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  1. Hey Portland riders, if you're looking to do a group ride with a mix of Onewheelers, Eboarders and EUCers then there's a meetup every Friday night at OMSI right by the submarine. We meet at 7:00 pm and roll out at 7:30 pm. There's usually two charge stops along the route for those that need them. The rides are super fun and last night we had 28 people join us. We even randomly met another EUCer on a Tesla who was just in town visiting and happened to stumble upon us. Here's some video of last weeks ride, if it looks fun to you come out and ride with us!
  2. Totally agree, after riding with these guys I really wanted to swap and try it out.
  3. Did my first ride with the Onewheel in Portland crew last Friday, great bunch of folks, we had a blast!
  4. Anywhere really. Just looking to ride.
  5. Hey guys! Just checked weather and Saturday morning/afternoon is looking dry, Sunday afternoon looking wet. Ya'll up for an early Saturday ride maybe?
  6. Come on out man, just sent you details in PM
  7. Cool, that bike path sounds cool. Can you give me some directions or address? I've got a truck, I can drive over and meet you there.
  8. Sure thing I'll be free after 1:00. Where's a good place to meet up?
  9. I'm fighting the last of a cold but could do Sunday afternoon after around 1:00. Could meet you anywhere. Supposed to be sunny!
  10. I'm down for something this weekend. Looks like partly sunny Saturday and full sun Sunday. You guys up for something?
  11. Oh man you ain't kidding about that speed, soooo ridiculously fast. And stable too, it's like flying. Got the app working after some help from Marty. We are totally down for a ride sometime when you're in town. Let us know next time you're heading down.
  12. Mine did that too, try clicking the little Bluetooth icon in the top left area and it should connect.
  13. Thanks Hunka, I think you posted right as I did. Wish these guys could get their apps in the store.
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