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  1. The 'iamips' app is the new official app, which does not seem compatible with the XIMA based devices. My guess is that all new units from now on will be using a new model of mainboard/firmware that only works with the 'iamips' app. This is similar to how when the "plus" versions of all the old models came out, they were compatible with the XIMA apps - I'm betting they just stuck the XIMA mainboard into the old models, and they probably did the same thing again now that they made a new mainboard for the IPS Zero.
  2. There's a pretty strong possibility that it's not upgradable in its current state (ironically, the firmware needs to support upgrading itself), and it would be a lot of work to figure out how to do it even if it were possible. I'm inclined to think that if IPS did not support upgrading for that specific model in their official app, there is probably a good reason (though possibly not)
  3. Sorry, I have been out of touch for some time. The "XIMA Lhotz" app that I published should be the one giving you the error message about being unable to change the speed limit while in motion. It's really just a message that triggers anytime you try to change the speed limit and it doesn't "stick". As for firmware upgrade, I did not add this capability to my version of the app because it can be dangerous to the device if done wrong, and it is something done very infrequently so I figured the inconvenience of having to use the official app to perform the function would be OK. Cheers
  4. There is also a 500W C, the difference between 500W B and 500W C is that the battery is larger on C but non-removable, whereas B has smaller but removable battery.
  5. Kevin


    Does it work with the XIMA app? There are versions that allow you to immediately unlock.
  6. 1) Yes I believe it has that functionality 2) This was also provided separately by the seller 3) Can't think of any good reason other than maybe the Android app doesn't work
  7. Level calibration is NOT available. I have not personally felt any need to do this, but YMMV. It seems to me IPS has official (?) outlets on Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, however I got mine off a local re-seller on eBay to avoid the long shipping time from China.
  8. I only meant to respond to "Why wouldn't we think they are already working on that?"
  9. Those huge cameras going 'CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK' the whole time while trying to have a normal conversation.
  10. While I agree in principle, I think in practice people just aren't willing to pay for the safety. For example, Solowheel seems to have taken a very conservative approach to safety, but at the cost of a $2000 wheel that very few people are willing to buy.
  11. Yeah that was actually something that struck me about the 500W KS I tried. @Jeffrey Scott Will, when we went riding together - I seem to remember you saying you started with a full charge, but when we were done it was already low? Not sure if I misheard, but it seemed like a pretty short ride to run down the battery.
  12. There's two opposing schools of thought in product development: "do a few things well", vs. "add as many features as possible". A great example of this was when iPhone first came out - it did very few things compared to Windows Mobile (a whole PC in your pocket!), but did it really well in a user friendly and attractive package. My guess is that Solowheel is of the 'minimalist' school of thought, and when referring to the other apps as 'crap' they are probably talking about how they just jammed a bunch of features together in an ugly way with no thought for good UI design. Unfortunately, there is also such a thing as being too minimalist so that it doesn't provide needed functionality However I'm not sure if this is so much because they have the intention of not providing features, or because they are limited by their original design.
  13. I haven't tried running the Android version, I've just worked off of the decompiled code you provided All my work has been on iOs. Also, @esaj is correct - I did not add firmware update capability to my own version of the iOs app, but the function should be there in both the *official* iOs and Android apps.
  14. For 8 miles you don't need anything fancy battery wise. King song 14c 500w 340wh will probably do you fine and is a safe, powerful wheel. The 14b 174wh might even meet your needs but I'm less sure. I do not ever recommend generics due to lack of power and bms cutoff issues making them less safe (not to mention less fun!). There may also be IPS brand unicycles meeting your needs for a similar price. More "firm" ride than ks, but less stylish and maybe slower speed. For portability reasons I suggest 14". As for jumping, that is pretty hard on any EUC due to the sheer weight involved, but if it's possible it will be on a unit with a box top design that you can grip with your legs. For reference consider it the same as pinching a 30lb dumbbell between your ankles and trying to jump.
  15. Gosh what happened this time?
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