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  1. Well... But no important (for me!), as I use the Jelly Pro very rarely, particularly in this screen mode !
  2. The supposed low autonomy of the S18 is enough for me most of the time, but concerning the exceptional use of an external battery (in a backpack) with it, how to connect it electrically without major risk and in a simple way, only when it is necessary ?
  3. Something like that...?
  4. Is this the best place to attach a leash?
  5. Yes, I used the same solution, but with a suitable rilsan collar, passing through the thicker rubber a little below ...
  6. About those "barrels" (?), Did you need to change any of them, or were they just slightly modified for less thickness?
  7. Good question ! And at this stage, as the owner of a like-new but unusable S18, what could I do more useful than to encourage other potential buyers of this model to defer their purchase?
  8. Good news from Russia ? https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https://ecodrift.ru/2020/12/09/kingsong-s18-prednovogodnij-podarok/
  9. Keep me informed, as this (working) model would remain exactly what I need !
  10. Yes, I too have this trace of friction on the metal sheath, as well as a corresponding trace of wear on the internal plastic shell. I am not a specialist, but the abnormal, unpredictable, and rather violent reactions of my wheel when the problem occurs, would actually make me think more of this type of problem (sensors, electronics ...) than of a questioning of the shock absorber (whatever its basic quality) and / or its articulated system (where I did not notice any hard point or blockage, when the shock absorber is deflated)
  11. But isn't that work and time for the builder rather than the end user?
  12. Thank you too for your advices ! Yes, I'm a bit heavy, it's true, but well within the range authorized by the manufacturer, especially since I am an extremely careful pilot, because of my age (73 soon ...) and also to my good knowledge acquired of the dangers of this mode of locomotion with my previous four wheels.
  13. Thanks for your advices ! Yes my wheel is under warranty but as can be a mail order wheel from a (reputable!) Chinese seller ... This one has been aware of the problem for several weeks now, told me they contacted Kingsong for know what to do, but I have no further news. At this stage, my main criticism would go mainly to Kingsong, which allows itself to sell worldwide machines which have remained at this point at the prototype stage!
  14. May be... But I need to be sure that the original S18 shock absorber is in question due to an insufficient quality, and that swapping for a better one will stop the problem !
  15. I have already tried to swap it with the exactly same S18 shock of a friend, and the "rodeo" was the same !
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