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  1. TremF

    KS16S & GW Tesla Comparison

    From owning and riding both the original ACM and now the ACM 2 I'd say the pedal height is the same on both and I have never had any issues with them catching. Watching one of Marty's videos it looks like the Tesla's pedals are only slightly higher than the ACM/ACM 2
  2. TremF

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I am not sure when or for what he takes Paypal but when I went through the checkout process I definitely didn't get the option. As soon as it got to the Bank Transfer only payment option I emailed Dominic about it and he didn't respond even though he had only just responded to my queries regarding the price (to which he said there was a limited quantity at £1000 then the price would rise to £1400) and whether or not it came with the mudguard (to which he said only for pre-orders they would be free). So he was monitoring emails but chose to ignore my Paypal query. He may not be too bad and may have sold a number of EUC's but the lack of any information/reviews online is worrying and the extremely low price even more so as if he does get any he won't get them that cheap and definitely won't honour the price unless he can swallow that much loss per wheel. I think I'll wait for proper release and a few more riders trying it out before I decide to take the plunge. If I do I'll be turning to SpeedyFeet.
  3. TremF

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I'm sorry to say you've likely lost that cash now and you aren't going to see a Ninebot One Z10 for that price. I almost jumped at it but big alarm bells rang loud and clear when they said bank transfer only. When something is too good to be true it likely is and in this case....
  4. TremF

    Causes of your accidents

    The cause of my worst accident, on my first ACM, was the axle breaking. The axle was probably weakened by dropping off curbs from time to time. When it went I heard a crack and stopped to check for visible damage. I couldn't see anything so carried on on my way to work but very slowly paying a lot of attention to the ACM to see if I could hear or feel anything else. After a few hundred yards it gave up on my and just dropped me to the floor causing my worst injuries ever let alone in over two years of riding. The solution is for Gotway to not use such thin/weak axles. I now have the ACM 2 which is a massive upgrade, internally, over my original ACM including a thicker axle. Although thicker I still haven't gone dropping off any curbs since getting it.
  5. TremF

    100V Monster water intrusion vulnerabilities

    Wow! Way to go Gotway! The first Monster (very expensive) suffers with a poorly designed case - especially around the top/handle/lights areas and now the new 100v (also very expensive) also suffers with easily taking on water. I used to commute in all weathers on my Monster so a problem/risk like this would have been seriously bad for me. When you're paying that sort of money for a machine you definitely don't want stupid little faults that end up costing even more money. It's not worth throwing so much money at such a pricey EUC because you lose even more if you sell on. I think it's about time Gotway spent more time looking at SAFETY! Their problems could end up killing someone. I hope you get this waterproofing sussed out and that your repair costs aren't too high, in particular you don't have any damaged batteries because the price of those is ridiculous. Stay safe!
  6. Wow... It seems I might get the 40+ miles after all. Before I set off on my ride, last week, the ACM2 battery was 100% and the apps (Gotway, Wheelinfo & WheelLog) all showed 113 miles or 181km. Currently my battery level is 29-31%, depending on the app, and the apps all show 152 miles or 244km which is a difference of 39 miles or 63km so far. I'm going to risk not charging the ACM2 tonight and ride to and from work again tomorrow. I know I am going to be into the 20% beeps so will either do the same route as today or a shorter one depending on the frequency and annoyance of the beeps
  7. Who could have known? My nerves on the Monster, after the ACM accident, was my biggest influence and two wheels are safer than one, they just can't go in as many places I feel confident again on the ACM2 and in soft mode it does feel like it glides along better and smoother than the original ACM. Also I get a more positive reaction while riding the ACM 2 than the big ugly e-bike which adds to the feelgood factor. hehe. I get what you're saying and totally agree. I do keep thinking of sticking to a nice cruise speed but like on the e-bike, where I sometimes peddled faster than the assist could take me, I keep giving in to temptation At least I know I can get more than the 25 miles I used to get on my original 820wh ACM. I might set the tiltback to kick in at 15mph and see how that influences the range.
  8. If my calculations are correct then I might get 40-45 miles on a charge which will be perfect for me if I am able to take advantage of that mileage. My only problem is that I don't like riding when the beeps start at around 20% battery. Mostly I was just cruising along at whatever speed the ACM2 likes to sit at. It was only on my return journey that I pushed it, especially along my favourite part of the canal. I'm riding in Soft mode now too as I find it hurts my feet and legs less and also softens some of the bumps along the canal enabling a more comfortable, and faster, ride whilst possibly giving a little more mileage.
  9. I still haven't gotten around to a proper range test yet. I'm still struggling with my condition though I finally have permission to work one day a week from home so hopfully that will help ease things. I did manage a ride yesterday though. In total it was 27 miles and I had 41% battery left. The maximum speed I went was 26mph on a nice stretch of canal path. The ride was cut short by the amount of pain I was in distracting me from enjoying myself. I actually wanted to turn around at 3 miles but a few rest breaks helped me go further. To say I'm suffering today is an understatement. I'm hoping it's still the worsened effects from riding the e-bike and that the working from home and riding the ACM2 will help get back to more manageable pain levels soon.
  10. TremF

    Ok this gottabe wrong, wtf 🤯

    Swipe in from the left hand side to bring up various settings. Speed Settings is at the top and where you select 'Use MPH'
  11. TremF

    Banned inside buildings?

    Wow! Overkill or what? My employer has been great about my EUC's and even my e-bike. All have been pushed/carried into the building, up and down the lift and sat under my desk (admittedly the e-bike took up a lot of room under there). I wouldn't push too hard in case they try and make things difficult for you but maybe, as others said, ask for the documentation that shows that because you've been looking online and are unable to find it yourself.
  12. TremF

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yeah. No more needs saying. Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't aware of the previous discussions but alarm bells rang as soon as I saw Direct Bank Transfer only. I purchased 3 of my 4 EUC's from Ian @ SpeedyFeet so will wait for news and pricing from him.
  13. TremF

    UK police wanting to contact me

    They all need to watch the B&Q ad They make it look so easy.
  14. TremF

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I messaged https://www.theninebot.co.uk and they have/had 4 pre-orders left at a special price of £1000 (for the Z10) then the price goes up to £1400. Pre-orders get the mudguard free. They "predict" it will be released in "around 2 months" and they "will be the first company in Europe to have them in stock". I'm very tempted but need to be fast with only 4 special price pre-orders left. Ah well... The blockers are on that idea. They only accept Direct Bank Transfer for payment.