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  1. i asked the dealer and he told me that for now he wont sell it... i dont know why..
  2. 5. can you give me an exmple of this system?
  3. i tried to find some threads about this problem and i didnt found... ty.
  4. so i just need to keep training?
  5. guys, i dont have any muscle pain, i have a "burning feet" pain.the burning feeling is all over my feet , maybe the type of shoe is the problem? i ride with blundstone.
  6. i have ks16s what is the better way?
  7. how to tilt the calibration? how it should be? on top?
  8. a. i have pretty large pedals c. can you give me an example? d. i will try
  9. after i start to ride i feel an unplesnt pain and burn in my foot, i can deal with the feeling but it pretty annoying. any recommendation to make it stop?
  10. the seller respond, he sent the info to a technician. side leds,balancing , i can see the serial number and beeping, everything fine
  11. send me the instructions anyway
  12. i will check it umm if i take a risk here so i better off talking to my seller with no risk.
  13. i have the newest and i can play music
  14. android. it says that it connected, i will show you a picture
  15. the fuses are fine. i can connect to the app but i dont see the serial number.
  16. everything works and looks like you describe. this problem can happen from overheating? my tools are not here so i need to wait for them.
  17. kk yap i opened it up and everything looks normal. it know the voltage and the current of the batteries. when i open the app i dont see the serial number of the device
  18. everything was fine. my seller is cheking the cause of the problem,i just wanted to know if someone had this kind of failure
  19. the leds dont work. if i press the button i can turn on and off the front and back leds. it just beeps and does nothing
  20. i cant upload video to here
  21. after the ride i had, the wheels suddenly stop working, when i turn it on it just beeping , any ideas of how to fix it?
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