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  1. Hi, I'm new in here and I've got an issue with a dying IPS battery. Quick intro, I've been riding an EUC for about 3.5 years and long story short, after crashing and breaking my elbow on an IPS 122, the next logical step was to upgrade to a 191 πŸ˜€ So anyway I've been happily riding my Lhotz for about 3 years and my battery is dying. I can barely climb a hill without the 2nd alarm triggering and I only get about 2 mi/3.2 km on a charge. I emailed some folks at IPS but they don't seem very responsive these days, so I have no lead on a replacement. At this point I'm considering buildi
  2. Hey guys, I just received my shiny new wheel this morning - courtesy of Linnea Lin! As the title goes, I got the IPS 191, or Xima Lhotz with a 340Wh battery. First Impressions: The 16 inch wheel looks a whole lot larger than the 14 inch Gotway MCM2s that I own. It's far more aesthetically pleasing and I'd put it above the Ninebot in terms of its exterior qualities. The front/back/side lights look really nice in dim/low lighting and can be turned on/off through the XIMA App. I took the wheel for a fairly long ride (25KM) after a short charge to full battery (arrived at about 80% charge) and it'
  3. We currently have some special offers on the IPS White Versions (ZERO and LHOTZ) We should be able to ship in EU Countries now ( For the first time ever ). Prices starting from €588 inc. 18% VAT while excluding shipping. We also have some good protection gear that you might want to add with your order or as a separate purchase. find our products page on http://www.myIPS.eu and send me a message if you are interested.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, and always raising interest, I am currently upgrading my IPS 191 "Lhotz" 340 Wh with an additional 16s pack of 18650 cells. So here is some documentary about this mod, so anyone can consider if it's worth it. Some details: I use Samsung SDI INR18650-30Q cells, as they are available quite cheap around here and had some good tests, beeing able to output 20A cont. while beeing rated by Samsung for 15A. However, turns out that even at 20A this cell can compete with the infamous LG HG2. Rated at 3 Ah this gives me 3*3,7*16=177,6 Wh additional capacity, making my Lhotz a
  5. I'm not sure of the best place to put this post, so I am going with the IPS section, and will link it back to other relevant places... So today I rode my Lhotz from a full charge, directly uphill to check how it handled (while monitoring the stats). Leg 1 - Uphill Starting elevation: 100m Starting charge: 100% Starting temperature: 16Β°C Starting load: 115kg Finishing elevation: 250m Finishing charge: ~70% Finishing temperature: 49.5Β°C Distance travelled: 2000m So I wheeled hard on the uphill, while watching the stats. I wanted to see what the point o
  6. I've bought the IPS XIMA LHOTZ 340Kwh Firmware is 4.12 this is an older version limited to 20kmH, which can neither be updated or upgraded (different motor?)
  7. There are 2 Lhotz white in USA store, if you need it, please contact me yueyue.wang@iamips.com battery 340wh, top speed 30kmh, max mileage 40km
  8. I am struggling to find any information about what accessories are available for the IPS 181/191 Lhotz wheel. I am keen to hear what is commercially available, or what other wheelers have made themselves...
  9. I'm looking to upgrade my EUC, and the IPS option from my local agent is the "IPS 191 Xima Lhotz 340" but when I look at the iamips.com website they show two (different) options - the ""IPS 181 Lhotz 340" or the "IPS 191 Lhotz 260" But other than the battery size (and an apparent 30km/h speed limit from the local model), I am struggling to understand the difference between them all. Is someone able to tell me how these models differ, please?
  10. It seems as the official app from XIMALAYAS have been removed from the AppStore. This is the app that can connect to the "older" wheels not the iamips app that doesn't work with my wheel. Does anyone know anything about this? The original iOS app was found here before: https://appsto.re/se/NLUX4.i As of right now the only way to control the "older" Xima wheel with an iOS device is with @Kevin's app. * Got answer from Runrui, it's temporary.
  11. I've had my Lhotz IPS191 since January, and everything was working fine. Of course I've had a few bails here and there but it still works very well, except for one thing... A few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting the push-back feeling in the pedals while I was riding, like when it was new and you would get up to 17 or 18km/h. I opened the app and connected, and noticed that my mileage had been reset from around 400km back to 0, so my speed limit was back to 20km/h, and I couldn't turn it back to 30! I rode around and noticed that I could log more kms in the top left where the current t
  12. Lex

    Maximum speed

    Probably the motor of the IPS Lhotz is powerful enough to go a lot faster than 20 km/h. The 'software' maximum speed is 16 km/h, after that the machine will protest and eventually even shut down if pressed beyond 20 km/h. I tested that and it hurt. Is there a tweak or hack or special app with which I can set the maximum speed to 25 km/h ?
  13. Hello. Some pre information. I found this nice forum and shortly after i bought the Xima Lhotz 340wH after finding it here. I think its fantastic (i had a Airwheel X8 previous) but this Xima is worlds apart. *The 16" 2.5"wide wheel makes all the difference for stability and balance *When the battery goes low it just starts a continuous beep and starts a tiltback and you are forced to stop. *The engine feels strong and gives confidence and behaves the way i expect it to behave. Some things are not fantastic though. - The stickers came of the
  14. I’m going give a head to head comparison between the IPS Lhotz 340 and the T680+(a.k.a. β€œTank” or 151/152, or T500 which is mentioned on the box; the fine art of marketing cleary has not trickled down to IPS yet ). I’ll split the review up in several parts, as this will make it easier to comment and/or ask questions. After combing through most threads on brands, BMS, motor, battery, FP or not to FP, etc., I count myself lucky to have bought a Lhotz340Wh (older version with torque biased motor, limited to 20KmH) august last year. So why did I buy the IPS 680+? Lhotz Design: The
  15. Tuesday, last week, I placed my order to electro-sport.de, after having a few conversations with Ferenc Franke, apparently the entrepreneur himself. Because I had really a need for wheel, I e-mailed to several shops in Europe, most of them either didn't answer to my questions or didn't answer at all. Ferenc was in his category alone and I'm happy about that. Of course I might have saved around 100€ by taking the cheapest possible option. But Ferenc really helped me, and found a way to get the wheel for me in less than one week, thumbs up So I got it after work on Tuesday, took it out of t
  16. Hello, I upgraded to a MSuper shortly after unlocking my IPS191. It has some scratches, and a couple adhesive go-pro mounts on it (bonus?) but it should have thousands of KM remaining in life It comes with 2 Chargers I paid $1,100 for it a few months back. I would like $800 OBO and I will ship UPS Ground. if you are not a recognized member of this forum, I will post in eBay for both of our safety... If there are no offers soon I will post on Ebay anyway. Note in the pic, it does not come with the Flashlight, taillight or the Sony action cam. PM me if interested.
  17. Here's a 30 minute video of my first time "off-roading". (See description for time-stamps.) I had a blast and might have a new addiction. Unfortunately most of the trails are closed in my area so I won't get to do it often, but I very much look forward to doing it again soon.
  18. So I received my IPS LHOTZ from Amazon yesterday (yay for 24 hour delivery!) and spent a few hours riding it today with a friend. I thought I would give some impression and compare it to my King Song 840wh 800w 14" unit. Beautiful- the case and aesthetic is simply gorgeous on this unit. The King Song doesn't even compare in this department. 10/10 for sure. Smoothness of ride- Man is it smooth! The 2.5" tire makes for such a nice ride. I much prefer the actual ride on this unit to my King Song by quite a bit. Bumps and riding in the grass are no problem on this unit.
  19. I hopefully get my new IPS Lhotz soon and thus preparing everything ready for it, to just put the parts/equipment on and ready to ride. It's snow and -20 C here, so stock tire won't let me have fun with the wheel - commuting with it would probably be even dangerous. I've been trying to find some knobbed 2.50 tire for replacement, with poor results. Until I thought out of the box and memorized MX tire sizes - oh yeah, 12" MX tire matches in diameter! But how it will fit? It is 2.50" wide as the Lhotz original, but knobs make it larger. How thick the original tire actually is and how much t
  20. Want to buy a nice, high quality 16" EUC - prefer IPS Lhotz or 9bot1E+, used one in good condition or brand new. Or if You feel You have a candidate that compares to those, I'm open to suggestions. EUC needs to suit well for commuting as well as fun, reliable, IP65, operating temperature at least from -10 Celsius. Appreciate also: large battery capacity, high climbing angle, measures that allow driving stairs too. EUC needs to be sent to Finland. Sold my "generic" EUC already, don't want to spend long without any :/
  21. I used a GoPro clip-on mount for my Xima lhotz as a handle to roll it along while walking around with it. Not very sturdy though but better than carrying it around ..I've uploaded a video of it here. https://youtu.be/gD-FpZIvJs8
  22. Lex

    Pedal height

    Is it possible to adjust the height of the pedals on the IPS Lhotz? They are quite low and tend to hit the ground on sharper turns.
  23. In the first round, we have two contenders from IPS, LHotz and Zero, given the names, I would be surprised the Zero could stand a chance, but lets se: Looking at the specs for the Zero, it doesn't look to bad: Notice that the performance in difficult terrain should have a big advantage, this might be beneficial, although, from the design of Lhotz, I doubt that it really has the advantage here. And the LHotz The Lhotz surely have a bold design, additional stats: Alternate Modes: Freightliner Cab-over engine semi truck. Peterbilt 379 semi truck. Height: 28 feet. The Zero's primary functio
  24. So on the 4th day from receiving my Lhotz, I managed to score 100KM worth of riding distance! The app no longer had the 30KM/hr option greyed out and locked. Shit was getting real. Needless to say, I immediately put this baby on a full charge and took her for that 30KM/hr test that Ive been waiting for. First of all - is it just me, or does 18KM/hr and 20KM/hr feel VERY different? It is good to note that the first beep doesn't really come into effect until roughly beyond 22-23 KM/hr, which is already a fairly fast yet comfortable speed to ride at. Either way, I found that the beeping is no whe
  25. This is a honest review from my customer for IPS122 I really love this thing.Learning curve is steep; I was frustrated to the point of almost returning it because of my impatience. Thankfully with a little more persistence and help from all the tips and vids out there I finally was able to start riding. One big tip that helped me was to stop looking down at my feet and keep my head up and look ahead to where I want to go; my body was able to figure out how to stay upright on its own.Now I've enjoyed riding amongst the throng of tourists at the memorials in Washington, DC, gliding and weaving t
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