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IPS121 beeping at 45' on left, but not on right (still position)


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after some months using IPS121, yesterday I noticed that in still position,

IPS121 beeps and power led flashes red/green when is inclined on the left at about 45',

but it does not when inclined on the right (maybe only when wheel is not touching ground anymore).


Is it OK ?


PS I've never recalibrated.




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after 3 months I've bought IPS121, I've decided to recalibrate:

lateral problem is now solved, it beeps at about 45 degrees when inclined on left and 45 degrees when inclined on right.

Also, it solved forward inclination I complained months ago ( I can also ride with power led on front and back side).

Tiltback is still too abundant, but it's another story.

So this product was sold calibrated very bad.


Thanks to iamips sending me calibration procedure I shared to this community,

and thanks to seller for his support, declaring it was not possible.


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Thanks for sharing Fabio, that was the info that IPS advised to me around a year ago, but pleased to be proven wrong here B)

About the 45° side: since the control-board is mounted on the side of the Wheel, there will be some asymmetry on the cut-off point between one side and the other.

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IPS probably doesn't have the re-calibration procedure widely revealed in order to  prevent some people from accidentally frying their wheels.  Likely only a few people know about it so someone who didn't know about just told Jason there is no way to do it or just decided not to share it with resellers for whatever reason.

Judging by how Jason deals with customer problems believe me he would have helped you out if the right person at IPS gave him the instructions to do so.  The main thing is that you got the wheel working, we now know how to handle these problems if they develop in the future, and everyone is happy.

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