales until it is in place.

I believe there are several countries around the world including Sweden that are currently subsidizing electric cars and this is what most people talk about today but I haven't heard of any governments boosting common PLEV usage yet.


Link to article in Swedish

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The higher you climb the socio-economic ladder the greater your subsidies. Electric car subsidies are enormous compared to "lesser" vehicles. I'm not aware of any e-bikes or EUC subsidies at all, and I've looked.

As we've seen in our parking lot topic, e-cars and gas cars put out about the same pollutants because their infrastructure requirements are exactly the same due to their same form factor. It seems to me that if subsidies are out there to encourage e-vehicles then they should be placed on vehicles that get the most bang for their buck.

To me, subsidies should be given from greater to lesser to the following since they have the best bang for their buck.

--Tiny electric transports such as EUC, bikes, trikes that need no parking spots. Give most of your dollars to these guys.

--Then bigger golf-carts, short ranged, urban transport that take up a small parking spot.

--Teslas and other large vehicles. You don't need to give dollars to rich people who are virtue-signalling.

Right now, we've got it ass-backwards.

As a specific example, California will soon start "matching" dollars, which apparently means over $17,000 in subsidies for each Model 3 car! Methinks simply buying, oh 25 EUC's, or 10 or so e-bikes, and giving them to urban dwellers would have a far far bigger bang for your tax dollar.

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