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Found 16 results

  1. Any riders in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA? I think I am the only EUCier in the whole city
  2. Hey I got one question for y'all....are there any riders in Portland Oregon? Holler!
  3. All NYC EU riders, please subscribe to this thread! I'd like this to be a central thread where we can discuss pertinent issues surrounding riding the EU's in the great city of NYC, set up a time to get together and ride, and share tips/pointers. Looking forward to this thread growing in number!
  4. Hello everyone! I am Ryuri from Minimotors NYC by Scootway. Calling out to all minimotors fan in New Jersey/New York that we are opening a new service/retail shop in Union City, New Jersey, 15mins away from Times Square! Currently our physical shop is still under renovation, once we are all good, we will be doing a grand opening for all e-scooter riders to drop by and visit! Do follow us on our website, facebook and instagram for more exciting updates coming soon. Website: https://www.minimotors-nyc.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Minimotorsnyc Instagram:
  5. Well Sorry, like here i can't add & post more picsmy account used all space for... these are links for OFFICIAL INTERNAL PICTURES FOR - NEW SEGWAY SMART for North American countries (n4m350= us modele/n4m340=Ninebot Plus china modele) wrotte "MINIPLUS" on label and "SEGWAY SMART" on manual... Specsheet say max speed at 20kmh 12.5mph for American modèle. .. look picture "LABEL 2" ------------------------------------------------------------ - New SEGWAY ROBOTICS LOOMO
  6. Had my inmotion SUV v3 last august 1, had it to start learning how to use euc, enjoyed it! Yesterday morning, repair icon on. Where can I send it to fix it. I'm here at illinois.... Anyone knows where....
  7. Used electric unicycles for sale Msuper V3 820Wh 12-mosfet PCB 294miles on wheel. No issues what so ever. If you want it with 820Wh battery pack $1150 If you want it with 680Wh battery pack $1050 ACM 6-Mosfet with upgraded V2 big pedals 1500mi exact on the wheel. Runs just as it did from day one. No issues. If you want it with 820Wh battery pack $900 If you want it with 680Wh battery pack $800 MCM4 High Speed version 680Wh 146miles on wheel Runs great, no issues. $700 MCM4 Mid Speed Version 340Wh 600miles on wheel Runs great, only issue is the le
  8. Who rides in Orange County, California? besides me.
  9. Best prices on Electric Unicycles starts tomorrow 12pm Pacific Standard Time. No code needed. Sale ends 12/14/16, while supplys last. US ONLY. Free shipping to continental 48 states. www.tec-toyz.com
  10. All, Happy to announce I have taken shipment of the long awaited IPS Zero 340wh units. US retailer based in NJ (edge of NYC). Please PM for more info on purchasing. Thanks! John
  11. Dear EU community members, I would like to announce that I am selling the Gotway Msuper2 18in 680wh black wheels. I have limited stock available and ship from NJ, USA. Please PM for more info. Thanks! John
  12. Hello everyone, I am a Chinese guy who live in America now, and I used selling unicycle in China. If you have any unicycle you wanna buy you can contact me at 308936558@qq.com, I will give you guys a ideal price(rockwheel,ips, ninebot,inmotion,gotway...).And for now I have a brand new gotway mcm4 in the storage because of the wrong arrangement. It's white with 340wh,my asking prise is 900 with unicycle, tax,and shipping fee. If you wanna lower prize you can negotiate with me. However,it's hard to get a mom for a short time. Thanks!
  13. Where can I buy a Gotway MCM4 in the USA? Or where can I order one? The sight alliexpress will not ship then to "To my region" tried to order from Rockwheel intelligent technology products, green and fashion travaling shop store,
  14. Hello everyone, After reading the various reviews of the electric unicycles, I've decided to purchase LHOTZ340. I'm based in USA, and I'm hoping to place my purchase this week. Has anyone used the website ElectricUnicycleOnline.com for purchasing their unicycles? is it a legitimate place to buy? how fast is the shipping to USA? Also, I contacted the email from http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/ in their Contacts page, and got a response from Tony with the price for the LHOTZ340 and shipment price. He notes they only take Western Union or Bank Transfer T/T... no paypal. Has anyone contacted th
  15. Hey guys, I've been browsing and researching for about a week now and have narrowed down my first EU purchase to either the new IPS 132 or the Ninebot One C+. However, I can't seem to find any sites that sell the IPS 132 that ship to the US. I assume there's a patent issue here or something? Any suggestions or links just so I can get an idea of price? Thanks in advance!!
  16. Hi All, Just wanted to say Hi! and let anyone in the US know that we stock Ninebots and are currently providing a promotional 2 year warranty. You can find us online at www.hoodriderz.com or if you want to get in touch email us: info@hoodriderz.com Let us know what you think of the site and if you've got pics/ videos of Ninebots we'd love to see them too! And if you're in the New York area drop us a line we'd love to meet you. Keep it wheel! -Tim info@hoodriderz.com tel: (646) 600 9086
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