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Xima Lhots official app removed from AppStore? (Solved: it's temporary) (Not the iamips app)

Xima Lhotz

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It seems as the official app from XIMALAYAS have been removed from the AppStore.

This is the app that can connect to the "older" wheels not the iamips app that doesn't work with my wheel.

Does anyone know anything about this?

The original iOS app was found here before: https://appsto.re/se/NLUX4.i


As of right now the only way to control the "older" Xima wheel with an iOS device is with @Kevin's app. 

* Got answer from Runrui, it's temporary.



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It makes sense that IPS wouldn't want to continue maintaining the older app version as well as the new one. 

It would be interesting to know though how long ago the old version wheels finished shipping? Surely they continued the app for 2-3 years (at least).

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I have receiver an answer from Runrui of iamips.

This is a temporary issue and the app will get back on the AppStore again.

When was it that the AppStore required all apps to be 64bit code? Could this be the cause? Anyhow.


@The Fat Unicyclist I bought my wheel this year (not from iamips) so there seem to be stock left that use the old app.

It would be strange if they discontinued the app for some years to come, If I want to sell my wheel I would have to say "yes it has an app but it doesn't exist if you use iOS"

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