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Monster & ACM updates...

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Hi all.

Just an update on where I am with my recovery, Monster and ACM. Sorry if I waffle on.

Recovery - My eye is still very sensitive and I'm still missing half an eyebrow though the battle scar is pretty impressive. My chest seems to have stopped hurting so much when using my left arm/moving about/not comfortable. My right wrist was feeling OK until my eldest daughter went to, jokingly, knee me in the leg earlier when we were being silly and my natural reflex was to block her... OUCH! My right arm and elbow had been quite good until I stupidly decided to unbox my Monster again, finally, and open my ACM to see what's up.I still can't straighten my arm and both my wrist and elbow click/crack when I move my hand/arm about.

I'm hoping I haven't done anything to my neck as near where I had my op and where the problem area is has been a bit more painful than usual and my neck cracks and crunches as I turn my head which I think it did before the accident but not as much.

Monster - It's been sat, boxed up, since Ian sent it back to me just as I had the accident. When I turned it on it started to roll backwards slightly. I realise this is likely due to the weight of the tow batteries at the back. When I put it up on blocks to see if it needed calibrating possibly it span up to full speed even though straight - I forgot to note which way the wheel span. Maybe it needed calibration after moving the parts from one shell to another? or maybe it was like this previously and I didn't notice? Anyway after a few attempts the Gotway app finally did it. It's currently on charge and I'm going to be going slowly on it initially to make sure all's well. Ian says the wiring is fine and everything connected/fitted right but take it easy just in case. Hopefully all is good and all three batteries work fine. I'll know more when I am able to get out and test the range after this charge.

ACM - I shouldn't have, because it hurt my wrist and arm, but I couldn't wait any longer to take a look inside. For some reason the pedal isn't for coming off, even though I've taken them off previously, so I struggled to get the side panel off then back on after checking.

It looks like the axle has snapped? The nut doesn't seem loose but the axle wobbles quite easily. I can't see any board damage so think it needs a new motor all together? Speedyfeet don't have stock of the motor in, currently, but I've asked Ian for a quote on him replacing it for me so I know it's done right. I am weary about self repairs after the Monster arcing incident and the ACM already throwing me off due to a fault. I'd be happier knowing it was done properly by someone with plenty of experience. I might also email Graham Goodbarn of Yorkshire Airwheels, where I purchased it, in case he is confident enough to do the repair, as he was fantastic with my early ACM issues and offered to do the board change previously but looking at the website I don't think he has stock either. 


To be very honest, after the accident and with the time that has past since, I am getting more and more anxious about riding again. Especially the bigger and heavier Monster. I am going to go look for some protective gear this week, ready for going back to work next week (if I've recovered enough to ride) as I want to get an idea of the sizes I need before ordering some decent stuff online. Ian said he's getting some D30 gear around Christmas and I think that's the way I want to go.

My only awkward decision is the helmet. With how I fell from the ACM, and seeing the video of the girl falling from a standard unicycle and hearing the sound her face made, I know a full face is likely the best idea but mostly when going to and from work I ride at a quite sedate pace along the pavements - if someone was to see me on the pavement with a full face helmet it may draw more negative attention - especially from police? My longer rides out with my girls, around the lake and along the canal would probably be ok with the full face. In the two years of riding without a serious incident I was confident I knew what I and my wheels were capable of and felt secure and safe BUT after the ACM fault and reading about peoples other recent Gotway incidents with the newer models I don't feel safe now BUT it's my mobility seeing as I can't walk or ride a bicycle due to my problems so I need to get my confidence back.

Sorry for the waffle, thanks for reading and any advice that may follow :)  


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Sorry to hear you are still mending. Hope you get there soon. I just reviewed two full face helmets with removable chin guards that might work for you in both your mentioned riding scenarios. Have a look in the safety forum.

I'd be interested to know what D3O gear he is getting. I've seen the stunt man stuff by Xion but it looked too hot. Check out the protective clothing by G-Form. It uses non newtonian padding just like D3O. I just ordered a load of it and will review it when I get chance. It's all compression fit stuff so is base layer clothing that is great for stealth protection that doesn't worry others. It provides some good coverage of key areas including elbows, and knees (to motorcycle certified protection levels if desired (the Elite versions)), tail bone, pelvis, ribs, shoulders, and clavicle. Nothing in the spine area though. For that I ordered a spine protector by POC called the Spine VRB 2.0 which is also non newtonian but for me I think it might be overkill... For you, with your back issues, maybe not.

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Forget the wheels for now, and maybe go to a doctor to check everything is as ok with you as it can be given the circumstances. What you describe with your neck does not sound fun.

I would strongly recommend going to an orthopedic specialist. Maybe a bit early for that, but if I were you I'd definitely do that sooner or later. It's not just broken bones (which the doctor can also say something about), but possibly the entire system being out of whack due to the crash. Don't underestimate things like this and get them checked.

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