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  1. In case anyone would like to make a small donation or share for me on social networks I have created a GoFundMe page to try and get a more suitable chair. I was out Monday or Tuesday (hard to remember with the brainfog) then as I was struggling I didn't go out again until yesterday to go to an opticians appointment with my eldest. Because I was still struggling I struggled navigating the shop and gaps I shouldn't have problems with. When I got home I had a CFS crash and I have crashed twice today and don't remember anything of the day so far. A more suitable chair will have tilt and
  2. It's very hard going from being active to being so limited and relying on the wheelchair for my freedom. Using the chair is painful still and the limitations it brings are frustrating - range and terrain then because of my memory issues and brain fog I get disoriented in places I used to visit regularly. Unfortunately anything that may boost energy actually has the opposite affect and can cause a "crash" where I have to sleep. The only thing I can try and do is pace myself but I don't even know my limits to be able to do that properly. I'm currently looking at other chairs but t
  3. It's been building up over around 10 years or more, thinking back to when I was first unable to cycle distances. Had it been picked up on earlier I could have been advised to pace myself sooner and possibly not been as bad by now but, also, had they not picked up on the compression of my spinal cord I wouldn't have had an op to relieve pressure at C5/C6 in 2015 (surgeon didn't do the C6/C7 as it wasn't as bad at the time but I've had constant neck pain since so unsure what's going on there) so maybe things could have been worse. Unfortunately pain aggravates the condition so my spin
  4. Hello to anyone that's still around that remembers me. 🙂 It's been a while. I hope everyone is well and still rolling along on whatever EUC's they have nowadays. I've seen some I'd love to try and am very jealous. 🙂 This is a long one so bear with me. Unfortunately I had my last ride on my ACM2 in November 2019. After trying an e-bike for a few months, that made worsened the problems I was having due to partially unknown medical issues (I have lumbar spine degenerative disease and compression of the spinal cord at C6/C7 but something else was going on meaning I was able to do l
  5. No it won't... It's got 227 in 4 months so it needs 9773 in 2 months... I've seen petitions for things that people feel really strongly about not even make it. I'm just being realistic.
  6. and we still won't get nearly 10,000 signatures by October... There's been 12 signatures in 9 days...
  7. Hopefully it's only the connectors damaged and they can be replaced. When this happened to me with my Monster both batteries were damaged and needed replacing. I could only replace one at the price of them I think my problem was that when the connectors arced and melted bis dropped onto the batteries and burned through.
  8. There's absolutely no chance at all there will be 10,000 signatures by October when there's only just over 200 in 4 months. There probably aren't that many riders in the world let alone in the UK. It's probably best to keep our heads down and hope we don't get idiots interested that ride recklessly and give the majority a bad name. Mostly Police ignore us few that ride carefully & respectful of others.
  9. Not a chance 10,000 will be reached by October 2018 - currently 215. There's not that many EUC riders in the world likely let alone in the UK
  10. Ouch at that rim damage. I've gone up a few curbs and bumped the rim (lets me know I need more air lol) and as for glass... my route to work usually includes a couple of subways and on the ramp out there's often broken glass I need to dodge. So far where tires are concerned I've had no punctures in around 2.5years of riding on 4 wheels now. My comment regarding Gotway's sub-par materials and dodgy electronics isn't just this rim issue but their axle on the original ACM snapping and shim? problems for some (on the Monster), plus the poor Monster case design (I dropped mine on the second day o
  11. Gotway and their sub-par materials and dodgy electronics really worry me. I suppose in such a niche market it doesn't pay to make things last as how many would by another? Currently my ACM2 seems to be playing nice and I've had no spills or problems. Hopefully I will get a decent run out of this ACM but I'm keep a close watch on the Ninebot One Z10. So far I've seen and heard some good things and want to see how the retail units perform but I'm thinking my next wheel, and any that follow, likely won't be a Gotway.
  12. I'm glad I don't have any sort of overheat hill and, if I did, any temptation to blow up my ACM 2 trying to get up it I don't think I've even taken it up the same steep, but short, hill I went up on my first ACM. I've had the ACM 2 nearly 2 months now and, apart from the odd scratch on the pedals, it's still in perfect condition whereas my original ACM (6 MOSFETS) was dinged up within days from cutouts. Seeing your Z10 rides is making me think one may be a good idea. Especially on parts of my canal run with large cobble stones to ride over.
  13. I REALLY liked my first ACM. Quick, responsive, comfortable ride and able to take some punishment - until the axle breaks (original ACM)... I got the Monster because I wanted more miles and a bigger wheel to cope with parts of the canal where I ride only that didn't turn out as expected. I now have the ACM 2 1300wh and love it! Everything I liked about the original ACM is even better. More powerful motor, new board, 84v and with a thicker axle I don't have to worry about it breaking, though I won't be dropping off so many curbs anyway. It also seems quieter, which is a bonus. IMO
  14. From owning and riding both the original ACM and now the ACM 2 I'd say the pedal height is the same on both and I have never had any issues with them catching. Watching one of Marty's videos it looks like the Tesla's pedals are only slightly higher than the ACM/ACM 2
  15. I am not sure when or for what he takes Paypal but when I went through the checkout process I definitely didn't get the option. As soon as it got to the Bank Transfer only payment option I emailed Dominic about it and he didn't respond even though he had only just responded to my queries regarding the price (to which he said there was a limited quantity at £1000 then the price would rise to £1400) and whether or not it came with the mudguard (to which he said only for pre-orders they would be free). So he was monitoring emails but chose to ignore my Paypal query. He may not be too ba
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