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  1. I have them both (well 14S, not D) and they are both great wheels. I would give the edge to the V8 for its larger pedals, thinner body and slightly more stable 16" riding. Your preferences may differ from mine but I also like the taller trolley handle of the V8 (I am 1.8m/83kg) since I often need to walk it. Though either one, you can't go wrong.
  2. Snurre


    I can think of one on the top of my legs...
  3. I have both the wheels that you are eyeing and these are my thoughts about my own personal commute (you may have emphasis on other variables than mine). The mten is a great and fun wheel but less suited for commuting: it lacks a trolley handle, is not comfortable to carry for long distances and takes more concentration to ride than bigger wheels when riding in busy traffic. The KS14S is a very good commuter wheel in my opinion. It is very nimble and unobtrusive when riding among pedestrians and it is fast enough when riding among bikers. It does however come with a couple of drawbacks: althoug
  4. Oh, I wouldn't be so sure! Next week is another week...
  5. - No way! You can't do that. / - Have you ever considered a longer detour when your regular path might be icy/muddy/slippery?
  6. Did anyone actually succeed in turning off the startup message? I got my KS14S today and took it for a 5km ride to unlock the speeds. I turned off the "voice controls" but I still managed to scare a bypassing old lady who thought I was addressing her when the wheel started to shout "HELLO KINGSONG! BLOODTOOTH IS OFF".
  7. The price you mention is what eWheels charge for the 14S (larger battery than 14D) but maybe there is more to the deal you made. This dealer is 100% reliable and always offers fair deals. WheelLog is an excellent app, currently maintained by @palachzzz and I understand it works well with the KingSong wheels. Many of us use it instead of the custom apps. You can search the forum for "WheelLog" to get more information. I don't have any experience with KingSong so I can't give you any advice on the firmware but there have been warnings about updating on iOS phones. Again, search the for
  8. Another parameter to play with is the forward/backward ANGLE of the foot rests which is readily available through the Inmotion app. For me on my V8 I actually found the best setting to be a slight forward tilt. And reiterating what has been said above: - Shoes: My supremely comfortable and light-weight sneakers with thick soft soles are profoundly uncomfortable to ride with. Hard soles are the best. - Foot stance: forward/backward placement of course but don't overlook the toe-in/toe-out parameter. In the beginning I was experiencing some discomfort by riding with my feet strictly pa
  9. Snurre


    In reality, I bet your audience is way bigger than will fit in that amphitheater. Nice moves! With respect to your profession, maybe I should invite you to ride in the Gustavianum anatomical theater in my hometown: "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you REHAB1 who will now perform an autopsy with a leaf-blower while riding on an electric unicycle!"
  10. Who will be the first to create a mono version of this (and electric, of course)? A UniTank: I often turn a thumbs-down at those new rideables that are either fun or practical but never both. This one caught my eye, though. The newer versions of WheelLog have warning sounds through the phone. I have yet to try this function (reaching for my phone but alas -- I forgot it at work) and if I recall correctly you can set speed limits but not (yet) power or battery warnings.
  11. Yep! I have now changed all four light strips and that did the job. Strange that four different strips with individual connectors all went bad simultaneously -- I was convinced that it was some faulty common circuitry. Thanks to @Jason McNeil who (of course) had this covered with his suggestion to change them all.
  12. My problem too. I do have a set of new light strips from Jason but I have been procrastinating... Here is another one that appears just like mine:
  13. That makes two of us: precisely the way I have it most of the time. Good idea and perhaps ideal with the razor lock. I was considering a simple modification in the form of a short piece of pipe with a flange that could be glued on, enclosing the button but still accessible with your thumb. This probably lends itself well to a 3D-printer so I plan to talk to my friend, the mechanical engineer.
  14. Not that I have any experience with the 18S but have you tried changing to a little more toe-out stance? When you bend your legs this will push your knees more outwards and I find this helpful for some of my activities.
  15. Yes, I enjoy your 360's -- it's great that you can pan around and even zoom when viewing full screen.
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