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sellers in germany

Noam Elad

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1radwerkstatt.de and electro-sport.de are going to be the best.

I would definitely go for 1rad, because he's the importer of Kingsong for Germany, and other German sellers have the wheels from him. As he semi-assembles the wheels (colored shells, custom batteries) you can get a battery-less wheel right from him, and it's not a wheel that had a battery which was just removed, but the original wheel without battery (maybe, not sure). Might get a better price too, as he build his own batteries, he can sell you a battery-less wheel without having a spare battery left that you would still have to pay for, even if you can't get it.

So simply ask if he can sell you a 16S without battery (you can explain why) and send it to you, and you yourself will organize the battery. He will also be very knowledgable about the BMSes needed, maybe even he can sell you a BMS that's exactly the right one, which you can give to the guy who builds your battery. (Also maybe he can send you other specialized stuff, like the cables to connect the batteries or whatever, tell him your plans and ask what he can do, he will know best how to do it.)

Nice wheel choice, btw:wub:

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