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Jacky Heshi

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3 hours ago, Jacky Heshi said:

I'm trying to find the article/diagram to shunt 3 year old TG-T3's BMS. Any help?


Since you mention that your TG-T3 is 3 years old chances are good, that you batteries are down (one or more bad/dead cells) - so this should be the first thing you want to check/repair!

Everything to shunt a TG-T3 BMS is in 

or directly at @hobby16's website http://hobby16.neowp.fr/category/battery-management-system/

Ps.: Many of  @hobby16's pics are not to be seen (also on his website) - just a prob of "my" internet or some servers he hosted the pics on are down at the moment?


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On 1/9/2017 at 9:06 PM, Jacky Heshi said:


I'm trying to find the article/diagram to shunt 3 year old TG-T3's BMS.


You probably shouldn't shunt it if it's 3 years old.

Why do you want to shunt it?  If you shunt a weak battery so the BMS does not cut off power to save the batteries, imagine the damage you could do to a 3 year old battery pack.

Today's battery management systems are better, at least on the higher quality wheels. 

I advise to forget about it and get a newer, better quality wheel.  TG's are too underpowered to be safe or fun.  But some people with the TGF3 with the bigger battery have got decent performance.  My TGT3 would only go about a mile before the battery went from four led's to two, maybe it came with a bad battery, I don't know, 

The good thing is, it was so slow and weak that even when I overpowered it, it was a little safer because of the slow speed.

The 500 to 1000 dollar range has some good quality wheels with good reputations and decent battery sizes, like the Ninebot one C+ at Newegg for $599, the IPS LHotz with 340 wh for about 1000 USD, and the Inmotion V5F+ for about $950.  I think the regular V5F with the slightly smaller battery capacity is about $800 and has gotten some good reviews.

All that being said, my first wheel was a TG T3 for about $260 shipped from China, and I was amazed that it could do what it did, self balance and carry me, I don't regret getting it, I was just too heavy for it.

I almost forgot about Airwheel, there are a lot of videos on them and even though some people say they are not that good, they must be doing something right, from the good and bad reviews, there are enough good ones that it makes me wish I could have tried one.

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