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  1. Once you disable the first and second alarm using the WheelLog app. Your only alarm would be the 80% power alarm. I typically cruise just under the 80% power alarm without any issues. That's 48-50km/h @ 160lb
  2. We are doing a group ride on Tuesday 7pm. Meet at Kensington Park https://www.facebook.com/events/482365852330279/
  3. I don't see that feature in the Wheellog app from the fork at www.euc.world Are your refering to the pebble control? I meant a digital button on the app so I won't need to buy the watch.
  4. Is it possible to have a feature on the app that will use the built in speaker as horn. Currently the Gotway tesla doesn't seem to have that feature. Sometimes I disconnect the Bluetooth and when it reconnect the wheel would beep acting as a horn.
  5. Looking to gather all electric unicycle enthusiast in the lower mainland to plan for group rides locally. I personally ride a Gotway Tesla 1020wh with 1500km on it. Combine that with my electric car, I can basically get anywhere on electrons. If you are from any of the cities below join our local Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/364036034314995/ Vancouver Burnaby Coquitlam North Vancouver Pitt Meadows Chilliwack Surrey Abbotsford Richmond New Westminster Port Coquitlam Whistler Mission Port Moody Langley White Rock (City names used for exposure in search index)
  6. That's a really simple solution, I might give the pedal pusher a try. Haha
  7. I'm looking for suggestions on how you would implement automatic folding pedals when the unicycle shutdowns. Similar to how cars fold their mirrors in when you turn it off. So far, I have two ideas, using: 1. Servo on the axile of the pedal 2. String system (not as practical and discrete) 3. demagnetize with a coil spooled around the internal magnetic to temporarily to offset the magnetic field.
  8. Just curious why you didn't just tap into the 12v going to the flashlight on your ACM since its only 5w.
  9. I'm really into FPV drone racing and would like to use my wheel to continuously charge my batteries when I'm on the field. I said 200w because I will only be drawing 50w and don't want the step down to get too hot to touch. I want the step down to be an external plug and play and not mounted inside the wheel.
  10. I'm looking to step down the Gotway Tesla's 84V battery pack to 12V for a DIY project. I was thinking of tapping directly into the battery leads in parallel while the wheel is off. I can't seem to find a step-down converter that can handle 84V input and at least 200Watts. Also, would there be any conflict with the battery pack's built-in BMS since I'm bypassing the Gotway's controller board. Any suggestions or advice on how to approach this safely would be appreciated
  11. Hi guys, I have another mod to show you guys. This mod is quite simple and effective since it's just another button in parallel with the button at the front. The second button is placed under the handle, so when you need to turn off the wheel and pick it up, you can just use one hand. This is similar to the feature on the Kingsong wheels I believe, where you pull on the handle it turns off. Let me know what you think of this, and if you have any questions I'll answer them below If you were curious about the key hole at the front of the wheel you can check out that mod here:
  12. This isn't exactly how I envisioned of using this. I plan on locking up the device to prevent being tampered and then physically lock it to a bike rack. Just like regular ebikes Also it's a safety feature since I have kids around the house and they would touch anything. Last thing I would want is the gyro going ape shit on them.
  13. Wire the button in series with the ignition. You can possibly wire the charge port on the ignition as well to prevent shorting if some choose to tamper it. At least it wont damage the battery's BMS.
  14. The usb port on the Gotway Tesla is a pretty dumb idea. It only pushes 5v at 1a and that's only if the wheel is on. This mod basically replaced the usb with an ignition module. The key switch and the button are soldered in series, so when the the wheel is locked, it breaks the loop and renders the button dead. So, I went ahead and replaced it with this switch I bought from Amazon. You can probably find it cheaper on eBay. Jameco Valuepro IG-406D-2341 Key Lock Switch Single Pole Single Throw Round Terminal Key #2341 All Keyed Alike https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00B88DI98/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_qlHD7XRPqwLlB 1. Take off front shiny panel from the wheel 2. Gently pry out the front interface then remove the USB module. 3. Drill the hole slightly larger and insert the key ignition module. I have my lock faced vertically when the wheel is locked and side ways when it's unlocked. 4. Assemble everything back on and reapply hotglue Here is a demo of the key switch
  15. Does anyone know of a kick stand or leaning stand for the Tesla? Could be 3d printed or something. I know the Tesla already balance on it rear but not too confident with that method
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