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Promoting eucs


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My son and I went out for a ride with one of his friends on Thursday evening.

His friend had been on a wheel for an hour or so before in our driveway and was very wobbly but once we got him out on the road he managed very well.

We did about 10km in total and visited two pubs with a pint in each.

I videoed a lot of the ride but will have to wait until later to link it as our Internet is very slow at the moment and it just won't upload.

Anyway it turns out he has just been accepted to work on the Red Bull racing team, he's been on trial with them for almost a year so has obviously made an impression to be accepted full time.

Just toying with the idea of getting Red Bull involved somehow in promoting competitive euc riding as suggested by vee73 and a few others here in the past.

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Cool, Red Bull would likely be a very good sponsor / promoter for EUCs and wheel racing, as they're already doing it for all sorts of extreme sports. :)  At least in off-road racing, @vee73 has the advantage as so far he's probably been the only one who's crazy enough to drive full speed with a high-speed MSuper on forest paths (in summer and winter)...  :D

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@Jason McNeil: Yeah, I think he had made the LiPo-mod at this point. Most of his videos and technical stuff is in this thread:  http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/111-i-plan-to-test/?page=1

And here's the youtube-channel with his videos (the oldest videos are his winter riding with studded tyre on the Firewheel I bought from him): https://www.youtube.com/user/taskulamppufriikki/videos

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Yes, Taskulamppufriikki in English (Flashlightfreak) I am. Someone had already taken my vee73 name of the character, and was forced to come up with something else.

Yes, currently I look forward to new lipo batteries in my Gotway Speed ​​18inch. I ordered them a couple of days ago directly from the factory in Singapore. This will make sure that everyone sell is as fresh as possible and all the same batch.

When I get my batteries, I unlink the old Gotway and rebuilding the entire device. There will be a new absolutely everything with the exception of the engine.

The reform will bring a lot more torque and a little bit more top speed.

Increased torque allows me to accelerate significantly more aggressively and it certainly brings more convenience in the driving.
But the top speed will be faster against.

But still 43 kmh is too little.
In the forest paths, it may be sufficient.
My dream is to get at least half of the EUC faster than the current one, but it requires a big pile of money.
And that pile I have fallen :)

Video motocross track could run much higher rate of speed, if the maximum speed of the device would allow.
It is true that the track one inclined bend is already a problem. I get to turn off the device when I have inclined too much.
That's why I have to slow down a little bit.

If I could EUC which would have a top speed of about 80 kph.
I would start to drive the asphalt track driving.
Approximately 8 kilometers from my home is a micro car track. And it would be ideal for it.
I already have a specially purchased driving shoes :)
So I'm thinking positively. The only thing missing just 80kmh EUC :)
But perhaps the leather driving suit should be, too.

Last week I ordered one more really quick charger. So I can, if necessary, download the new 2x8 cell and 900ah batteries 2x70A power.
I think that it is enough for me :D

Problems can arise batteries and circuit board cooling. But let .. I have to then come up with some kind of cooling.

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Yes Marko, It would be great to watch, especially self-drive in it.
I've tried here at home to bring in the new hobby. And hoped that I could follow the local track.
The guy yes interested in the EUC and bought a 14 "Gotway. But it is not opposed to the track 18 inch. And anyway, friends are more interested trickery.
Too bad. But wait ..
I've given everyone wishing to borrow one of my EUC's, in the hope that would be on the hook. :P

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Yeah, it's the "high-speed" -model and fitted with custom LiPo-batteries for better torque (less voltage drop on high currents)... He also ordered a custom-made mainboard straight out of the factory, don't know what it cost but bet it wasn't cheap... the max speed is now 43km/h and all the warnings except one last at 38km/h are disabled.

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The current videos is the original version of Speed.
The following videos are completely renewed technology.
But still, it's right there on the table beyond recognition chunks :)
Just build a little cooling batteries ..

But more about it ..

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