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Hey Portland riders, if you're looking to do a group ride with a mix of Onewheelers, Eboarders and EUCers then there's a meetup every Friday night at OMSI right by the submarine. We meet at 7:00 pm an


Damn.  I've been missing out.  I've been commuting regularly so I definitely feel like I can join in on a group ride. The hard thing is my work and school schedules (I'm in a doc program).  But I

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9 hours ago, Sidestreet Reny said:

Anybody riding tomorrow?

I plan to but unfortunately I’m about 3000 miles away.

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@Sidestreet Reny, how's it going? I realized today that I work in Sandy, OR. Not too far from Gresham, but it looks like icy butt out there. At least, it did in the morning. We should get together my brother.

Meaning, I might be able to meet after work sometime. I'm currently always carrying my OneWheel or KS16.

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I don't even know...lol...all I ever do is ride around the streets looking for places to do tricks. No car either.

Man, I'm just stoked to meet another euc rider! How bout start at a park in SE? The bike path by 205 is pretty sketchy sometimes but fun. Ghetto style. hehe. 

I'll pm my #



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