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Found 3 results

  1. Hey I got one question for y'all....are there any riders in Portland Oregon? Holler!
  2. New EUC rider and Forum member. I live in Maine and looking for other riders locally to get together with. Maine is small and so I need help with the other states in New England. If you live in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, lets get together and start putting some rides together. The easiest meetup would have to be in Boston because it's the largest metropolitan area in New England and I've already seen some interest in people looking for other riders. In fact, @Qarky already created a Telegram group for the area. Some other ideas I had were Providence RI, Portsmouth NH, and Portland ME. I'm looking for ideas on ways to turn this into something and also figure out a way to make it easy for other riders to find and join up. **even if you aren't from the area but have experience in starting meetups, I would totally appreciate your input too**
  3. Lightly used and extremely reliable Ninebot One C+ for sale in Portland, Oregon. Purchased new from Forward CA this spring and has traveled less than 50 miles. It has never bricked up on me, had a battery failure, or anything like that. I did have trouble getting it to charge at one point, and Forward promptly sent me a new charger, which works fine. It has a few dings but nothing outrageous, I kept it pretty well padded while learning. I have added the bracket and trolley handle. I busted one trolley handle in a crash and replaced it with a new trolley handle. This means I also have the new bracket for you if you wish to install that. Additionally, I have a roll of grip tape (not placed on pedals), and a custom made dust cover for it. The cover slips over with a hole for the trolley handle so if you wanted to wheel it around a bit more unobtrusively (say, in a public place where you don't want someone to give you a hard time for having it), you can do that. If you search my posts you can see the cover on the wheel. As you can imagine, I've spent close to $750 on the wheel and accessories (though a bit of that was lost on the broken handle, which I can give you, in case you want to try fixing it). I'd like to get $375 for it but am negotiable, especially if you want to come get it from me. I have all original packaging and could ship to you at my shipping cost (though I don't know what that would be). For some reason the site is not letting me upload pics--keeps signaling they're too big but they're not. Let me know and I will try to send you pics privately if you would like any.
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