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Which app is everyone using for the Msuper V3

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I currently have a V2 Msuper and unfortunately have to use the android app I got on this forum. Since me and my girlfriend broke up I have not had a android phone but luckily everything is set exactly the wa I like it.  I'm anticipating my V3 soon and I've heard of people having trouble using the apps. I have a IPhone 6S Plus and have downloaded the  Gotway 2.0 app from the App Store.  Has anyone used that app? My main concern is I want to shit off tilt back and the first 2 alarms.  But more importantly I want to adjust level like the android app let me do because I always set it just a pinch off level towards me.  Has anyone been able to achieve this in the iOS app.  If not what app is everyone using. I have access to a android phone if I need it.  Thanks Family for your input 

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I am solely using the iOS gotway 2.0 app. It's pretty terrible but should let you do all you want although inconsistently. I have turned off the first two alarms fine and set tilt back however changing tilt back on the fly seems another story. I put it down low to like 21kmh the other day and it didn't work no tilt back however it had worked before so seems it's hit and miss. I assume my tilt back stayed to what it was before at around 36kmh but didn't go that fast to test it. I think turning it off and on and setting it right away would probably solve it and it's fine if you just want it at a fixed value. Not needed to try the calibration yet sorry but I assume it will be the same. Working but inconsistently. 

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@Donafello I've been enjoying the V3 (820wh) for a few weeks now and I'm using the Gotway 2.0 app on my iPhone (6S Plus as well). While I haven't really tested the tiltback settings to see if they work at all, I can say the other setting seem to work well.

- Mode Selecting - All settings work for me. Now I just leave it on "Powerful Mode"
- Alarm Setting (I have 1st and 2nd alarms off) - works
- Calibration Setting (Level Correct) - works well
  I've been experimenting with level settings from 1 to 3 degrees up for the last week. Even with a little bit of back and forth play in the wheel, when I set level from the pedal mounts, the end of the wheel play (leaning forward) has always been spot on to what I set it to. I'm probably going to leave it set to 1 degree up.

That said, I primarily just use the Gotway app to check the battery level occasionally.

The one App I'm using regularly is called Speed Tracker:

While it's not perfect, it displays a speedometer on my watch that I can check at a glance without taking out my phone. The other features are nice too.

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3 hours ago, NevNutz said:

If you have a Android phone, I highly recommend you download the Wheellog APP from the play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cooper.wheellog&hl=en It's the best APP I have used so far. Works for both GotWay and Kingsong BT4.0 wheels.

Just for viewing the wheel data, or able to modify settings too...?

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