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  1. Questo gruppo è ormai fossile, l'ultimo messaggio è di fine ottobre 2019 Ricordo il terzo monoraduno a Roma il prossimo finesettimana https://www.muovitielettrico.com/raduno-2020
  2. @seba Here italian translation. To all italian speaking people, please give a check and update ita-euc_world_translation_1.0.2.xlsx
  3. I think it can be easily done by application generating standard notifications. Mi Fit can configure (by application) which notifications are forwarded to mi band. That's it, nothing more
  4. Yes, we can try. On mi band I can enable only notifications from a single app, so I know it's from euc.world. And I could choose from your application which alarms trigger notification. After that, if mi band vibrate I could also read notification text to know if it's for speed, overload, battery. On wheellog thread another guy adviced to repeat notification more times in short time to vibrate longer. I don't know if it's useful, maybe. PS: Tell me how can I improve italian translation I started months ago with wheellog. Fabio
  5. It would be nice to configure to send alarms as notifications, to let mi band vibrate and maybe display a text. mi bands are cheap and for lot of people it's enough the vibration.
  6. Wow, I like this. mi bands are cheap and for lot of people is enough to have vibration
  7. Seba, sorry for delay. @GMOne pls revise this file with shortened labels you made for your Lemfo LEM4 build language_IT_xml_2.0.30beta2.zip
  8. Ciao Davide e benvenuto, cacchio, mi spiace. Bloccato nel senso che non si attiva il blocco o rimane sempre bloccato ? Hai voglia di mandare qualche foto ? Da chi lo hai comprato ? Fabio
  9. IT - Mostra con schermo bloccato IT - Mostra schermata principale anche quando lo schermo è bloccato please, also update <string name="duration_fmt_hr_and_min">%d ore e %d minuti</string> another thing, this morning I tried speech messages. They are nice and useful, but speed spoken as "10 km slash h" is not nice. I would prefer "10 at hour" ("10 all'ora" in italian), or only 10, to be more shortened and faster. What do you think ? "at hour" should be translatable
  10. One more thing: Wheel is switched on, I open WheelLog, it connects directly to the wheel, I slide to settings, and Wheel setting is inactive, and I have to open another setting and back to activate Wheel settings. Is this also for everybody ? Fabio
  11. WOW !! I tested a bit the italian version and I'm sending to you a new revision with some changes from rev1. Also I found this 3 issues: - The strings for the following string name should be the same, also in english and other languages <string name="speed_settings">Impostazioni Velocità</string> <string name="general_preferences_title">Impostazioni generali</string> - Inside speed_setting/general_preference_title the first item is the following and is not translatable (at least, I've not found): "Show when locked" "Show main window even if the screen is locked" - Could be nice to have a menu to change WheelLog language without changing Android system settings. Fabio wheellog-italian-rev2.zip
  12. Seba, in attach first version of italian translation. Italian friends are encouraged to improve the translation I prepared quickly. Winmerge software is nice to compare side by side english and italian strings Fabio PS: Could be nice also to have Wheellog working with Android Wear OS. There are some old threads about it. I don't own one of them, but main issue was about display turning off, and information layout. wheellog-italian.zip
  13. Riguardo i periodici raduni di monoruota ti consiglio di iscriverti a https://www.facebook.com/groups/Euc.Italia/ Ogni tanto qualche gruppo locale organizza raduni e facilmente saranno pubblicizzati nel gruppo FB, che per quanto mi risulta è quello con più iscritti.
  14. This is WheelLog on LEMFO LEM X. It looks better, but side text, like voltage, top speed etc are off screen.
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