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Hey Portland riders, if you're looking to do a group ride with a mix of Onewheelers, Eboarders and EUCers then there's a meetup every Friday night at OMSI right by the submarine. We meet at 7:00 pm an


Damn.  I've been missing out.  I've been commuting regularly so I definitely feel like I can join in on a group ride. The hard thing is my work and school schedules (I'm in a doc program).  But I

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4 minutes ago, outcast00096 said:

Yeah dude. You wanna ride with @Michael Lutge and i

When and where ya thinking? I live in SE way up by 122nd and Division so I think Im pretty far from y'all I think. Man it is damn windy over here, whats it like on the West side?

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27 minutes ago, outcast00096 said:

Relatively calm my brother. Might be a night ride if gets later

Fo'sho. Depending on where ya at, I will ride pretty much anytime if its on the SE side, but I gotta plan it a before I head out downtown. ;-) 

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14 hours ago, outcast00096 said:

@Michael Lutge, today is the day... Excited yet? Let me how it goes.

It just arrived about an hour ago! It's crazy awesome, so much more stable and powerful than the S1. Trying to figure out where to download the Gotway app for Android. Is it in the store? Want to set the tilt back to something sane for now.

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