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Lhotz Android App

The Fat Unicyclist

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So my Lhotz 340 finally arrived today (after a very long 38 hour wait for the delivery), and I am loving it already, but have one small problem. 

I have downloaded the Android app (from http://www.en.iamips.com/app.html), but it doesn't seem to want to connect with my wheel. It sees a device named "LHOTZ" and tries to connect, and tries, and tries, but never seems to get there. 

Can anyone tell me if there are other apps available, and where I might be able to find them? 

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And I now have the answer to this...

For iPhonies there is a Xima app and an Lhotz app. Older 181/191 wheels will use the Xima app and newer ones the Lhotz app.

For Android users, don't waste time looking in the app store. They aren't there. Older 181/191 wheels need the 181/191 app from the IPS website, which is the Xima version. Newer wheels need the IPS Zero app, which turns out to work for multiple IPS wheels (not just the Zero).

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(reposted material:)


 I downloaded the unlocked app a while ago, and I currently don't have a smartphone, so I'm riding without instruments and having just as much fun!

I think this is the app that did it for me: instant unlock to 30 k/h:





(I was using Android)


Here are apple apps, but I haven't used them:



Direct download ios app:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xima-lhotz/id1044832586?mt=8     or  https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/xima/id952559975?l=en&mt=8  


I hope this works. From what I gather, IPS is offering their new app only and I read it was not backwards compatible with the 191.



You might want to try the alternate user created app by Kevin:




it is for apple iOS and is supposed to have unlocked speed.


Here are some other resources:


The old IPS website with the Xima QR code at the bottom (I don't know if this works anymore, but when I used it a long time ago it provided the app locked to 20 k/h)



This is a Russian forum that has a variety of IPS apps for a variety of models:




I hope at least one of these links is useful!

Best of luck!



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