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I have an original Ninebot Mini.

After the firmware update to v1.4.1, the battery management system got corrupted and does not display anything. It shows v0.0.0


I downgraded my Ninbot app APK to 3.5.1, and it prompts out firmware update available to 1.3.1 but when l start updating, it fails because the BMS can't update as it timeout. V0.0.0 -> v.1.1.3.


Anyone knows how to fix this? It's still the original battery, just that it's locked to 10kmh, has a red led light at the back and is very uncomfortable to ride.

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Please look again if it's an original battery, now, new fake are very similar to original 

here you can find all details about how see original from fake https://mini-j.jimdo.com/mini-tech-en/true-or-fake/  (3pins = fake, 4 pins original, stickers emplacements, plastic appearences...and stickers labels and certifications, read too where was assembling battery wich manufacturer, all is written on...

if not

try manual reset

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