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  1. I just received the new never-used Segway minipro with dead battery I purchased in ebay. My plan was to replace all the LG cells for the Samsung 36G with 3600 mah in case that the battery pack was unsaveable, but for my good fortune...I was able to jump start it after charging directly through the banana plugs. So, I am back to my original plan and build an external battery pack same as yours with 15 Vextel 26650 20A 5300 mah. I will share some pics later.
  2. I get it. Thank you @smallexis And just digging more into this, would it be possible to replace all the cells for bigger capacity one? Like Samsung 36G 3600mAh 10A. That would make the battery pack 7200mah. Or even better, increase the number of cells in parallel to 3p or 4p and have a taller 3D print the bottom cover of the battery enclosure. I just bought a new Segway minipro from eBay with dead battery. It is arriving tomorrow. According to the seller It has never been turned on. I am going try to Jumpstart it but in case that it doesn't work I would rather replace the batt
  3. Hi Smallexis. First let me congratulate on you project. Many of us have wondered and only imagine if an external battery pack would work but only you have proven that it does. After almost 4 years after you posted your project, I can tell you that there is no other, that I came across in the web, that is similiarly as practical and straighforward as your. I am building a ridebale golf push cart. Since many golf course won't allow you to ride an outside equipment in their facilities, I will push the Segway Minipro with the golf bag attached on top of it and after the first hole just ride i
  4. Hi, I am having the exact same problem. Adrian, where you able to fix the problem?
  5. Hi, I am having the exact same issue. I removed the battery pack and disassembled to check voltage of each battery cell pack and they all are good. The total output voltage is 59, but in the app it only show 76% and the speed is limited to 10 km/hr. The app doesn't display the battery information as it used to. Any idea of what could be the problem?
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