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  1. With my MSuperX, I used sometimes (in a back pack) the batteries of my previous Rockwheel GT16, as an external battery for it. I plan to use it too as well with my next wheel, a soon coming KS-S18, when necessary...
  2. Good news! Thank you...
  3. Hi, I already have such an external 84V battery in a backpack, which I use sometimes for longer trips with my wheel (Gotway MSX), just plugging it (with basic precautions) in its charging port. Any chance to be able to use it in the same and easy way with a KS-S18...?
  4. The Wheellog screen remains a bit small, on the 280x280 pixels of this watch... Where can I read the watchface version I currenly use ? Edit: founded that in the Android app "Connect IQ", "My Device", "My Device Apps", "WheelLog"
  5. I can be wrong, as I have not yet explored all that in depth, but it seems to me that "Locus Map for Garmin" can do something like that, when launched on the watch: a track recording on the Garmin watch, or on the Locus Map app of the Android phone in the pocket, or (may be...) on both. Edit: just tested it (from my armchair! ), and yes, the "Locus Map for Garmin" app can launch the "standard" Garmin watch track recording on the watch, this being the most important thing. And what can be done too is viewing the smartphone Locus cartogarphy on the watch, alternatively to the Garmin on board cartography.
  6. Is there already a thread on the forum for the problem of the trip kilometers loosing when the wheel fall down while being "ON"...? I have that on my MSX, and I should be happy to solve it, even it is not so problematic. And I have understood on the french forum tha some other Gotway users have (had?) the same problem on some batches, and not later, on other ones...
  7. @Gene Martin : I bought such a kit some years ago (a cheap one, for me), but not tried it on the wheel (*), because I suspect its screen luminosity will not be OK... Yours is fine? (*) not tried in the car too, just made some test at home !
  8. Speaking of it, I have launched a more recent version of EUC Word than the WheelLog view above, and I find the screen view no so good, when in landscape mode...
  9. I agree at 200%, and that has been the reasons of my purchase of an Unihertz Jelly Pro, some two year ago. Unfortunately, I have not often used it, finally, mainly fo its relatively poor autonomy and its poor GPS satellites reception.
  10. OK, well understood ! Same case for this one, I imagine...
  11. Juste watching the video and its watch screens, is there any chance to see one day an "EUC World"/"WheelLog" version fully usable on a "full" standalone Android watch as a No1D5, for example ?
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