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  1. i asked the dealer and he told me that for now he wont sell it... i dont know why..
  2. 5. can you give me an exmple of this system?
  3. i tried to find some threads about this problem and i didnt found... ty.
  4. so i just need to keep training?
  5. guys, i dont have any muscle pain, i have a "burning feet" pain.the burning feeling is all over my feet , maybe the type of shoe is the problem? i ride with blundstone.
  6. i have ks16s what is the better way?
  7. how to tilt the calibration? how it should be? on top?
  8. a. i have pretty large pedals c. can you give me an example? d. i will try
  9. after i start to ride i feel an unplesnt pain and burn in my foot, i can deal with the feeling but it pretty annoying. any recommendation to make it stop?
  10. the seller respond, he sent the info to a technician. side leds,balancing , i can see the serial number and beeping, everything fine
  11. send me the instructions anyway
  12. i will check it umm if i take a risk here so i better off talking to my seller with no risk.
  13. i have the newest and i can play music
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