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  1. sbouju


    An original way for measuring the wheel speed!
  2. sbouju

    Rockwheel GT16 DIY Protection

    Yes, it is only that... One meter of tube (25 mm inside diameter), open all along, then splitted front an back (excepted for the handle). Just added 2x 20 cm of the same tube for the lights and connectors protection.
  3. sbouju

    Rockwheel GT16 DIY Protection

    Trolley and pedals are original, zero customization here ! An yes, very comfortable, the pedals, even if smaller than my MS2 wings, with a real shock absorption
  4. sbouju

    Rockwheel GT16 DIY Protection

    Sort of string ! Small but efficient
  5. sbouju

    WheelLog Android App

    The new link is not working from my smartphone, but all is OK downloading from my PC
  6. sbouju

    WheelLog Android App

    The Gotway compatibility does not concern models older than ACM4, I presume ?
  7. sbouju

    Any idea of what happens to my old MSuper2 MS...?

    This sounds interesting, and join the diagnostic of our french guru "Le Doc" about my MS2 he has seen and tested this last week. Any info about this re-calibration of a MSuper2 welcome, assuming it is something other and more than the standard "Horizontal alignement" available from the app, which I already know perfectly. @steve454 well, my batteries are not fresh as the first day, that is sure, and I probably have lost some Wh, in more than 2 years and 8000 km. But nothing very important: I know it well, as I monitor very exactly how they are with my ChargeDoctor2, which help me too for avoiding excessive charge.
  8. sbouju

    The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    How seems the plastics? Very hard and easy breaking like the last GW models, or more soft and tolerant, as was those of the MCM2 and MSuper2, for example ?
  9. These last weeks, or monthes (?), the driving mode has progressively changed, and has become more and more soft by itself. As I don't really prefer the madden mode, with my experience, but something a little softer, I had not many attention of this phenomen, But now, and even in the "madden" mode I had to switch back for trying to use it as before, the softness is too important for me, evoquing a kind of unwanted Solowheel mode... Any idea of what happens, and of what can be done ? I precise that I drive my wheel since may 2015; it is in perfect conditions, and we have made 8000 km together with no major or unexpected problem.
  10. sbouju

    Rockwheel GT16 App

    Well, if this sounds strange to you, may be the version I use is older than yours ? And can you give me the "good" download linkfor the latest Android app, as this don't seems officially centralized on an up to date constructor web site...?
  11. sbouju

    Rockwheel GT16 App

    Yes, I have well seen that, and sorry for my poor english, but the (little) problem is other: not possible to adjust the TB after un speed alarm adjustement, or not possible to adjust a speed alarm after a TB adjustment, here... I need to quit the app after the first and relaunch it, in order to do the second.
  12. sbouju

    Rockwheel GT16 App

    Trying an Android version of the app, I notice than the tilt-back setting mode is no longer available when I go first in the speed alarms seting mode. And same thing (reverse) if I begin with the TB setting. So, in order to have access to both settings, I need to quit and relaunch the app between each... Normal behaviour ?