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NInebot One Battery Quick Change mod


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This thread and the companion tutorial (separate topic) are for all you Ninebot One die-hards out there, as well as new riders who have purchased, or still intend to buy One. 

I realise that many visitors to this site started on this model but have (long) since moved up to bigger/ faster wheels. I'm still holding out for a compelling reason to upgrade, mostly because the NB1E+ still meets most of my needs. It's reliable and durable, and for me, it was inexpensive (RIP @FORWARD california :efee8c29ce: ). Even with two spare batteries, charger adapters, battery cases, spare rims, tires, tubes, torch/headlamp brackets, vinyl wrap, and four helmets, I have barely spent $1000.00 in the past year. That's real value for money.

For the areas where I ride most (rough sidewalk, side streets with lots of road damage), it's nearly fast enough and well suited to the terrain, but the range with a single 320wh battery was a problem.  So, over the last eight months, I purchased two spare OEM battery packs. I was inspired by the mods published by @SuperSport et al., but wanted a more secure solution. My implementation keeps the battery cover securely fastened top and bottom with all tabs intact. I have been testing this solution for the past month and know it to be durable and effective. A visual tutorial has been posted in the Mod section.

Here is a short video demonstrating how quick and easy it is to swap out the battery now.

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On 6/14/2017 at 7:21 AM, Vik's said:

Good solution, and I am with you on that 9B1 E+ still check all the right boxes (for me). The only thing I am considering to enhance is the battery (by 1radwerkstatt).

Sadly, not an option for us EUC riders currently in the US, without using a friend or forwarder in the EU that can/will ship the upgrade cost effectively.

In hindsight, I'm glad I did this myself, as I saved a lot of money; I bought the batteries at a deep discount (on sale - sorry no longer available <_<). The dimensions, form and structural integrity are more or less unaltered, and I only carry the additional packs when needed.

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