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IPS191 Mileage Reset


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I've had my Lhotz IPS191 since January, and everything was working fine. Of course I've had a few bails here and there but it still works very well, except for one thing...

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting the push-back feeling in the pedals while I was riding, like when it was new and you would get up to 17 or 18km/h. I opened the app and connected, and noticed that my mileage had been reset from around 400km back to 0, so my speed limit was back to 20km/h, and I couldn't turn it back to 30! I rode around and noticed that I could log more kms in the top left where the current trip kms are stored, but my total mileage is always stuck at 0, and will not ever move.

I have read on a few forums that this sometimes happens and after a reset or recharge it goes back to normal, but it's been a few weeks and nothing has changed yet! Does anyone know of a way to fix this, or to override the app so that I can go full speed again? Very annoyed!!

Any help or suggestions are very very much appreciated!!


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Do the 191 and 191+ use different Bluetooth-modules? BT 2.0 vs 4.0 or something? I have a faint recollection that the app Kevin did (was it that same Xima Lhotz?) used BT LE, so it may not work with the older Lhotz.

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