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Found 25 results

  1. I've bought cheapest nameless (though, sometimes referred as Hoverbot S2 or some Airwheel) EUC for training and decided to try to add a Bluetooth feature. I'll describe my path here. Our two main goals are software and hardware. For software I decided to stick to Wheel Log, as it is open source and I can get all UUIDs and data formats I need from the code. The hardware is a bit tricky. It consists of two parts - sensors and microcontroller. Implementing sensing circuitry is hard - high voltages and currents, small and noisy signals from shunts. I'd better avoid it. So let take a look at the controller board and see what it has. I've marked most important components and connectors. Board name is swk02 and it is build on GD32F130C8T6 MCU and (probably) MPU6881 gyro. There are two empty connector places - F_WRITE and DEBUG. F_WRITE is definitely an SWD interface and is of no use since MCU is locked (I have not tested, though) and can only be erased. DEBUG connector could probably help us a lot. If it will provide required data, there will be no need in building sensing circuitry. Lets connect USB-UART converter and check. Here is the dump I got at baud rate 115200. It has some patterns in it: I'm not sure if baud rate is correct, but at least the dump is not complete garbage like I got at 57600 or 9600. My next step is to make Bluetooth UART to dump data directly to PC for processing. Maybe I'll be able to figure out what bytes stand for what. Two more photos attached.
  2. I know there are threads on how to turn-off the "beloved" "Bluetooth is connected", but mine doesn't come on anymore. I also can't play music even though it shows KS Music paired with my phone. I do get the "Please decelerate message" and the KS Bluetooth still works with Wheel-log. The KS app still works, the horn works, etc. Any ideas? (KS18L)
  3. (16/03/2019 updates in progress) Hello After more than a year working on my blog about the Mini, I decided a few days ago to monetize my blog, it reached more than 11,400 visitors from 115 countries. By joining affiliate programs with resellers, I choose spare parts and accessories for the Mini. I try to pay attention to quality even if it is difficult. I would touch a small percentage of a sale made, which will perhaps allow me to improve my blog, will see, I start with these programs. https://mini-j.jimdo.com/shop-guide/ It is therefore in total transparency that I announce the creation of a new site attached to my blog, called "Mini-J-S-G" (for the entire title: mini-j shopping guide) (cancelling) jojo33
  4. Hi...just wondered if anybody here was having problems with the App on their phone and the 'bluetooth' connection to their EUC. Mine is extremely tempremental...It will connect for a second or two then lose it asking me to 'search again'...it takes ages to get a solid connection...to play music it seems more stable BUT if I want to change the lighting sequence and lighting colours it's impossible...the 'sequence' file will come up and a bar to show it being downloaded to the EUC but it has never gone beyond 0% before it says 'unable to transfer...please try again'(words to that effect). I've spent the best part of 1/2 day now with nil success...Has anybody else had this problem??....My phone is an Samsung Galaxy A3...Android......thankyou!..
  5. Hi , my v8 took a little a fall because of a pedestrian... since that 1- the battery indicator doesn’t show up anymore when charging. 2- the Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect when I turn off the unit manually. I have to quit the app on the phone for completely disconnecting. 3- I can’t turn off the wheel with the app anymore. has someone got those problems before !? I will probably open it and check the wire this weekend.
  6. I just got the Solowheel Glide 3 (Inmotion V8) and can’t reconnect to the wheel by Bluetooth. When I set up the app there was a password for the app and a separate password for connecting the wheel to Bluetooth. I am quite certain when creating the password for Bluetooth there were letters and numbers as options and even wrote it down immediately afterwards. But now trying to reconnect it only shows numbers. Has anyone else dealt with this or know how to reset the Bluetooth connection password? I’ve written Solowheeel and they didn’t know off hand but are working on it. Great service from Jeff by the way. I’m impatient and want to know MPH, distance and play with the lights. Today was my first day riding a wheel, oh I’m in love! Tha ks in advance.
  7. Hi all i have just got my amazing MsuperV2 but i can’t connect the bluetooth app on my iphone, i have downloaded the app and registered with gotway, i have registered my account number as my phone number (possibly the issue but i don’t know how to change it) am i missing something i’m really hoping somebody can help thanks
  8. Hi, I got an MCM3 and tried to connect it with my Android phone. I can see the EUC in discovered Bluetooth devices, however when clicking on it a message pops up that the device refused the connection. No window to enter a code comes up. Do you have a solution? Is the Bluetooth corrupt? AmI doing something wrong? Thank you very much!
  9. Hello, My Segway mini pro won't connect with my smartphone anymore. It worked the first time. Now my smartphone finds my Segway but when I try to connect it fails all the time. Maybe he needs a reset or something? I already tried to turn him upside down and then start it, the wheels start spinning but nothing happened. Can somebody help me please? Thanks in advance
  10. My daughter was messing with the Ninebot app security feature. She locked it with the app. Turned minipro off and back on. It’s locked and beeps/won’t balance properly... just like you’d expect. However, now she cannot reconnect to the minipro. We see the name of the minipro come up in the list of Bluetooth list but when you try to connect it hangs for about 20-25 seconds then with no message it does not connect. I have tried with other phones running Ninebot app but it’s like the Bluetooth no longer works properly. How can I reset the software on the minipro? Of any other ideas to fix this. Basically, we have a $500 boat anchor... Thanks.
  11. Hi All, So I was able to install the inmotion app, change light effects, watch speedometer, etc. I want to change the bluetooth password which requires you to bind your v8. I typed in the SN and click submit, it says to unlink first. Anyone encountered this? Thank you in advance.
  12. The Segway Ninebot app has been hacked. Security seems to have been non-existent. I wonder if Gotway, Kingsong and the others are just as vulnerable? I would hate to be speeding along on my EUC at close to 40 km/h and then have a hacker turn it of at full speed... https://www.wired.com/story/segway-minipro-hack/
  13. so, i'm using an asus zenpad to connect to my msuper, and it's not connected to any phone service. i've noticed that when i'm not on a wireless network, even though bluetooth is on, the app doesn't interact with the wheel. is this just the way it is? or does anyone know if this occurs with the earlier gotway app? if so, i'm gonna have to upgrade from my 'dumbphone'
  14. rey

    Motor code error

    I bought in USA MCM4, I am trying to register, but impossible, in APP, I used China, USA, Brazil ( where I use the unicycle ), put the phone, when I put the correct motor code 9 digits, that I get it in tire, the message " Motor code erro! " . I did it using USB and without USB, turn on in Iphone new version 10.2.1 The Bluetooth, nothing, the I phone did not located the gotway Tk
  15. Maybe my Asia friends can help! Seriously, I don't understand the absolute resistance of all computer accessory companies to make a Bluetooth Trackball! I am desperately seeking! Trackballs are fantastic 'mice', why you don't need table or flat surface, can use in lap! Why, Bt? Phones and tablets only have one USB port, which needs dedicated to charging, and anyways a corded mouse drains battery quickly! This stupid 'wireless' mice/Trackballs have the same problems as corded!!! If anyone has a connection in the industry, I would be highly grateful! As I had wrote to every company I can think of, and been shot down but the first low level company persons that response to the emails/phone calls, and they never pass the request to higher management, even though this is a customer/consumer asking!!!
  16. Hi all! I got a really good price on a smashed up Msuper3 so I'm now wheeling around as a newbie on a heavily duct taped wheel. Everything was working at first. Step one however was to dismantle and examine since I had to now where the cracks went. I then left the controller disconnected from the battery for about a week. When I reconnected power to the controller card both capacitors charged up with a minor flash at the connection. Not good at all! GotWay uses no resistor as protection and after this neither my own Bluetooth-board or the one I borrowed from a friend will show up "in the air". There's a LED blinking red all the time and pressing the button makes no difference. Mind you that the BT-board I tried from my friend also might be damaged since 4 or 5 of his MOSFET's are burned. If course I'll try a brand new SH_BT_Board v1.3 but have anyone else had similar problems? Also, imagine how the assembly line at GotWay must be like? Either they do initial test on all controller cards through a proper power supply that swallows the spike on its own capacitors. Then the capacitors on the controller are already primed and in final station batteries and BT-board can just be connected without any spikes. Or, they have had to think about the order in which they mount the lot and that's it. So, now I'm just awaiting the new BT and I'll get back to you about it. Comments?
  17. Hi all I don't know if someone here already have a topic going about the hazard of connecting the battery to main board. I was forced to leave my main board disconnected for a week which of course discharged the "main" capacitors (right next to the BT board on the Msuper 3). Then I got a real heavy recharge spike when I connected the battery again. After that the BT board no longer worked, no signal is sent from over the air. So, I found a replacement BT board and read the thread Converting the MSuper board to BT LE? by OliverH quite useful. However, I lack som basic info; What's the baudrate the main board of the Msuper 3 use towards Bluetooth? Is there a change of baud rate during initial setup? Can't see that type of commands being sent from my main board but then again, I don't know for sure if my main board survived or not. I think so since everything still works and I suspect that the HC-06 Bluetooth board might have a setting saved to it and I'm currently lacking these for now.
  18. While riding an EUC is there a danger of malfunction - be it inadvertent or even intentional - as a result of bluetooth interference? I'm thinking of the numerous mobile devices that we are likely to pass on close range e.g. on an urbane trip? And what about - again, inadvertent, e.g. in a group of riders, or intentional - attempts to connect to someone else's wheel using one of the available apps specialized for that type of wheel? For example, KS16 connects to the Kingsong and WheelLog apps the same time with no acknowledgement from the apps or from the wheel itself. What can we do about such possibly dangerous interference? Are there wheels prepared for that kind of scenario?
  19. So my Lhotz 340 finally arrived today (after a very long 38 hour wait for the delivery), and I am loving it already, but have one small problem. I have downloaded the Android app (from http://www.en.iamips.com/app.html), but it doesn't seem to want to connect with my wheel. It sees a device named "LHOTZ" and tries to connect, and tries, and tries, but never seems to get there. Can anyone tell me if there are other apps available, and where I might be able to find them?
  20. I just got a Gotway MCMv3, But cant get the bluetooth to connect. Ive searched for info and found none. I have a iphone 6 and have tried my ipad, iphone 5 and it wount show the unicycle to pair with. I tried with a samsung s4 and it paired but the app wount find it. Bluetooth on the S4 is less thn the required 4.3 android system needed. Anyone have any ideas to get my iphone to pair? Unicycle it to loose to ride, need to get into the setting
  21. Was able to unlock the KS-18A but can not get the music to play? What am I doing wrong? I have an IPhone 6S+ and deleted the app and re installed it. Which got the English to turn on so to speak. My phone settings say the KS-18A-088 is Connected and the KS program see the EU but no music out of the speakers. I played with the switch on the back but it just seem to turn the light on and off. Also does the program indicate the % of battery charge?
  22. Hello GotWay Users, SHORT ANSWER: Unlike the old app and mcm2s that you needed to manually connect to it first, you dont and cant with the new MCM4. I did not take it as an possibility that that would be an option when i tried it once and did not work immediately. I have 3 MCM4's at home for me and my family and all of them are not able to connect to any of the phones i have at home. I get multiple messages from different phones "Pairing rejected by GotWay_####" & "Unable to communicate with GotWay_####" from Galaxy J5 and Galaxy Note 2 "Cant connect due wrong inserted pin" (translated from memory and dutch) from HTC Desire 501 Weard thing is that i did not enter any pin at all. Iphone 5s cant even find the wheel at all. every Phone i tried at least had Bluetooth 4.0 and android 4.3 or higher (except the iphone ofcource). I tried also setting the phone on multiple language including english, but it does not matter. The problem is that the phone does not want to pair at all in the bluetooth settings in the phone, its not the app that giving trouble. Only my laptop is able to connect to the wheels. Does anybody has the same issue? or know the solution to this? SOLUTION IS ABOVE^^ Thanks!
  23. Has anyone hacked or have any idea if you can add audio port to the bluetooth speakers on the eus'? I have a music player with a thousand songs, but it doesn't have bluetooth, and none on the phone. I'm looking to buy a kingsong. If I get a bluetooth transmitter, will kingsong connect to two bluetooth devices at same time? But an audio port would be 'simplier'...
  24. Odd question, I do have a smart phone but do not use or have cellar service, so can not use the phones 'GPS' service, so has any one use a bluetooth GPS unit with phone? What unit did you use with what app?
  25. Here are some of the features I thought of for improving existing models. Please vote for the best features you would like to see in the future. Hopefully manufacturers take note.
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