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  1. fabio70mi

    WheelLog Android App

    U'r right, changing display font size from big to normal, it's ok. Anyway it should be nice to have it fixed for any font size in Android settings.
  2. fabio70mi

    WheelLog Android App

    Hi, I own a Huawei P20 and the clock on the top-left is wrapped on two lines. I see from other screenshots it doesn't happen to other users. Could be possible to fix this small issue ? thank you Fabio
  3. fabio70mi

    WheelLog Android App

    Where could I find the git repo or sources for this 2.0.9 version ? thank you
  4. fabio70mi

    Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao, giretto in ruota sulla ciclabile del Serio (BG) sabato 2 giugno https://www.facebook.com/events/457249974724359/
  5. fabio70mi

    Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao, certo che a Milano organizziamo ritrovi. Abbiamo gruppo WA, e gli eventi li pubblico anche su FB. Domani sera ci troviamo, salvo temporale o invasione di cavallette https://www.facebook.com/events/762117594175883/ Fabio
  6. fabio70mi

    Italian Discussion Group

    Fai già il tradizionalista su una cosa che non ha nemmeno 10 anni ? "Contro natura è solo quello che non si può fare"
  7. fabio70mi

    IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    I've bought IPS121 with same characteristics as your two years ago. I have your same problems. It's uncomfortable to use. Tiltback is too pronunciated, and get worse when battery is under 50% or similar. Also mine does not have BT and has 19kmh limit. And no way to change mainboard with same model doing 30kmh and BT. But going 19kmh on this wheel is quite painful. If you search, I wrote some messages about two years ago. Also I posted the procedure to calibrate the wheel. You could set some degrees forward to have lesser tiltback when you go at about 15 kmh. Anyway 227$ is also OK, it's a robust wheel, but I paid it 780€ two years ago, and it was not the latest wheel on market.
  8. fabio70mi

    Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao piacere, ieri abbiamo organizzato un raduno del nostro gruppo Whatsapp, insieme ad un altro gruppo ed eravamo in venti. Ogni mese circa organizziamo un ritrovo e ci facciamo qualche giro, con pranzo incluso. Penso che il 99% delle persone abbia imparato da soli, è tutto sommato semplice partire e divertirsi. In gruppo però è una occasione per imparare a fare cose nuove o anche scambiarsi le ruote per capire le differenze tra i modelli. Benvenuta
  9. fabio70mi

    Gotway Android app for Tesla. Which one ?

    Thank you. This one is working fine
  10. Hello, I'm testing a Tesla borrowed from dear friend. I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 7.0 I downloaded http://www.kebye.com/GotWay.apk but it doesn't start at all with warning message app stopped to work. I downloaded the app com.example.bluetooth.le-2.apk that connect to Tesla with BT but it's all chinese language. What's problem with official kebye app ? thank you Fabio
  11. fabio70mi

    Italian Discussion Group

    Se sei di Milano, ogni mese organizziamo un raduno in cui facciamo un bel giro, con pranzo incluso. E ogni tanto ci facciamo anche il giro di notte. Fabio
  12. fabio70mi

    Curiosity about Testla motor wires (Hall/FOC)

    My friend opened only the other side, the one with mainboard. So we haven't see the hall sensor wires. thank you
  13. fabio70mi

    Curiosity about Testla motor wires (Hall/FOC)

    There were some other connectors, but I thought they were about leds or other stuff
  14. fabio70mi

    Curiosity about Testla motor wires (Hall/FOC)

    This make sense thank you