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  1. Speaking of it, I have launched a more recent version of EUC Word than the WheelLog view above, and I find the screen view no so good, when in landscape mode...
  2. I agree at 200%, and that has been the reasons of my purchase of an Unihertz Jelly Pro, some two year ago. Unfortunately, I have not often used it, finally, mainly fo its relatively poor autonomy and its poor GPS satellites reception.
  3. OK, well understood ! Same case for this one, I imagine...
  4. Juste watching the video and its watch screens, is there any chance to see one day an "EUC World"/"WheelLog" version fully usable on a "full" standalone Android watch as a No1D5, for example ?
  5. Oh yes, I am trying to solve achilles tendon pain, too, which appeared recently, and may be with the Nikola pedals and their lightly superior angle. Aluminium plates over 2x5 door wedges and some pieces of air tube...
  6. So, if I remove the grip tape, I shall not find any rubber/plastic under, I understand, but directly the metal plate. I probably shall do it, anyway, for the magnet "problem"... First kilometers done this morning with those Nikola pedals
  7. Same for me... Just received the Nikola pedals from aliexpress for my MSuperX, and they were equiped with the abrasive anti-slip coating. Is there a rubber coating under? I mounted them on the MSX without any problem, using the other parts coming with. Not sure that the angle is smaller than with the original pedals... May be a little, I shall test and see, but it seems very similar with the GT16 angle I had before...
  8. On mine, some recycling of past MSuper2 DIY for a MSX luggage rack
  9. MacBook Pro or Dell XPS13 ? Samsung Galaxy or Apple Iphone...? Your question sounds a little like that...! As far as I'm concerned, I've never thought about buying a kingsong for a single second, but I also know that it's pure coquetry: I do not want a wheel with features that are useless for me, and function to broadcast music is one!
  10. A more explicit video (I think!) of the symptoms of mine... But I am not courageous enough to make a riding test on it !
  11. Very sorry for you... Note I may be have soon 2x2 battery packs to pick, if I cannot re-use mine in a safe mind (1036 Wh, 1900 km) !
  12. For me, and if my GT16 is really dead, I probably shall go back to a 18" (or more!) EUC, as I had a so good feeling with my MSuper2
  13. Thank you, as it seems come from real life ! But finally, you swapped from the GT16 to the MSX, reading your signature...? I admit I have not read all the messages of this thread, due to my poor english !
  14. Testing the Monster while my GT16 is ill...
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